Hong Kong Maritime Museum

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Timings : Monday to Friday: 9:30 AM - 5:30 AM
Saturday- Sunday: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Time Required : 1-2 hrs

Entry Fee : HKD 30 per person
HKD 15 for senior citizens

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Hong Kong Maritime Museum, Hong Kong Overview

Depicting the vibrant history of trading and pioneered voyages of the maritime past of China, Hong Kong Maritime Museum is a non-profit educational and interactive establishment funded by the government as well as the International Shipping Community of Hong Kong. Positioning itself at the Pier 8 of the coast of Pearl River Delta in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Maritime Museum stands the cast of time displaying the preserves and collection of maritime heritage that narrate a tale about trade patterns and maritime history of China.

The Museum houses about 1,000 artifacts and models that are displayed and aligned in form of 15 pro-active exhibits and galleries that document the history behind the development of boats, ships, trade and naval welfare around the Western Countries, Asia, and China. Visitors of all age groups can behold their muse and find something that peaks their interest while exploring the interesting facts about naval history and the present global trends affiliated to it.

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Exhibits & Collections at Hong Kong Maritime Museum

Divided into three exhibit sections of Deck A, B, and C, the Hong Kong Maritime Museum lets its visitors explore some exceptional pieces of artifacts, paintings, ceramic displays, and ship models, that have traveled the course of the naval timeline. Few of the stargazed exhibits at the museum include the Louis Vuitton wardrobe from the 1930s, Kwan Yin figurehead from the 19th Century, Hawksbill sea turtle, America’s Club Yacht fog horn from 1934, and models of the Seawise Giants.

Hong Kong Maritime Museum takes pride in exhibiting its vast collection of ship models, nautical instruments, ceramics traded from across the world, rare paintings and photographs that have stood the course of time of the naval history. The vast collection includes over 300 beautiful ceramics dated back to 1700 – 1900 A.D., that were traded between China and the western countries, to rare paintings of the Chinese Trading era and the famous Alexander Hume Painting which entitles the star piece of Hong Kong Maritime Museum.

The Museum also surpasses the test of time, with its fortunate collection of over 100 models of ships from ancient times to the exceptional nautical instruments used from the start of the naval era, that are very rare to find. It also showcases the photographic collection of the first commercial prints of people, fashion, objects, and scenes to the mid 19th century digitally printed pictures that take you on a beautiful stroll of the maritime journey.


The heritage site harbors 19 different galleries based on numerous themes of the exhibit which have about 25 latest technology interactive screens that reel the antiquities of the past and the stories behind them that narrate the journey of maritime establishments around the world. Each gallery stands as a milestone to the collaborations and generous support of the naval personalities and corporate establishments in the maritime industry. The various themes explored at the galleries of the museum are:

  • Hong Kong's Harbor
  • The Canton Trade
  • The Evolution Of China's Modern Maritime World
  • The Pirate Coast
  • Charting Techniques  
  • Sea Bandits
  • Navigation And Pilotage
  • China's Maritime Heritage
  • Relations With Foreign Powers
  • Maritime Communications
  • Recreational Uses Of The Water
  • The Underwater World
  • The Sounds Of The Sea
  • Port Development And Safety At Sea
  • Shipping Today
  • Chinese Marine Art and Trade
Amidst the various themed galleries at the museum, the Harbour Viewing Gallery takes the cake, where visitors can have a real-time live display of the Central Harbor Waterfront which overlooks the Victoria Harbour against the beautiful setting of the Hong Kong skyline.


1. Smoking, drinking, and eating is strictly prohibited at the museum. However, one can feast at the café 8 located on Deck A of the Museum floor.
2. Professional and flash photography are not permitted in the galleries of the museum.
3. Do not miss the KM Koo Ship Bridge simulator located on the Deck A of the museum which allows the visitors to have a hands-on experience of steering a variety of ships to sail in different weather conditions.

How To Reach Hong Kong Maritime Museum

The Hong Kong Maritime Museum is located on the Central Pier 8 at the Man Kwong Street of Hong Kong. One can easily travel to the museum via public bus, public tram, metro, ferry, taxi or private car.

Various mini and city buses run through the route towards the museum along with taxis for hire from different location of the city. One can also take a metro to the Hong Kong Maritime Museum, with MTR Hong Kong Station being the closest and MTR Central Station situated at a walking distance from the museum.

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