Ramadan Food in Bangalore To Savour Mouth-watering Iftar Meal

It's the Ramadan season again, and this can only mean one thing, extremely delicious food all around the city for your indulgence! Ramadan in Bangalore is also synonymous with the city's food festival.

Here are our top picks of Ramdan Food in Bangalore to take your taste buds on a wild ride:

1. Mosque Road and MM Road, Frazer Town

These perpendicular roads in Frazer Town have stalls and restaurants that serve up delicious delicacies during the month. The stalls at Karama and Empire, the rolls at Fanoos and the delectable Malabari delicacies at Iftar cafe leave you wanting to come back for more and more. What's more, all of them are open till 1 a.m in the night. MM Road has some mouth-watering seekhs and kebabs on offer, goes best with the ever staple Rumali Roti. Don't miss out on the beef only carts located on the left side of MM road, before the turn to Mosque Road. Every bite of the beed will give you a short vision of what heaven is.

ramadan food in Bangalore, Mosque road

2. Koramangala

Ever since the mosque in Frazer Town disallowed the putting up of multiple stalls, Koramangala has become the go-to place for intimate Ramadan good stalls. The place is a paradise, especially for foodies. You can choose between infinite options and still not be satisfied with having tasted the best on offer. If you want to spoil yourself, Koramangala is the place to go, for everything from liver desserts to the ultimate in seafood. Just remember, you're going to have to try hard not to have regrets after you're done eating.

Go to: Food street in and around Koramangala

Kormangala, Ramadan food in Bangalore

3. Shivajinagar

Shivajinagar has been the go-to place for iftar for years. Primarily because it's a Muslim predominant area. But it could also be because they sell the best kebabs and seekhs in the city. The trump card, however, is the absolutely delicious camel meat. It'll give you the kicks. Just go have a try.

Go to: Russell Street in and around Shivajinagar
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4. Albert Bakery, Frazer Town

This cute little bakery has a wildcard it pulls out only during the Ramadan season. It's their super-delicious, absolutely mouth-watering goat brain puffs. We dare you to guess what it is made from. Just remember to go there early. Stocks don't last, not even for more than half an hour usually.

Source: Wikipedia Commons

5. Hotel Fanoos, Frazer Town

If you needed an excuse to go and try out the exquisite beef sheekh-kabab rolls from Fanoos, consider this your best one. These kebabs are simply the best in the city. It will get you wondering how anyone could make anything so perfectly. When the kebab melts in your mouth the first bite you take, everything else is a blur. We'll vouch for Fanoos with everything we have got!

6. Tilak Nagar

Tilak Nagar is another place where you can pick up a few delicacies during Ramadan. They serve everything from chicken kebabs to Pista House ka haleem. This is again another place where you'll be spoilt for choice. And yes, Tilak Nagar has a wildcard too. Watch out for the roasted ox tongue. The flavours will leave your tongue confused and disoriented and of course, wanting more.

Stalls at Tilak Nagar

7. Rahmat Nagar

Yet another location where the air is filled with the sweet smell of grilled meat. The stalls at Rahmat Nagar are famous for serving two things, samosas and kebabs. And like all the other stalls across the city, you'll again be really spoilt for choice. The kebabs are grilled to perfection, and the samosas are wrapped up in the neatest manner possible. The explosion of the various flavours is sure to leave you dazed.
Samosas Bangalore

8. Jhonson Market

Jhonson Nagar is the go-to place any day of the year for succulent kebabs and juicy seekh rolls. During Ramadan however, your options extend literally to infinity and beyond. Jhonson Market redefines being spoilt for choice. To put things into perspective, you'll find yourself choosing between samosas, harira, haleem, sheekh kebabs, puffs, chauba puri, beef kebab, qubani ka meetha and paya soup among plenty others. They have a trump card too, the kichda, similar to haleem but somehow the meat isn't pasty. Talking about meat, beef kababs from Khazana Food Paradise are highly recommended.

9. Empire Restaurants Across Bangalore

Empire is the largest restaurant chain in the city with their presence almost everywhere. Their subsidiary Karama also has branches all over the city. These two restaurants, during the month of Ramadan, set up stalls at each and every restaurant in the city. And good god, the options are simply mindnumbing. They have at least 10 different varieties of Kababs on offer apart from all kinds of chicken dishes, Arabic and North-Indian. Then there's the infinite amount of snacks ranging from samosa to haleem to several varieties of coolers. Be sure to get there before 12 a.m, stocks don't last long.
ramadan in bangalore

10. Bilal Masjid, Bannerghatta Road

Marking its Islamic presence in Bengaluru is the newly constructed Masjid-e-Bilal in the affluent neighbourhood of Bannerghatta road. Consecrated in June 2015, this mosque is one of the largest in Bengaluru, housing around 6,500 namazis at a time. During the annual festival of Ramadan, the Bilal Masjid is surrounded by Iftar treats galore. From a variety of stalls selling samosas and Haleem, there’s a lot of Halal cuisines to try out around Bilal Majid.
bilal masjid

11. Johnson Market

A non-vegetarian epicurean’s pure delight is Johnson market, offering all kinds of samosas, wraps, rolls and hot tea and beverages. The overwhelming choice of food her is sure to get your gastric juices flowing. Some places to drop into are Makkah cafe which sells coconut or fruit stuffed naans and piping hot samosas and chai. Fanoos is a roll-paradise,offering veal, chicken and seekh rolls. Madeena stores offer a panoply of sodas-all colours and flavours to choose from, a perfect accompaniment to your snack treats.
Source: Pixabay

There you go, the best of Ramadan in Bangalore. Do let us know in the comments how you felt after trying out the excellent food at these locations. Eid Mubarak!

This post was published by Nehad Zein

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