List of Airports in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong International Airport is the only airport in Hong Kong, serving as an international hub for passengers and cargo. The other landing bases in Hong Kong are heliports and military airbases. 

Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong International Airport, Airports in Hong Kong
Hong Kong International Airport at Night
Inaugurated in July 1998, the Hong Kong International Airport (also known as Chep Lak Kok International Airport) has won over 80 ‘World’s Best Airport’ Awards. It is also ranked as the world’s best Cargo Airport. The Hong Kong International Airport is also the busiest airport of Hong Kong, observing over 72.9 million international annual arrivals and departures.

The airport hosts arrivals and departures for some major international airlines, such as Air India, Air France, Air Canada, Aeroflot Russian Airlines, American Airlines, British Airways, Air New Zealand etc. 

Transportation to and from Hong Kong International Airport

Ferry: The most frequently used mode of transport includes ferry services and coach services. Skypier is the ferry terminal set up at HK International Airport, which carries out ferries to over 9 port along the Pearl River Delta. Travellers can avail coach services to Mainland China or Macau from the first terminal at the airport. 

Sky Limo: Sky Limo services can also be availed from the airport. It offers door to door deluxe services between Hong Kong International Airport and Mainland China. Hong Kong - Shenzhen Airport Link service facilitates quick transfers between Hong Kong International Airport and Shenzhen International Airport.

Airport Express: The airport express stations provide commute every 24 minutes from Hong Kong Central. Other modes of transit include the local bus and taxi services. However, the Airport Express is the most economical, especially for tourists.

Airport Services
Airline Lounges, Automated People Mover, Battery Recharge Service, Children’s Play and TV Area, Complimentary Shower Facilities, Electric Vehicles, Help Phones, Money Exchange and Banking Services, Corporate Lounges and Resting Lounges, SIM Card, Pocket Wi-Fi, Smoking Lounges, Unaccompanied Minor Services, Special Needs Access Services, Wi-Fi and Internet Access, Prayer Rooms etc.
Location: 1 Sky Plaza Rd, Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong.
Distance: The HK International Airport is approximately an hour's drive down from Central District. However, it takes around half an hour via Connaught Road Central. 
Terminals: Hong Kong International Airport has two terminals which are used for both domestic and international transfers.

Hong Kong - Macau Ferry Terminal and the Shun Tak Heliport

Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal
Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal and the Shun Tak Heliport
The Hong Kong - Macau Ferry Terminal, also known as the Shun Tak Heliport serves multiple purposes for commuters. Established in July 1988, this Ferry Terminal and Heliport is popular for ground transportation halts. Situated at the Shun Tak Centre in Hong Kong’s Central Business district, the Hong Kong - Macau Ferry Terminal operates for both tourists as well as the locals.

The Heliport provides passenger commuting and ground handling services to tourist destinations situated along the Pearl River Delta. People may travel to and from nearby cities of Macau and Shenzhen from this heliport. Sky Shuttle Helicopters Limited is the agency which operates helicopters through this Heliport. Presently, the heliport operates 32 flights a day between Macau and Hong Kong, and four flights a day between Macau and Shenzhen.

Transportation to and from Shun Tak Heliport
Travellers can take the Airport Express to Hong Kong Central and further take a taxi or public bus to Hong Kong–Macau Ferry Terminal. The ferry terminal is a 5-minute walk from the Sheung Wan MTR Station. 

Heliport Services
Private Charter Flight Services, Airport transfers between Hong Kong–Macau and Macau–Shenzhen airports, Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour Sightseeing, Macau Sightseeing, Aerial Filming and Photography, Helicopter services for Special Occasions etc.
Address: Sky Shuttle Heliport, 6th Floor, Hong Kong - Macau Ferry Terminal, Shun Tak Centre, 200 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong
Distance: The Shun Tak Heliport would approximately be a 10 to 15 minute drive from the Central District. 
Terminals: Shun Tak Heliport comprises of two helipads for passengers to travel.
Current and former airports in Hong Kong. 

Airport NameStatusAirport CodeLocationAbout 
Shek KongCurrent AirportVHSK 183 Kam Tin Road, Hong KongThis airfield base serving the People's Liberation Army HK Garrison was also in restricted local use. 
Chep Lap KokCurrent AirportVHHH1 Sky Plaza Road, Chek Lap Kok, Hong KongThe Chep Lap Kok International Airport is another name for the HK International Airport
Kai Tak International AirportFormer AirportHKG
The Kai Tak Airport was the former International Airport in Hong Kong that shut down in 1998, to be replaced by HK International Airport
Fanling AirstripFormer Airport

Established as a temporary landing space in 1949, the Fanling Airstrip was further dissolved upon the reinforcement of the Golf Course services. 
Sha Tin AirfieldFormer Airport

A former military airbase, the Sha Tin Airfield was a single solid runway that was further destroyed towards during the early 1970s by the RAF, to improvise the services of RAF Shek Kong. 

Although there are limited airports in Hong Kong, they are nonetheless that much effective! Take that flight to Hong Kong and share your experiences with us!

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