Street Food in Hong Kong That Every Foodie Traveller Ought to Try!

Famous around the world for its amazing spread of street food, Hong Kong is easily a gourmet foodie’s paradise, especially if you are into Asian cuisine. There is a reason that Hong Kong is hailed as the Culinary Capital of Asia. In just a few bucks, fill your tummy and feed your taste buds to some amazing food options. Let’s take a look at those options and where to find them:

1. Curry Fishballs or Gaa Lei Yu Dan

Fish balls dipped in spicy curry (Source)
These bite sized savoury snack which is deep-fried and comes sautéed in delicious curry is the most famous street snack in the city and can easily be found anywhere.
Best places to get them:
Kai Kei Snacks, Mong Kok- Tung Tat Food Shop, Mong Kok
Price range: HKD 8 to HKD 40

2. Stinky Tofu or Cau Dou Fu

Stinky Tofu, Hong Kong
Stinky Tofu (Source)
Crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside, Stinky Tofu is a treat to savour despite its strong odour. It is made with a long process of fermented milk with veggies and meat and served with chilli sauce.
Best places to get them:
Chuen Cheung Foods, Wan Chai- Kai Kei Snacks, Mong Kok- Temple Street, Yau Ma Tei- Tung Tat Food Shop, Mong Kok
Price range: HKD 8 to HKD 30

3. Cheung Fun

Cheung Fun, Hong Kong
Cheung fun with soy sauce (Source)
Made with rice noodles sheets rolled into small bites, Cheung Fun has a smooth texture and bland taste, and usually comes loaded with a mix of sauces and sesame seeds to garnish.
Best places to get them:
Hop Yik Tai, Sham Shui Po- Temple Street, Yau Ma Tei
Price range: Anywhere from as low as HKD 6 to HKD 30

4. Egg Waffles or Gai Dan Jai

Egg Waffles, Hong Kong
Egg Waffles (Source)
These large, fluffy, and fulfilling treats are flaky around the edges and light to munch on. While the classic ones remain a favourite, they can also come topped and sprinkled with chocolate sauce, chocolate chips, Nutella, rainbow sprinkles, ice cream, fruits, and even savoury options such as bacon.
Best places to get them:
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Island- Tsim Sh Tsui- Lee Keung Kee North Point Egg Waffles
Price range: HKD 15 to HKD 30

5. Squid Tentacles

Squid Tentacles, Hong Kong
Fried squid tentacles (Source)
Chewy to eat, the tentacles of a squid aren’t particularly palatable to look at. However, when doused with sauces such as teriyaki, chilli or barbecue, this snack is especially mouth watering and is a must try.
Best places to get them:
Food Stalls, Fuk Wa Street Market, Sham Shui Po- Fei Jie, Mong Kok
Price range: HKD 10 to HKD 40

6. Fried Chestnuts

Roastes Chestnuts, Hong Kong
Roasted Chestnuts (Source)
This crunchy and easy to make snack is a healthy and great to-go option. If you are very hungry, you can get sweet potatoes added to the mix.
Best places to get them:
Temple Street Night Market, between Jordan and Kansu Road- Fei Jie, Mong Kok- Jardine’s Bazaar, Causeway Bay- Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon
Price range: HKD 10 to HKD 40

7. Organs in a Pot

Organs in a Pot, Hong Kong
Horse meat organs in a pot (Source)
A mix of innards and entrails of animals in sweet and savoury sauces, eating this knowing what all goes in it can be a bit unsettling, but this tasty treat is worth a shot. It is ingenious how this dish is made with no wastage done of any part of an animal!
Best places to get them:
Food Stalls, Mong Kok- Food Stalls, Temple Street
Price range: Anywhere from as low as HKD 10 to HKD 40

8. Steamed Dumplings or Siu Mai

Siu Mai, Hong Kong
Siu Mai (Source)
Served on a stick, Siu Mai or Shumai are steamed dumplings doused in various kinds of sauces such as chilli sauce or soy sauce.
Best places to get them:
Tung Tat Food Shop, Mong Kok- Food Stalls, Temple Street- Temple Street Night Market, between Jordan and Kansu Road
Price range: HKD 10 to HKD 30

9. Pineapple Buns or Bo Lo Bao

Pineapply Buns
Pineapple buns with butter inside (Source)
Surprisingly, Pineapple Buns do not have any pineapple with them, but are made with flour, eggs and milk and filled with oodles of butter to make them hard to miss. Enjoy one in the morning with a tea or coffee to start your day on a taste high.
Best places to get them:
Kam Wah Cafe, Prince Edward- Kam Fung Restaurant, Wan Chai
Price range: HKD 12 to HKD 70

10. Egg Tarts or Dan Tat

Egg Tarts, Hong Kong
Egg tarts (Source)
Anyone who has a sweet tooth would be thrilled to eat one of these. Every bite guarantees a burst of flavour and texture of creamy and crunchy in your mouth. To some, they taste like Flan, and to some like Crème Brulee. Aren’t you looking forward to eating, rather, experiencing them? Yes, please!
Best places to get them:
Honolulu Coffee, Wan Chai- Belcher’s Street, Western District- Kam Fung Restaurant, Wan Chai
Price range: HKD 7 to HKD 50

11. Pork Intestines or Ja Zu Da Cheung

Pork Intestines, Hong Kong
Fried pork intestines (Source)
They are deep-fried, they are juicy and chewy, they are crispy, and they are absolutely delicious. Served on a stick, dip them in or pour over your favourite sauce, and enjoy this amazing snack.
Best places to get them:
Dor Bo Snacks, Woosung Street- Food Stalls, Mong Kok- Ying Heong Yuen, Causeway Bay
Price range: HKD 10 to HKD 30
Now that you have this list that serves as a ready reckoner for your street food cravings in Hong Kong city, bookmark it and make sure you eat all (well, most) of them. Happy eating!

This post was published by Simranjeet Kaur

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