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Living away from home is a great deal of pain. Surviving in a new place, building new relationships and finding a decent place to eat can be a huge task. Having moved to Bangalore in 2014, it took me a great deal of time to get adjusted to the new food scene here that is so different from what Jamshedpur, my hometown offered. Exploring the ever growing city and trying out the variety Bangalore has to offer in terms of food, I have compiled a list of my favourite places one can head to for great breakfast and give your tastebuds a gala time. Being the artist I am, I've also depicted the striking scenes of these eateries through my artwork.


1) Koshy's



Koshy's Parade Cafe popularly know as just Koshy's is my all time favourite place. Warning alert: you need to be patient as it's crowded many times and service suffers due to that. Popular among the literati and culturati, this crowded yet cheerful restro-pub is where you can have discussions and debates over yummy food and fulfilling mugs of beer. Opened up in 1940, the old school charm of the place still remains. The iconic restaurant is a one stop perfect place to start your day.

Must Try: Bombay Toast and Spanish Omelette.
Location: St. Mark's Road.

2) Café Terra

Cafe Terra

Cafe Terra

Café Terra, despite being small and unassuming, is one of the one of the quaint little places that will have your heart. It is quite nice, simple and a relaxing place to spend your lazy weekend mornings at leafing through the newspapers, magazines and comics. Covered with awesome posters including superheroes and funny comics, the place also has a bookshelf with some popular books in their collection.
Featured in the list of great breakfast places, my brother and I choose to opt Cafe Terra for breakfast. The food definitely has the homely touch. Cafe Terra is quite friendly on the wallet too.

Must Try: English breakfast and Ham basket.
Location: Koramangala.

3) Airlines



No Bangalorean skips this place when it comes to breakfast. This is one of those places in Bangalore which holds a legendary status! I paid my first visit to Airlines in the evening and missed tasting from their breakfast menu. But having heard so much about it's breakfast specials, I made an effort to show up at Airlines in the morning and I don't regret my decision. The place serves mouth watering South Indian breakfast delicacies. It has outdoor seating under the trees, which makes it a great place to catch up with friends and hangout. One of the only few drive-in eateries, the service at Airlines is okayish ? as expected but the food is yummy.

Must Try: Masala Dosa and Bournvita.
Location: Lavelle Road

4) Vidhyarthi Bhavan


Vidyarthi Bhavan

Located in the heart of Old Bengaluru, Vidyarthi Bhavan is one of the oldest and best eateries of the city. The servers here are talented who balance almost 10 to 15 plates at a time! The atmosphere is great but make sure to be there early to beat the queue. Famous for its crispy Masala Dosas, other South Indian dishes too do not disappoint. If you come here and don't eat dosa,then you have missed everything!

Must Try: Masala Dosa.
Location: Gandhi Bazar Main Road.

5) Maiya?s



Started by Yajna Narayana Maiya, a skilled cook from Parampalli near Udupi, the restaurant has grown to be one of the famous in the city. A vegetarian's paradise serving authentic South Indian food ranging from masala dosa, neer dosa to kharabath; the assortment of food spoils you for a choice. The service is quick and food is great. What more could you ask for?

Must Try: Special masala dosa and coffee.
Location: Jayanagar 4th Block

6) Mavalli Tiffin Room or MTR

Mavalli Tiffin Room

Mavalli Tiffin Room

Mavalli Tiffin Room popularly known as MTR should be visited just for the experience. Feels like a cafe from the Malgudi Days. As is the case with most legendary South Indian eateries of Bangalore, Masala Dosa is a highlight here. Also, what's South Indian food without coffee-piping hot coffee served in silver tumblers is a USP of MTR. The special touches of MTR like the tiny bowl of ghee served along with masala dosa, their unique flat gulab jamuns really took the taste of the food to a different level. All-in-all MTR is a place where from one can start their journey of discovering not just the culinary legacy but the very essence/soul of this wonderful city of Bangalore.

Must Try: Masala Dosa and desserts
Location: Lalbagh Road

This list doesn't end here. These are just a few of the eateries in Bangalore serving authentic and filling breakfast for a great price. I shall keep updating the list as and when I tumble on an eatery serving delicious food. I hope you try these places and relish the amazing food they have to offer. Happy eating folks!

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