40 Best Places To Stay In Bangalore for the Perfect Break

Bangalore is known as the Garden City and is the capital of Karnataka. Bangalore is also known to have some of the best pubs, restaurants, and nightlife in the country and we have curated a list of t (Read More)he best places to stay in Bangalore so that you can make the most o your stay in the Garen City.

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Here is the list of 40 Best Places To Stay In Bangalore for the Perfect Break

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Best time for a staycation in Bangalore?

The best time to visit Bangalore is from the months of October to February which are the winter months here. Being a populous city and an IT hub of India, Bangalore is best known for its moderate climate that is very pleasing to everyone. While the temperature hovers between 27-35 degree Celsius in Summers; Winters could be freezing with the mercury dropping below 15-degree Celsius. Monsoons, on the other hand, are pleasant and chill making Bangalore suitable for a visit throughout the year.
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