20 Best Breakfast Places in Bangalore That Will Make Your Day

Who doesn't love a good breakfast in the morning? Breakfast is the most important meal of your day and you should definitely kick off with some amazing food on the plate. Want to dine around some exciting spots around Bangalore to eat breakfast like a king?

Check out the list of best breakfast places in Bangalore that you should definitely eat off if you wish for a hearty breakfast!

1. Koshy's Parade Cafe

Koshy, Parade Cafe, Breakfast Place in Bangalore
Koshy's Parade Cafe
A wide range of finger foods and a brilliant British Breakfast is what Koshy's will offer you. This breakfast place in Bangalore is definitely a nostalgic spot for the old-school restaurant lovers, flanked by wooden windows and furniture with sunlight peeking through the grills, adding more to the already yellow tint of the room. It may not be such a high-end decor spot, but it definitely is a great place for breakfast. 
Address:39, St Marks Rd, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar
Cost for two: INR 700 
Recommended Dishes & Drinks: Coffee, sandwich, appam, baked beans on toast, fish, tea, omelet.

2. Konark Vegetarian Restaurant

Konark Vegetarian Restaurant, Best Breakfast Places in Bangalore
Konark Vegetarian Restaurant
Konark is a legendary breakfast spot in Bangalore. It has cosy seating spaces, the decor is pretty decent and the food is just irresistible. Gorge on the most delicious South Indian food. The diners just can't resist the chutney here. The place may be a very simple-looking space and completely vegetarian but non-vegetarians won't regret eating here at all. 
Address: No. 50, Field Marshal Cariappa Road, Near Richmond Circle, Bengaluru
Cost for two: INR 500 
Recommended Dishes & Drinks: Filtered coffee, idli, sambar, Chaat, Masala Poori, Bonda Soup

3. Hole In The Wall Cafe 

Hole in the wall cafe, Breakfast places in Bangalore
Hole In The Wall Cafe
Hole in the Wall cafe is a pretty homely space that you can take to, for a homely-hearty breakfast in Bangalore. It might seem like your daily restaurant but it is extremely crowded and you can't even make prior reservations. The walls are embellished with quirky and antique hangings as well as some pictures. It is noted for its quick service, finger-licking-good breakfasts, irresistible pancakes, and friendly atmosphere. You can sit and chill here with your friends and enjoy the variety of options available. 
Address:Door No 4, 8th Main Rd, Koramangala 4th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru
Cost for two: INR 600
Recommended Dishes & Drinks: Waffles, pancakes, English breakfast platter, Sandwich, healthy breakfast, omelette. 

4. 154 Breakfast Club

154 Breakfast Club, Best Breakfast Places in Bangalore
154 Breakfast Club
The 154 Breakfast Club needs a one-hour prior reservation before you actually dine here, it's that crowded and famous. People don't miss out on the breakfast here despite the long waiting lists, it's definitely worth the wait. It's a picturesque cafe with open seating areas covered by a canopy. If you're visiting Bangalore, this place is just not to be missed out, especially for breakfast. Just be patient enough to wait for your table. It serves around the clock breakfast, so head here anytime. 
Address: 3rdblock, No. 154, 8th Main Rd, Koramangala 1A Block, Koramangala 3 Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru
Cost for two: 900
Recommended Dishes & Drinks: Pancakes, Waffles, Big Breakfast, British meals, Sausages, Sandwich, filtered coffee. 

5. Mavalli Tiffin Room (MTR) 

MTR, Breakfast places in Bangalore
Masala Dosa at MTR
This age-old South Indian breakfast places in Bangalore is definitely a must-dine. MTR is also a crowded breakfast spot especially on the weekends but this too is worth waiting for. You are served pretty rich south Indian meals with dollops of butter and ghee. The place is a simple dining spot, but the breakfast is as extraordinary as it's simplicity. Masala Dosas are to die for here. And guess what, it's pretty easy on the pocket too. 
Address:14, Lalbagh Road
Cost for two: INR 250
Recommended Dishes & Drinks: Masala Dosa, Rava Idli, Filtered Coffee, Badam halwa, Vada, Upma, Thali. 

6. Taaza Thindi

Taaza Thindi, Best Breakfast places in Bangalore
A road View of Taaza Thindi
There isn't a dearth of South Indian eateries in Bangalore but Taaza Thindi is one of the famous ones that you need to try, even if it means waking at 6 in the morning to get your breakfast hot and melting. The restaurant is an overcrowded one but works on speedy service and a hustling vibe. People appreciate it for its hygiene. Each and every dish on the menu is made to perfection and is loved by every diner, here. Plus, it's the cheapest spot to eat breakfast in Bangalore. 

Address: 1004, 26th Main Rd, 4th T Block East, Jayanagar 9th Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru
Cost for two: INR 100
Recommended Dishes & Drinks: Masala Dosa, Idli, Vada, Kesari Bhat, filter coffee, Kharabath

7. Brahmin's Coffee Bar

Brahmin's Coffee Bar, Breakfast Places in Bangalore
Brahmin's Coffee Bar
If you're familiar with Bangalore, this place doesn't really need an introduction, it's that famous. Every second person knows about this place. Idlis and vadas are unmissable. It's an old-school, no-frills south Indian joint. You definitely don't need an exotic dining space for a delicious breakfast. The menu isn't that wide, but whatever is available is awesome! It's easy on the pocket too. 
Address:Near Shankar Mutt, Ranga Rao Rd, Shankarapura, Bengaluru 
Cost for two: INR 100
Recommended Dishes & Drinks: Idli, Vada, Khara Bath, Kesari bath, Tea, Coffee

8. Vidyarthi Bhavan 

Vidyarthi Bhawan, Best Breakfast Places in Bangalore
Vidyarthi Bhavan
One of the best breakfast places in Bangalore, Vidyarthi Bhawan has stayed loyal to its heritage and food culture ever since it began. The dishes too, are unlike any others that you've tasted. This is a typical South Indian joint with a vibe of the British era. It has historical figures framed on the walls and you can't help but admire the old world charm of this place. The crowd eagerly waiting for the place to open doors in the morning says it all. You will be enjoying the delicious and pocket-friendly breakfast here. 
Address:32, Gandhi Bazaar Main Rd, Gandhi Bazaar, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru
Cost for two: INR 150
Recommended Dishes & Drinks: Filtered Coffee, kesari Bath, filter coffee, Rava Vada, Khara Bath, Masala Dosa, Maddie Vada. 

9. Sri Raghavendra Stores

Raghvendra Stores, Breakfast Places in Bangalore
Sri Raghvendra Stores

This rustic roadside joint is famous all over Bangalore for its delicious breakfast options with a homely touch. Brace yourself to wait in long lines, but the quick service ensures that everyone is served on time. With soft idlis, crispy vadas, and spicy chutneys, Sri Raghavendra Stores has impressive south Indian staples that pack in a ton of flavour. One of the most inexpensive options on our list, venture out to this small kiosk to truly eat like a local!

Address: Opposite Manipal NorthSide Hospital, 11th Main Road, Near Malleshwaram Railway Station, Malleshwaram
Cost for two: INR 100
Recommended dishes and drinks: Kesari bath, Kharabath, Vada, filter coffee, Badam milk

10. Shivam Snacks Corner


The go-to breakfast place in Bangalore for much of Christ University’s students, Shivam’s noodles are a staple. Fondly known as the Maggi Man, this restaurant serves variants of noodles and comfort food. With oodles of cheese and veggies topped over steaming hot Maggi, one can’t go wrong with this winning combination. If you’re in the mood for rich and decadent North Indian food, try the buttery Aloo paratha here and be blown away!

Address: 80, 3rd Cross, 2nd Main CL Layout, Adugoli
Cost for two: INR 250
Recommended dishes and drinks: Cheese onion Maggi, Pav bhaji, Aloo paratha, tea

11. South Thindies

South Thindis, Best Breakfast Places in Bangalore
South Thindies

If you’re looking for a quick, healthy breakfast in Bangalore, South Thindis is the place to be. With delicious South Indian food that is easy on the wallet, this food court serves wholesome and nutritious food to power you through the entire day. This is also ideal if you’re in a hurry and need breakfast on the go – the restaurant doesn’t have seating facilities, so feel free to get your meal packed and ready!  

Address: Kanakapura Road, Near Balaji Medicals, Yediyur, Basavanagudi
Cost for two: INR 150                               
Recommended dishes and drinks: Bread dosa, Akki roti, Kesari bath, Pesarattu Dosa, coffee, tea

12. Airlines Hotel

Bangalore Airlines Hotel, Breakfast Places in Bangalore
Bangalore Airlines Hotel

After a casual walk or a quick workout in Cubbon Park, head over to Airlines Hotel and indulge in their hearty breakfast. This dog-friendly restaurant is one of the oldest breakfast places in Bangalore and retains its old-school elements to give off a nostalgic charm. Although the prices are on the higher side, dining at Airlines is an experience in itself. Dine under banyan trees amidst the chirping of birds and get your day off to a perfect start with their crispy dosas and flavourful chutneys. Their hot Jalebis are worth the sugar rush!

Address: 4, Madras Bank Road, Off Lavelle Road, Lavelle Road
Cost for two: INR 400
Recommended dishes and drinks: Masala dosa, Akki roti, Aloo Puri, Chole, filter coffee, buttermilk

13. New Krishna Bhavan


One of Malleshwaram’s best-kept secrets, New Krishna Bhavan is an ideal option for a quick, simple breakfast. While the South Indian (especially Mangalorean) options are bestsellers here, the North Indian curries are quite tasty too. One of the most affordable places to indulge in a hearty breakfast for the day, this restaurant also has A/C seating to beat the heat of the summer months. If you can’t decide what to go with, opt for the breakfast platter option and try them all!

Address: 547/547-1, Sirur Park Road, Sheshadripuram, Malleshwaram
Cost for two: INR 200
Recommended dishes and drinks: Neer Dosa, Bondaa, green Masala idli, filter coffee, Badam milk

14. Shri Sagar – CTR

Sri Sagar, Best Breakfast Places in Bangalore
Sri Sagar

One of the oldest restaurants in Bangalore, Shri Sagar’s Central Tiffin Room is a favourite of the locals. This vegetarian restaurant is known for its crispy dosa and strong coffee. With charming décor reminiscent of the ’90s, this restaurant transports patrons back to the old times with its old Kannada jukebox and cosy ambience. Make a beeline for CTR when the craving for south Indian comfort food hits, but be prepared to wait in long lines, especially during the weekends. Fret not, the taste and prices are worth it!    

Address: 7th Cross, Margosa Road, Malleshwaram
Cost for two: INR 150
Recommended dishes and drinks: Benne Masala Dosa, Mangaluru Bajji, Kesari Bath, filter coffee, masala tea 

15. A Hole Lotta Love Cafe

A Hole Lotta Love Cafe, Breakfast Places in Bangalore
Hole Lotta Love Cafe
This cafe bears a pretty cool and cosy vibe service. Breakfast with a whole lotta love on the plate. There is an outdoor dining space as well as an indoor space lead by a small stairway. The cafe has a snooker table, some of your favourite TV characters, shows or movies framed on the wall and some quirky charms here and there. There is a lot of positivity here and you'll definitely relish the food too. 
Address:No. 59, 1st Floor, Industrial Layout, Koramangala, 5th Block, Jyoti Nivas College Road, Bengaluru
Cost for two: INR 600
Recommended Dishes & Drinks: Burgers, waffles, pancakes, Sandwich, English breakfast, Pasta, Frittata. 

16. Sly Granny 

Sly Granny, Breakfast Places in Bangalore
Sky Granny Cafe
Sly Granny is a very polished and classy breakfast place in Bangalore. It has both outdoor and indoor seating spaces. You'll love the decor and furnishings here. It's a fusion of both rustic and modern, formal and casual. What a combination! It gives out a European vibe. The staff is warm and disciplined in its approach. The food, of course, is brilliant and impeccable. 
Address: 3rd Floor, # 618, Above Chicco, 12th Main Rd, Indiranagar, Bengaluru
Cost for two: INR 2,500
Recommended Dishes & Drinks: Apple Pie, Eggs Benedict, Salad, Walnut Pie 

17. Connie's Restaurant and Steakhouse

Connie's Restaurant & Steakhouse, Breakfast places in Bangalore
Connie's Restaurant & Steakhouse
Connie's isn't a huge dining space but definitely deserves a visit for its food options. Not just breakfast but even the other food options are just irresistible here. It has simple decor but definitely nostalgic. The music in the background is another feel-good factor of the cafe beside the happy atmosphere. Hospitality and service are warm and friendly. There's no reason why you wouldn't head for breakfast here. 
Address:305, Nehru Rd, 3rd Block, St Thomas Town, Kammanahalli, Bengaluru
Cost for two: 600
Recommended Dishes & Drinks: King's breakfast, queens breakfast, pancakes, sausages, coffee 

18. Tea Villa Cafe

Tea Villa, Best Breakfast Places in Bangalore
Tea Villa Cafe
Another of the opulent restaurants of the list of breakfast place in Bangalore, Tea Villa Cafe won't let you down. The decor is splendid, the vibe is pretty classy and pleasant and you would want to come back here. The exquisite tea varieties are a must-try even if you're not such a chai person. Make sure to head there at least once. 
Address: 183, 16, 5th Main Rd, 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru 
Cost for two: INR 1,000
Recommended Dishes & Drinks: Tea, Waffles, pizzas, Pancakes 

19. Social

Social, Best Breakfast Places in Bangalore
Bangalore has a number of Social outlets. Koramangala being a hub for eateries, head here for some delightful breakfast options. The place has a cool vibe, outdoor seating spaces, and quick service. You won't regret dining at any Social. Their all-day breakfast options are available round the clock so you can gorge off delicious breakfast at your own sweet time. But don't miss out on it! 
Address: 118, 3rd Floor Koramangala Industrial Area, 80 Feet Road Above Bodyworks Spa, 7th Block, Koramangala 
Cost for two: INR 1500
Recommended Dishes & Drinks: Pancakes, Omelette, Big Apple Breakfast, Hungover breakfast

20. Soda Bottle Openerwala 

Soda Bottle Openerwala, Breakfast Places in Bangalore
Soda Bottle Openerwala
Soda Bottle Openerwala is a pretty cool cafe. The rustic charm, the quirky vibe, the overhead lamps, and wall hangings make it a very picturesque joint. The Irani and Parsi food options are a must-try and are definitely a perfect breakfast joint. It holds a very vintage Parsi vibe, is pretty awesome and an experience to take. You are greeted with warm smiles and welcomed herewith much love. The service is great too! 
Address:Plot Number 25, Opposite Harley Davidson Showroom, 4, Lavelle Road, D' Souza Layout, Ashok Nagar 
Cost for two: INR 2,100
Recommended Dishes & Drinks: Irani Chai, Keema Pav, Vada Pao, Vegan Breakfast, Club breakfast, All-meat breakfast tray 
So, here are 21 best breakfast places in Bangalore. From South Indian to Parsi food, you have a plethora of choices. In fact, the list will have you spoilt for choice. Make sure to try as many of these places as you can because most of them are unmissable. 

Which breakfast joint are you heading to first? Let us know in the comments below!

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