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Museums in Bangalore

Bangalore has some of the best museums that represent the rich heritage of Karnataka. These well-preserved museums in Bangalore reflect the perfect blend of royal history, art and culture of Bangalore.

Here is the list of 5 Museums in Bangalore

1. Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium, Bangalore

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Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium in Bangalore is a popular attraction site in the city, administered by the Bangalore Association for Science Education (BASE). The entire establishment is meant for the science enthusiasts with an aim to impart knowledge of scientific aspects of earth and space in a fun and exciting way. From how stars form to how planets evolve, from the origin of life to human's space expeditions, from how gravity works to how eclipses happen - the planetarium tells it all.

2. HAL Aerospace Museum, Bangalore

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HAL Aerospace Museum is one of the major public attractions of Bangalore. Inaugurated in 2001 at the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited premises, the museum was established with an objective of educating the public about everything the journey of HAL, one of Asia's largest and most important aeronautical companies, had to offer - be it historical, scientific or academic. On the one hand, the museum proudly boasts of the giant leaps Indian aviation has taken, both commercially as well as in terms of defence; and on the other side, it gives the visitors an all-inclusive aerospace experience in the most effective environment possible.

3. Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum, Bangalore

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Located on the Kasthurba Road in Bangalore, Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum was built in the honour of Bharat Ratna recipient Sir M Visvesvaraya. Spread over an area of 43000 sq. ft., the area is built in the sylvan surroundings of Cubbon Park and was inaugurated by the first Prime Minister of India- Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, in 1962. The first ever gallery exhibition displayed by the museum was based on the principles of “Electricity” and was open to public visit on the 27th of July, 1965.

4. Janapada Loka Museum

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Janapada Loka translates to 'Folk World', and as the name suggests, is dedicated to promoting, preserving and propagating the very vibrant folk art and culture. It is located in the Ramanagara District, just off 53 km from the Bengaluru - Mysore Highway. The Karnataka Janapada Parishath took up the initiative of establishing Janapada Loka, not only to conserve the slowly diminishing ar but to educate and inspire the generations with its poise, power and sheer beauty.

5. National Gallery Of Modern Art

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Located in the restored heritage Manikyavelu Mansion on 49 Palace Road Bangalore, National Gallery of Modern Art was inaugurated very recently on 18th of February, 2009. The main museum is situated in the Jaipur House, New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore being the subsequent branches of the same. Housing over 14,000 incredible works of contemporary and modern artists, the top notch collection include spectacular paintings and sculptures from Raja Ravi Verma, Jamini Roy, Amrita Sher-Gil, and Rabindranath Tagore. The premises, spread over an area of 3.5 acres boasts of lush green gardens with brightly blooming flowers and is a perfect blend of modern architectural designs and the poise of the past.

Next time, when you plan a trip, do visit these magnificent museums in Bangalore.

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