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Ideal duration: 2 - 3 days

Best time: Throughout the year (Read More)

Nearest Airport: Bangalore (Check Flights)

State rank: 30 out of 52 Places To Visit In Karnataka

"Garden city of India"

Bangalore Tourism

Having evolved gradually from being the Garden City to the Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru is the third largest and one of the most livable cities in India.

Booming with jobs for young professionals, majorly IT, Bengaluru is a truly cosmopolitan city with people from all over the country coming in, not just for jobs but in search of a better life. In 2012, Bengaluru was declared 'The most livable city in India' according to a country-wide survey. The rise of startup culture in Bengaluru is also drawing entrepreneurs there. The city reflects a blend of old and new - some parts with historical monuments are still kept intact, and in others, you can see the high-rise corporate complexes. Lined with long stretches of trees and parks, famous heritage buildings, busy markets and newly constructed buildings, Bengaluru seems to have a bit of everything for everyone.

Top Things To Do In Bangalore

Bangalore Tour Packages

Serene Bangalore Urban, Mysore & Ooty | 5 Days 4 Nights

4 Nights

Staring from Rs. 12,000

Incredible Bangalore, Hassan & Mysore | 5 Days 4 Nights

4 Nights

Staring from Rs. 13,849

What's Great?

Good weather throughout the year. Good eating joints, cafes, breweries and pubs. A green city with a lot of lakes. Very well connected with rest of the country and international destinations. Good mix of historical attractions and modern city.

What's not so Great?

Always crowded with lots of traffic in most part of the city. Language could be an issue for North Indians as Hindi and English are not so fluently spoken here. Slightly expensive. Airport is around 30 km from the main city.

For Whom

Good for people looking to travel in South India and using Bangalore as the base destination. A lot of people come here for business or because of their jobs or for studies. Bangalore also attracts people from nearby areas for shopping and the general city life.

Hotels in Bangalore

Various hotels and inns are available from budget to high price ranges. Self-services apartments are also independently available here. Staying at hostels is an ease while you travel. Here are a few hostels which can be your home for a few days - AAO Hostels, Youth Hostels, Social Rehab Hostel, Cuckoo Hostel, SnoozOtel, and The Little Blue Window Hostel

Top Hotels in Bangalore

Pura Vida - Boutique Pool Retreat

Staring from INR 5,400

CENTRALLY LOCATED HIP STUDIO! - Apartment - Jayamahal, Bengaluru

Starting Price 3,482

Daily Budget

An average of INR 1300 per person is required for a day. The least you could pay for a day is INR 600 per person in a hotel. Now if you choose an inexpensive restaurant for your meals, it will cost you around INR 200-300 for 2 per meals. Travelling via cab gets expensive at times so you could take auto-rickshaws or bicycles. This will not exceed your shoe-string budget.

Nightlife in Bangalore

Apart from being a hub of IT professionals, Bangalore has stupendous nightlife scenarios. It has the best dance floors for you to groove on. There are many pubs and clubs which take the duty of keeping you entertained after the sundown till a little past midnight. Abiding by the early curfew i.e. 1 AM it is recommended for you to immediately turn over to nightclubs and restaurants so that you can enjoy for a bit longer.

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Culture in Bangalore

The multicultural city, Bangalore has experienced various religious and social changes. It is a city rich in traditional music and dance. Bangalore prides itself for most of the famous Kannada dancers and musicians are rooted in the garden city. It is a melting pot of various traditions and cultures. The people of Bangalore are given a generic name, Bangaloreans. Hinduism as a religion is majorly practised in Bangalore. Being the IT capital of the country, it has a dynamic blend of people, cultures, castes and communities. Hence, you would find people of almost every religion ranging from Christians to Muslims.


Though Kannada is the regional language of the city, people have a good hold of English language as well. Hence, you won't face any difficulty while speaking to the natives.

Festivals in Bangalore

Being the 27th largest city in the world and 3rd largest in India, Bangalore has already set a pedestal for being a cultural and economical centre of the country. The festivals and fairs bring forward the traditional sphere of modern people of Bangalore. Despite being the city of IT industry and immense modernization, it knows how to stay rooted to its traditions. Here are a few festivals which are celebrated on a large scale in the city.

Groundnut Festival or Kadalekai Parishe
It is a 2-day fair celebrated in the month of November every year. The fair is set up near the Dodda Ganesha Temple in Basavanagudi. It has various stalls selling bangles, traditional toys, trinkets made of clay, coloured sodas and Mehendi Tattoos. As the fair gets bigger a large number of people throng the place to buy a variety of groundnuts. Around 1,00,00 lamps are lit in the Bull Temple. The fair is a combination of people's belief tied within the colourful celebrations of the festival.

Ugadi or the Kannada New Year
The traditional occasion of Ugadi involves day-long festivities. The day is believed to be auspicious for starting new ventures. It falls either in the month of March or April. the fervour and enthusiasm with which the festival is celebrated mark its relevance even in today's time. The city drowns into different colours of ranglois and decorations.  The festival welcomes a new start of life.

Karaga Festival
It is the oldest and most important festival to be celebrated in Bangalore. The festival is celebrated in the name of Goddess Shakti and the celebrations last for 9 days. Karaga is an earthen pot in which Goddess Shakti is invoked. Beautifully decorated Karaga is carried on the head without any support. The processions start from Dharmarayaswamy temple in midnight and are led by the men.

The garden city has people greatly involved in celebrations.  Another festival depicting the lively side of Bnagalorians is Habba. The festival is celebrated at the yearend which lasts for 10 days. The event requires no tickets and hence is open to all. Artists from around the world come together and add soul to the celebrations with their performances. The major performances include a fashion show, music and dance performances, and drama. The festival brings forward the artistic side of Incredible India. Many Khadi and crafts exhibitions are also held. Not leaving the sports behind, cricket and golf tournaments add grandeur to the festival. Various eateries offering delicious food are also seen during the festival.


1. The streets are busy and chaotic hence; you need to have a good hold of time. The traffic never lets you reach your destination on time. Be wise enough to leave early.
2. Travelling via rickshaws is considered to be an ideal choice. Be a good negotiator as the driver might charge you a higher fare.
3. Do not roam around alone after nine unless you are in a group or with a trusted guide.


Bangalore is one of those Indian cities which are known for its architecture among many other things. One can witness the magnificence of the dynasties that have ruled the garden city. From Vidhana Soudha which claims the stunning Neo-Dravidian and Indo-Saracenic architecture to the Bangalore Palace which represents the beauty of the Tudor Period, one can experience the various architectural styles from the past.

Like any modern and growing city, Bangalore's cuisine is not identified with a single platter but a blend of cuisines derived from the diversity of cultures and livelihoods that the city sustains.

Hence, the visitors can choose from across cuisines and enjoy a flattering variety of delicacies according to their own wishes and cravings.

There is a subtle dominance of South-Indian and Udupi cuisine, other than which the city's menu has countless options. One can relish local cuisines like a variety of dosas, Idli, Bisi Bele Bath, Pongal, Uppittu and lots more. Other than this, one can also indulge in the rich Mughlai cuisine with mouth-watering dishes like Tandoori chicken, Sheek Kebabs, Bangalorean Biryani, Chicken Kebabs and more. Also find here, North-Indian, Muslim, Arabian, Chinese, Thai, Japanese cuisines to enjoy.
One can indulge in the lip-smacking local street food as well as flatter themselves with fine dining experiences with cuisines from around the world.

Rich in a variety of cuisines, Bangalore also offers pocket-friendly restaurants which are of great help to the backpackers. Here is a list of few restaurants which without emptying your pockets offer delicious food at minimal prices possible.
Famous budget restaurants in Bangalore:

South Indian: Darshini (serves delicious vegetarian food within INR 100), TaazaThindi (INR 200 for 2), Shri Sagar(INR 100 for 2) and Indian Coffee House (INR 200 for 2)

Continental: Papi Chulo (INR 200 for 2), My Cinnamon Box (INR 250 for 2), Chaiywaala (INR 150 for 2), Fork and Food (INR 200 for 2), and The Breakfast (INR 200 for 2)

Do try these low budget restaurants while keeping in mind your health and hygiene. Guide the person in services about the spices and things you are allergic to so that you can have a happy meal.

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History of Bangalore

Ancient legend states that once the Hoysala ruler Veera Ballara was lost his way amid a hunting trip. He met an old woman, and she offered a simple supper of boiled beans to him. To show his appreciation, he named the place as Benda Kalluru which means boiled beans. From there comes the name Bengaluru, which was later anglicised by the British invaders to Bangalore.

The now modern city was found over four hundred years ago by Kempe Gowda, the Ruler of Yelahanka of the Vijayanagara Empire. The city gained its importance in the 18th century under the rule of Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan. The British overthrew Tipu Sultan after a struggle and made it a regional administrative city and a cantonment area in 1831.

Reviews for Bangalore

- Money exchange kiosks are not easily found in Benagluru. Its is advisable to approach travel agencies or banks for currency exchange. Kannada is the official language, however Hindi and English are widely understood.


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Waste of money. 150 for dharshan. Siva statue is better.

Review for Shiva Temple, Bangalore


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Questions about Bangalore

By Rohit Shroff

What's the nightlife in Bangalore like?

Although everything in Bangalore shuts at 11 o'clock during the weekdays, the weekend nights are quite lively. There are numerous places you could go to depending on the kind of ambiance you're looking for or the kind of money you want to spend. Bangalore mostly sees a good crowd and nightlife in Bangalore is one of the highest rated in the country.

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