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Nandi Hills

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Ideal duration: 1 day

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"Hillocks borrowed from heaven"

Nandi Hills Tourism

Located around 60 kilometres away from Bangalore, Nandi Hills is one such tourist spot that has gradually been discovered by visitors over the years and has now become a well-known weekend getaway.

Featuring beautifully carved arches and majestic pillars with intricately painted walls and ceilings, Nandi Hills is scattered with shrines and monument and is surrounded by mesmerizing views, making this place no less than a hidden paradise.  Situated at a height of 4851 feet above sea level, you can see a convoy of weekenders from Bangalore during early hours catching the glimpse of sunrise.

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More About Nandi Hills - History and Places of Interest

Once used as the summer retreat of Tipu Sultan, Nandi Hills finds its place in history as being reminiscent of the reign of Tipu Sultan, and the Tipu Sultan trail is a famous historical attraction of this place. 
The most well-known spot in this trail is Tipu’s Drop, a 600-metre-high cliff which was used during Tipu’s reign to hurl prisoners down to their demise. Another must-see attraction is Tipu’s Summer Residence, which was named by Tipu himself as the Tashk-e-Jannat, meaning ‘the envy of heaven’.

Nandi Hills is home to quite a few temples, and one such temple that you must visit is the Bhoga Nandeeshwara temple in Nandi village. Dedicated to Lord Shiva and his consorts Nandi and Parvati, this temple is one of the oldest temples in the area and is a beautifully designed work of architecture.

Nandi Hills is a haven for cyclists, and the lofty altitude coupled with the fantastic terrain and the spectacular landscape makes cycling at Nandi Hills a complete adventure in itself. Paragliding is also very famous in Nandi Hills and is a must-do activity for adventure lovers.

Trekking in Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills are a famous trekking spot. There are several trek routes, through the Nandi hill, to suit the ability and strength of different kinds of trekkers, from beginners to experts. There is a simple rustic way up the hills for beginners. For mid-level trekkers, there is a steep trek up the Channarayana Hills. This is a strenuous route. For the extreme enthusiasts, there is a multi-terrain trek circuit through grasslands, rivers, rocky ways and paved roads.

Restaurants and Local Food in Nandi Hills

There are a number of restaurants and dhabas in and around the hills that serve popular cuisines. One must try the local Chaat. One might also want to travel to nearby cities for a more flattering range of options for food. You might find here, local dishes such as Dosa, Bisi Bele Bath, Akki Roti, Jolada Roti, Idli, Vada, Sambhar, Kesari Bath, Ragi Mudde, Uppittu, Vangi Bath and traditional and local sweets like Mysore pak, Chiroti etc .
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Suggested Itinerary

Day 1- Arrive at Nandi Hills. Visit Bhoga Nandeeswara Temple. Return to hotel.
Day 2- Early morning trek over the hills. End day at local food joints and handicraft stores.

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Holidify's Opinion

What's Great?

Great trekking destination. Surrounded by natural beauty.

What's Not So Great?

Can be flooded during monsoons.

For Whom?

Located near Bangalore, Nandi Hills are a great getaway for adventure lovers, mountain lovers and all those looking for a pleasant weekend getaway.

How To Reach Nandi Hills

The nearest railway station is at Chikkaballapur (9km), and the nearest airport at Bangalore (58km), from where taxis are available to Nandi Hills. Buses are also available from Bangalore and most neighbouring cities. You could also hire a cab or self-drive as well. 

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beaulah sahana 11 months ago
A breathtaking place during the day and a curfewed place as it gets dark. There is police patrolling in the evening throughout the place due to the various tragedies that have occurred in the past. Might not be advisable to visit in the evening or night times. A great ride or drive to the place otherwise.
Ken Chiramel 11 months ago
A favourite haunt of most Bangalore residents, Nandi Hills is one of the first suggestions that crop up when people think about going for a nice drive early on Sunday morning. 50 kms away from the bustling heart of the city, well-paved and maintained roads lead the entire way up to the top of Nandi Hills. It offers a welcome reprieve from the heat of the city with its cool weather and sweeping vista views. For the more adventurually inclined travellers, a well-defined trail leads one from the base of the hillock right up till the top. The early morning trek that culminates in watching the sunrise from the peak of Nandi Hills is one that is always spoken fondly of by trekking enthusiasts. However, the route by road, with its winding, serpentine paths is also one not to be missed and is so well-known of that it has been known to get clogged with traffic during public holidays. A small establishment serving tea, coffee, and ice-cream along with a bevy of other refreshments rests at the top of the hill, adjacent to a car-park and restrooms.
harshitha k p 11 months ago
Heaven for Bangaloreans. Milky white clouds of Nandi Hills will make you get lost in its beauty. Perfect place to visit in a day. Tippu's drop is the most famous spot in Nandi Hills. Bhoganandeshwara temple is a must visit place in Nandi Hills. This place is often filled with the crowd during weekends.
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