What is the best time to visit Bangalore?

The best time to visit Bangalore is from the months of October to February which are the winter months here. Being a populous city and an IT hub of India, Bangalore is best known for its moderate climate that is very pleasing to everyone. While the temperature hovers between 27-35 degree Celsius in Summers; Winters could be freezing with the mercury dropping below 15-degree Celsius. Monsoons, on the other hand, are pleasant and chill making Bangalore suitable for a visit throughout the year.

Weather in Bangalore


Upcoming Bangalore Weather

Monthly Weather in Bangalore

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 29°/ 16° 0 days
February 31°/ 16° 0 days
March 32°/ 19° 7 days
April 33°/ 20° 8 days
May 33°/ 21° 23 days
June 30°/ 20° 14 days
July 28°/ 19° 14 days
August 26°/ 19° 21 days
September 27°/ 19° 21 days
October 26°/ 18° 28 days
November 27°/ 18° 6 days
December 26°/ 16° 2 days

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