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How to Reach Hong Kong from India

Direct flights from India to Hong Kong are available from New Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru. Cathay Pacific, Air India, Jet Airways and Dragonair are the carriers providing these flights. From all other international airports, connecting flights are readily available to Hong Kong.

How to reach Hong Kong by flight

The Hong Kong International Airport, located in Chep Lap Kok, is one of the largest and the best airports in the world. It has flights to all major cities all over the world. By air, the city is easily accessible from anywhere. Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong Airlines, South China Airlines and several other international airlines connect Hong Kong.

How to reach Hong Kong by train

China has an extensive bullet trains throughout the country. Routes to Hong Kong are from Guangzhou, Dongguan, Foshan and Zhaoqing as well as long-distance routes to Shanghai and Beijing. The passenger railway station of Hong Kong is situated on No. 9 Cheong Wan Road.

How to reach Hong Kong by bus

Buses connect Hong Kong very efficiently within the Guangdong province. Long route buses from outside the province are also present but not always preferred.

How to reach Hong Kong by Waterways

The cheapest way of reaching Hong Kong is by boat. Hong Kong is mainly connected to two destinations via boat - Macau and Zhuhai. High-speed TurboJet boats and Passenger Transport boats, both comply on these routes.

Local transport in Hong Kong

MTR: The MTR rail system is Hong Kong's subway and is the busiest and the best way to travel around the city. It runs on 5 lines connecting a large part of the city. However, it will be a little expensive compared to the tram cars and buses.

Trams: The trams are crowded and very slow, though they are a great way to tour the city and look around!

Bus: The most extensive connections in Hong Kong are provided by buses, which are of three types. There are large double-decker buses that ply almost everywhere in Hong Kong and charge according to the distance. The small van-sized buses come in green and red, which is determined by a wide coloured strip on the top.
  • Buses with route number starting from A are premium air-conditioned buses
  • Those starting with S are shuttle buses operating near MTR stations
  • E means external bus services
  • NA are overnight express bus service
  • N are overnight buses
Waterways: On waterways, the Starr Ferry is the most popular mode of transport. It has some spectacular views and is a must-do activity in Hong Kong.

Taxi: The red taxis travel all over Hong Kong except Lantau and are the most expensive. The blue taxis only cover Lantau Island, and the green taxis cover the New Territories, airport and Disneyland.

Octopus Card: The hands-down best way to pay for public transport is the Octopus Card. It can be used in all modes of transport (except cabs) and is extremely convenient because in most places you will be expected to pay the exact change of cash. 

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