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Art Galleries in Bangalore

The art galleries in Bangalore are known all over country and even beyond for their variety and range of artwork and displays. The art connoisseurs from all over India hop to these amazing art galleries in Bangalore to admire the gorgeous artwork and interpret their very own stance. The city takes pride in being home to several galleries scattered all over the place which are all unique from each other. Some of these art galleries in Bangalore experience a footfall of as many as 1500 people a day while some others like Venkatappa Art Gallery have their names in the "Must Visit Places of Bangalore". But all in all, the city has covered everything- it has got open air exhibitions and traditional cosy setups. And these stunning art galleries in Bangalore attract people from worldwide to come and indulge in their creativity. So, we at Holidify, have compiled an elaborate list of the best art galleries in Bangalore, have a look now and head to one right away!

Here is the list of 21 Stunning Art Galleries in Bangalore for Art Connoisseurs & Enthusiasts

1. National Gallery Of Modern Art

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Located in the restored heritage Manikyavelu Mansion on 49 Palace Road Bangalore, National Gallery of Modern Art was inaugurated very recently on 18th of February, 2009. The main museum is situated in the Jaipur House, New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore being the subsequent branches of the same.

2. Venkatappa Art Gallery

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Located in the premises of Karnataka Government Museum, Venkatappa Art Gallery situated on Kasturba Road, Cubbon Park flaunts over 600 paintings. Named after the most famous artist of Bangalore city - K. Venkatappa, this art gallery in Bangalore houses resplendent works of other renowned artists as well.

3. Mahua Art Gallery

Founded in 2002, Mahua Art Gallery is situated in Armane Nagar, Bengaluru. This art gallery in Bangalore focuses on displaying the artworks of the young and budding artists.

4. Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath

Located in Sheshadripuram, Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath is an art gallery in Bangalore comprising of thirteen museum galleries and five exhibition galleries. The place is also home to College of Fine Arts.

5. Sublime Galleria

Situated in Ashok Nagar, Sublime Galleria is India's first sky gallery. This art gallery in Bangalore is perched on the bridge connecting two tall towers in UB City. The gallery displays photography work, digital art etc.

6. Gallery G

Gallery G is situated in Ashok Nagar in Bangalore and was founded in 2003. The gallery facilitates Artists Initiative Program and helps curate and evaluate arts.

7. Crimson Art Gallery

Crimson Art Gallery is situated on Cunningham Rd and offers a variety of artwork. This art gallery in Bangalore also boasts of some of the celebrated works of M F Hussain and Murali Cheeroth.

8. Shanti Road Gallery

Shanti Raod Studio Gallery is situated in Shanti Nagar. It is a non-profit gallery which was founded by Suresh Jayaram in 2003. This art gallery in Bangalore also holds workshops and monthly talks.

9. Gallery Sumukha

Situated in Wilson Garden, Bangalore, Sumukha Gallery was founded in 1996 and is popular for its display and exhibitions of contemporary artwork, paintings, print sculptured etc.

10. Rangoli-Metro Art Centre

Rangoli-Metro Art Centre is situated in Shivaji Nagar in Bangalore. Founded by Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation, this art gallery in Bangalore is a unique cultural space which houses 3 art gallery, spaces for cultural art exhibitions, play area for kids and auditorium.

11. Art Cafe, Sheraton Grand

Art Cafe is a unique concept with an art gallery around a cafe. Located in the sky bridge at the Brigade Gateway campus, overlooking the lake at Orion Mall, the overall ambience is one of a kind. There are specially curated shows and weekend workshops.

12. Tasveer Art Gallery

Tasveer Art Gallery is situated on Kasturba Cross Road in Bangalore and is considered to be one of the top South Asian galleries. This art gallery in Bangalore takes pride in exhibiting the works of budding Indian and international photographers.

13. Galleryske

Situated in Langford town, Shanti Nagar, Bangalore, Galleryske is basically a cottage belonging to 1870 which displays amazing works of artists like Sheela Gowda, Tara Kelton, and Bharti Kher.

14. Indian Institute of Cartoonists

IIC or Indian Institute of Cartoonists is a non-profit organisation based in Craig Park, Bangalore. The organization was founded in 2001 and strives to preserve and promote cartooning and cartoonists in the city.

15. Genesis Art Gallery

Situated in Jayanagar in Bangalore, Genesis Art Gallery was founded in 2011. Besides the display of craftwork, this art gallery in Bangalore also holds talks, workshops and workmanship debates as well.

16. Gallery Time and Space

Situated in The Guild, Lavelle Road in Bangalore, Gallery Time and Space encourages contemporary artists to display their workmanship. The gallery also hosts several workshops and solo artists talks and gatherings.

17. Renaissance Gallery

Situated on the Cunningham Road, Renaissance Gallery, also known as Indian Art Gallery, was established in 1993. This art gallery in Bangalore displays work of online arts, fine arts, Indian paintings etc.

18. Kynkyny Art Gallery

Kynkyny Art Gallery is situated on Infantry Road in Bangalore, and was founded in 2004. The gallery encourages crosswise display of arts and mingles workmanship of various artists.

19. Abstract Art Gallery

Abstract Art Gallery is situated in Cunningham Road and is one amongst the most popular galleries in Bangalore. The gallery celebrates contemporary artists which have been made infamous for their sense of art previously.

20. Gallery Manora

Gallery Manora is situated in Hoysala Nagar, Indiranagar in Bangalore. The gallery has two sections- one is material textures and the other is earthenware expressions. It is relatively one of the newest art galleries in Bangalore and has facilities like pantry, car parking etc.

21. Life on Wall

Life on Wall Art Gallery is one of the liveliest and prettiest galleries in Bangalore, situated in Whitefield. The exhibited artists promote young and budding artists and their artworks on life and the like.

Which of these art galleries in Bangalore has left you speechless? Let us know in the comments below!

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