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What is the best time to visit Hong Kong?

The best time to visit Hong Kong is from October to early December. Considered as the autumn season in Hong Kong, the weather during this time is usually clear and sunny with a few rainy days each month. Hong Kong is a year-round destination having a subtropical monsoon climate with dry winters and hot-humid summers.

May to September is the warmest season in Hong Kong while December to February is the coolest. Monsoon season in Hong Kong falls between May and September with August being the wettest month. The driest month is January which experiences rainfall only one day in a week.

Weather in Hong Kong


Upcoming Hong Kong Weather

Monthly Weather in Hong Kong

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 19°/ 13° 2 days
February 19°/ 14° 4 days
March 22°/ 17° 9 days
April 22°/ 17° 5 days
May 25°/ 21° 23 days
June 28°/ 24° 17 days
July 29°/ 25° 23 days
August 29°/ 24° 27 days
September 29°/ 23° 15 days
October 27°/ 21° 5 days
November 24°/ 17° 0 days
December 20°/ 14° 1 days

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More about Best Time to Travel to Hong Kong

Hong Kong in Spring (March - May)

Minimum: 17 degrees Celcius
Maximum: 28 to 29 degrees Celcius

Spring season in Hong Kong is marked by chilly misty morning and moderate sunny days. Even though the weather is a little warm during the day, it is suitable for sightseeing. The iconic Bauhinia flowers of Hong Kong are in full bloom during these months, making it a spectacular sight to witness.

March to May is also marked by some important festivals in Hong Kong like the Hong Kong International Film Festival and Hong Kong Ruby Sevens making it the peak tourist season. 

Pro-Tip: The accommodation and ticket prices are usually high during these months, so plan in advance.
Carry light jackets as the weather gets a little cold around the evening.

Hong Kong in Summer (June - August)

Minimum: 27 degrees Celcius
Maximum: 31 to 32 degrees Celcius

The summers in Hong Kong are mostly hot, humid and sunny with occasional showers and thunderstorms. The average temperature ranges from 26 degrees to 31 degrees at times it can rise to exceed 31 degrees. But the humid weather makes it feel even hotter. The famous Hong Kong typhoons also appear during these months.

If visiting during this time, Hong Kong has plenty of indoor attractions and malls to visit. This is also the time for the summer sale in Hong Kong along with some major festivals like the Dragon Boat Festival and Lan Kwai Fong Beer and Music Festival.

Pro-Tip: For tourists on a budget, visiting Hong Kong in summer is the best bet as the offseason leads to a drop in the price of accommodation and tickets.
Avoid outdoor attractions and activities during these months.
Carry sunscreen and umbrella to avoid the sun and rain.

Hong Kong in Autumn (September - November)

Minimum: 26 degrees Celcius
Maximum: 30 degrees Celcius

Autumn season in Hong Kong experiences rainfall leading to an increase in humidity. However, the rainfall during this time doesn't last long making the weather cool in spite of the high temperatures.

Autumn season in Hong Kong sees quite a few tourists because of the popular Mid-Autumn Festival during mid-September. This is also a good time to visit attractions like Tai Tong Ecopark and Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens to witness the lovely foliage. 

Pro-Tip: Carry a light jacket as the weather some times get a little chilly during the evenings because of the rainfall.

Hong Kong in Winter (Mid-December - February)

Minimum: 15 degrees Celcius
Maximum: 21 degrees Celcius

Hong Kong winters remain comfortably cool with dry weather and toasty winter sunshine. Since there is hardly any rainfall during these months, it is good to explore the outdoors. January sees the lowest temperatures with the weather becoming chilly by the evenings. However, it doesn't snow in Hong Kong, and frost is sporadic. 

This time of the year is considered as the best time for shopping in Hong Kong as during this time, winter sale is on everywhere in the city. The bustling holiday season has pleasant, mild winter weather all time along. Tourists like the Chinese New Year celebrations and Christmas activities going around in the city.

Pro-Tip: Being a popular time to visit Hong Kong, accommodation and tickets can be expensive. So, check and plan in advance.
Sweaters and jackets are needed for most of the days, and occasional cold winds make coats a necessity.
Hong Kong is teeming with tourists during these months, so avoid visiting if you are not used to the crowd.

Hong Kong in January

It is the coldest month of the year in Hong Kong. If you are from the northern countries, the weather might feel just chilly. It is a great time to visit the city with a lot of festivals and carnivals taking place. Stepping out in a thick coat, afternoon climate will be pleasant for sightseeing. The temperature in this month ranges between 14°C / 57°F (low temperature) and 19°C / 66°F (high temperature). There is very little rain (Average rainfall: 23mm, Average rainfall days: 4 days) and the skies are cloudy, which makes for an ideal climate to step out for some shopping. There are low chances of frost here, but tourists should be ready with the appropriate clothing.

What to Pack
Cozy clothes are recommended during this season. Masks, turtle neck tees, full pants and a thick coat to protect you from the windy weather. It gets even chilly at night, so it is recommended to carry a sweater or jacket everywhere. Carry appropriate medication for unexpected changes in the weather.

Events & Festivals in January
  • New Year's Fireworks
  • Hong Kong New Year Race Meeting: A Horse racing event, it is held at the Sha Tin Race
  • Hong Kong Flower Show: A bright and fragrant display of flowers, this is festival is put up by the local and international organisations.
  • Chinese New Year: A massive festival in the country, all streets are buzzing with an excited crowd, with lights painted on the roads and Red Lanterns all around. People visit the temples to start the year on a positive note and for a good year ahead.
  • Lunar New Year Fair: A pre-celebration of the Chinese New Year, it is displayed with an elaborate number of flowers at the huge grounds of Victoria Park.

Hong Kong in February

There is not a lot of change in the climate from January. The temperatures start rising a bit with the average range between 14°C / 57°F (low temperature) and 19°C / 66°F (high temperature). There are some cloudy and some windy days, so carry appropriate clothes to protect your skin. Masks, high neck clothes and a thick jacket is recommended during this season. Chances of rain are low (Average rainfall: 48mm, Average rainfall days:5) so it is an excellent time to enjoy all the festivals with fireworks and dancing.

Events and Festivals in February
Hong Kong Arts Festival: This huge festival involves the gathering of renowned artists from Hong Kong and all around the world. It hosts rich and cultural events such as drama, dance, classical music.
Spring Lantern Festival: One of the most popular and prettiest festivals known around the world is the lantern festival. In this festival, people light the lanterns and let them free into the sky which makes for a glowing sight from below.
Chinese New Year Parade: Floating lights, Acrobat troupes, traditional dancers, Chinese lions and much more. This parade is filled with energy.
Hong Kong Well Wishing festival: Along with the lights and performance from the Chinese Parade, this has an addition of two traditions - wishing trees and wishing lanterns.

Hong Kong in March

It is the start of the spring season, so the climate is delightful. The average temperature for this month is 11ºC / 52ºF (low temperature) to 27ºC / 81ºF (high temperature). There is an increase in the precipitation level, but the rains are just a drizzle during this time.
The temperature in the morning is misty and the afternoons are a bit sunny with a great climate to head out of the house. With no worries of heavy rainfall, take advantage of the season and put on your best shorts. If you plan to roam around in the evenings, the temperature can be a little cold, so it is better to carry a light jacket along. Some indoor spaces can be cold too. The temperatures in shopping malls and grocery shops can be as low as 13ºC due to air conditioning.

What to pack
The weather ranges from warm to humid. It would be best to carry shorts and t-shirt for warm days, a sweater for the evening and an umbrella or windcheater always handy. If you plan to hit the beach, carry appropriate swimwear and goggles.

Events and Festivals in March
Tai Kok Tsui Temple fair: This fair includes lots of lions, dragons, dancing, singing, feasts and more. An eventful day of celebration with a parade, 18 lions dance on Quincuncial Piles and huge luminous Dragon dance.
Hong Kong International Film Festival: This event is open to everyone and is a magical place for actors, directors, film enthusiasts etc. Many known industry individuals make appearances at this event to promote their work and support the field.
Asia Contemporary Art Show: The show includes original paintings, photographs, sculptures form promising artists and is a great place for art enthusiasts, artists and buyers. It is one of the largest art festivals in Asia.

Hong Kong in April

This month is mostly sunny and has low humidity. It is a pleasant time to spend outdoors with a misty climate sometimes. Though it is sunny most of the time, it would be useful to carry an umbrella around. The temperatures during this month range from 20ºC / 68ºF (low) to 25ºC / 77ºF (high). It is pretty hot during the day so a jacket won?t be needed, but there are still places indoor where it can get chilly so keep one handy ? flowers such as tree cotton, pink powder puff, camellia and purple magnolia bloom in this season. Anyone allergic to pollen need not panic as medicines can be purchased at the nearby medical shop. With the flowers blooming and the warm temperature, it can be an exciting visit for tourists.

Events and Festivals in April
Ching Ming Festival: It is a day to honour their ancestors. Also known as Tomb Sweeping Day, people visit cemeteries, with incense, offerings of fruit and wine and pay their respects.
Lamma International Dragon Boat Festival: An exciting day of dragon boat action, it takes place at Tai Wan To Beach. It is a sport which includes men and women and is followed by an after-party which includes dinner and drinks with many participants.
Birthday of Tin Hau: The Goddess of Sea, she is believed to be the patron saint of the city. The celebrations are very colourful and lively with unique lights and dances performed all around the city.
Hong Kong Rugby Sevens: It is a very prestigious international event and spans over three days. The sport is played at the Hong Kong Stadium and always witnesses a jam-packed audience.

Hong Kong in May

Spring is short in the city of Hong Kong, and it is the start of summer in May. The average temperature during this season is 24ºC / 75ºF (low temperature) to 29ºC / 84ºF (high temperature). In such hot weather, it is essential to carry thin clothing apt for a warm and breezy time. Since the climate is hot and humid with an average humidity of 82%, sudden downpours or storms may occur from time to time, but it is still a suitable month to travel to this city. The average number of rainy days in this month is 11 days so to say that about half the month is wet. It feels like the perfect weather for a walk around the city, but rains can be an issue so don?t forget to carry an umbrella during your visit.

Events and Festivals in May
Buddha's Birthday: The celebration of this event is observed at most of the monasteries and temples. Worshippers and followers rush to the temples to pay their respects.
Cheung Chau Bun Festival: Celebrated annually, this is a ceremonial festival that is celebrated to mark the birthday of Buddha. Kwan Kam Kee buns are an essential element of these celebrations as they are consumed by the people as well as used to create their major centrepiece of the event.
Le French May: An annual event, this festival celebrates and promotes French art and culture. Various performances include visual art, dance, cinema, music and much more. This festival goes on from the 1st of May to the end of June.
Tam Kung?s Birthday: One more birthday is celebrated in May, Tam Kung (protector of the fishermen and seas). The festival takes place by the Tam Kung temple and includes a parade, lights, colourful dragons and a lot more.

Hong Kong in June

June experiences heavy rainfall. Due to the high amount of humidity, it may not be a very comfortable outdoor sightseeing time. The climate is very different from other parts of China, where summers are hot and dry. The average temperature in June ranges between 27ºC / 81ºF (low) to 30ºC / 86ºF (high). It is the wettest month of the year with the average rainfall being 376mm lasting for at an average of 16 days. To have a comfortable time all day, shorts and raincoat or umbrellas are recommended.
It is advisable to carry sunscreen to protect yourself from the harsh sun rays. Even though many are discouraged by the rains to visit, the Dragon Boat Festival can be worth the trip. There are many other indoor events to attend as well which have appropriate temperature controls.

Events and Festivals in June
Dragon Boat Festival: This festival is also known as the Tueng Ng Festival. It is a very energetic and physically straining dragon boat festival where several associations hold races throughout the territory.
Chinese Opera Festival: It displays the long history and culture of China. Organised by the Department of Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services, the event includes stage performances, film screenings and exhibitions.
The Dragon Boat Carnival and the Hong Kong International Dragon Boat Races: It is a three days jam-packed event with a dragon boat races on the Victoria Harbour. The event includes live screenings and is followed by a Beerfest.

Hong Kong in July

The temperatures are high with heavy rainfall during this month with an average rainfall of 324mm which lasts an average of 14 days. The average temperature in July lies in the range of 27°C / 81°F (low) to 32°C / 90°F (high). With 83% humidity, there may be heavy rainfall or storms. Thus, it is recommended to wear comfortable clothing such as jeans and top and carry a coat and umbrella at all times. Since the sun is on top of you at this point, it is useful to carry sunscreen to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays especially if you plan to visit a place like Hong Kong Disneyland. (Average Temperature: 28°C / 82°F).

What to pack
Since these three months are the hottest and wettest months, carry shorts, jeans and thin tops with a coat. An umbrella or windcheater or raincoat is a must as it rains heavily with an occasional occurrence of storms.

Events and Festivals in July 
Hong Kong Book Fair: It is organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and is a week-long event. The festival also has e-learning resources, cultural events such as seminars and forums. Many renowned writers also visit this festival.
Ani-Com and Games Festival: A very popular event among the young crowd, it has video games, collectables arena and other prominent trendsetting stuff in today?s world. There are also presentations and stage forums at this festival.
Hong Kong Bakery Carnival: Parent-Child baking class, stage programs, baking workshops and many such events are combined at this festival. It promises some exciting and delicious fun time.
Lan Kwai Fong Beer and Music festival: It is a huge outdoor party with beer, food and lots of interactive games.

Hong Kong in August

Summer season continues, and August remains hot. The temperature ranges from 26°C / 79°F (low) to 31°C / 88°F (high). The temperatures don?t go much down even in the evenings as the temperature does not have a great dip. The occasional showers cool down the climate making it suitable for tourists to travel during this month. With an average rainfall of 301mm, it lasts for 15 days on an average. Sometimes a typhoon may occur in the city; thus it is advisable to check the weather before leaving your home. Since humidity is still at 80%, shorts and t-shirt with a raincoat would be a good choice for when you step out.

Events and Festivals in August
Hungry Ghost Festival: This festival has both Buddhist and Taoist origins. This festival is for the people who want to pay homage to the dead. By burning incense and worshipping their ancestors and building a paper mache, they pay their respects.
Hong Food Expo: Organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, this event is a gathering of Hong Kong?s finest food delicacies and exhibitors from all over the world.
Double Seventh Day: It is also known as the Chinese Valentine?s Day.
Birthday of Kwan Tai: God of war, he is highly regarded in the police and military section.
Birthday of Kwan Tai: God of war, he is highly regarded in the police and military section.

Hong Kong in September

This month marks the beginning of the fall season in Hong Kong. The average temperature is still around 26°C / 79°F (low temperature) to 30°C / 86°F(high temperature). With the average amount of rainfall at 300mm, the humidity in the air is still as high as 80%. You may encounter many rainy days with the average number of rainfall days being 12; you should always be ready with an umbrella or raincoat when on an outing. Because of the heavy and frequent rainfall, even with the high temperature, the climate remains cool and turns out to be an excellent month to visit the city. As it reaches the middle of the month, even though it is a little sticky, the humidity percentage goes down, making the climate pleasant for sightseeing through the city.

What to pack
With the summer days coming to an end and the arrival of autumn, it is time to carry around a light jacket for the evening outings. Carry around an umbrella if you visit in the early autumn period. Long-sleeved shirts or t-shirts and a thin coat are suitable for this weather.

Events and Festivals in September
Hong Kong Watch and Clock Fair: It is a huge event which displays a variety of clocks and watches and the latest trendy designs.
Mid Autumn festival celebrations: Lanterns, water, lights and parades. Everything you want to take part in - dance, acrobat, the exhibition is here. This is celebrated at two places - Victoria Parka and in Tsim Sha Sui.

Hong Kong in October

The month of October is one of the most beautiful months to visit the city of Hong Kong. It is the early autumn period, so the weather becomes a bit cooler. The humidity percentage has fallen to 71% which means there's a good drop in the average rainfall to 145mm. The weather feels more pleasant as the average temperature ranges between 23°C / 73°F (low temperature) and 28°C / 82°F (high temperature). In this dry climate, the tourists can just put on sunscreen and get out to take in the sun and the city. Just walking around in your comfortable summer wear is enough. Since the rainfall levels and chances are pretty low (with average rainfall days being only six days), one does not need to worry much about getting wet. It is one of the most crowded time of the year with the Chinese New Year also falling in this month.

Events and Festivals in October
Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival: Wine and Dine with a fantastic view at the Victoria Harbour with wine tastings, live music, cheese and a fun atmosphere.
Chung Yeung Festival: Also known as Autumn Remembrance Day, people visit the graves to pay their respects along with incense fruits and other foodstuffs.
Hong Kong International Jazz Festival: Known Jazz musicians, performances, workshops and much more is here for you.
Halloween: Ghostly decorations and pumpkins everywhere, the streets are covered with dressed up participants, and there are many parties you can go to.

Hong Kong in November

November is the late autumn period. The weather is cold and dry but with plenty of sun and almost perfect weather. The average temperature in November ranges between 19°C / 66°F (low temperature) and 24°C / 75°F (high temperature). The average precipitation level has also taken a deep fall to only 35mm which means the average number of rainfall days has dropped to only 4. As the climate is not humid, the rainfall is also just a drizzle in most cases. The sunny days are going away so the temperatures fall in the mornings and evenings so tourists should have appropriate clothing not to catch any cold. If you?re wearing thin clothing, a light jacket on top of it would be enough to keep you warm through the evening.

Events and Festivals in November
Hong Kong International Literary Festival:
Literary lunches, book signing and lots of workshops, this event features established and emerging writers.
Lan Kwai Fong Japan Carnival: Japanese cuisine, music, fashion, dance, the street livens up during this time. There are interactive games and much for the crowd to indulge in. It is more like an outdoor party.
Lumieres Hong Kong: Stunning interactive installations and a magical atmosphere. France?s ?Festival of Lights inspires this event?.
Clockenflap: It is a popular music festival that includes Chinese as well internationally known artists. Over the years, it has proven to become very popular among the younger crowd. The festival also displays works of several art institutions at their exhibition stalls.

Hong Kong in December

This month marks the beginning of winter. Since it is still early winter period, a sweater or a jacket should be enough to shield you from the weather. Cool in the day and cold at night, the average temperature during this month ranges between 15°C / 59°F (low temperature) and 21°C / 70°F (high temperature). With clear skies and dry weather, one can enjoy wearing a dress in this weather and enjoy the breeze. The average rainfall is deficient at 21mm so you won?t have to worry about the rain ruining your clothes. It is a great time to step out of the house and visit the shopping malls and streets, grab the "out of season" discount offers and enjoy to your heart?s content.

Events and Festivals in December
The Great European Carnival: Thrilling rides, live music, outdoor ice rink and no less than an amusement park, it also has food from all around the world.
Hong Kong Winter Festival: Organised by the tourism board, the festival includes a series of fun events and decorations.
The Hong Kong Mega Showcase: One big indoor event that takes places at the convention centre with several expos under one roof. Just before Christmas, this is one big sale event.
New Year?s Countdown and Fireworks: Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Centre and Victoria Harbour are the places to be if you want to view a beautiful sight of the fireworks as you welcome the new year.

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