Historical Places in Bangalore For A Vintage Tour

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Historical Places in Bangalore

The historical places in Bangalore are a different world altogether. They make known the traditional, religious, political and cultural history of the city. At the same time, they are symbolic of the architectural expertise that some of the earliest dynasties possessed. Contributions of successive dynasties, which have ruled over Bangalore, such as the Kadambas, Hoysalas, Chalukyas, the Vijayanagar Empire, the Mughals and the British, together shape the rich history of Bangalore. The breathtaking and majestic monuments located here are a symbol of the by-gone era and the events that transpired. It is then no doubt that every history lover visits Bangalore at least once in his life to experience the elegance of these monuments.

Here is the list of 10 Historical Places in Bangalore For A Vintage Tour

1. Bangalore Palace

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The historical places in Bangalore list definitely needs to start with the Bangalore Palace. Famous for its rich history, the palace draws inspiration from the Windsor Castle that is located in England. The Bangalore palace was built in the year 1884 and has been known for its beauty ever since. The awe inspiring Gothic windows and woodcarvings bear testimony to the stunning architecture of the era passed. Complete with beautiful gardens, the palace now hosts a myriad of exhibitions and concerts. A complete tour of the palace would take only about an hour and a half, but you will remember the beauty and majesticity of the palace for the rest of your life. Entry Price: INR 230 for Indians and INR 460 for foreign tourists Opening Timings: 10: 00 to 17: 00 on all days

2. Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace - 17th century historical place in Bangalore

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The fort is especially important from a historical point of view because it is representative of the rich art forms and artistic talent that prevailed during those times. The two-storied structure has pillars, balconies and carved arches. The palace was originally constructed to be used by Tipu Sultan himself as a summer retreat. In fact, he had christened it 'Tashk-e-Jannat' which means the envy of heaven. It is quite interesting to note that while the palace represents Islamic style, one can also find a temple of Lord Ganesha there. This speaks volumes about the religious tolerance of Tipu Sultan, under whose aegis the construction was completed in 1791. History lovers should not miss the art gallery in the fort, which is home to hundreds of historical paintings and carvings. Entry Price: INR 15 for Indians/ INR 200 for foreign tourists Opening Timings: 8: 30 to 17: 30 on all days

3. Bangalore Fort

Originally built as a mud fort in 1537 by Kempe Gowda I, Bangalore Fort was finally transformed into a stone fort in 1761 by Haider Ali. Located in the heart of the city, the historical place in Bangalore is a sturdy fort that is currently in ruins. It was torn down by the British and what remains today is the historical Delhi Gate. Yet it is still a popular tourist attraction of the city.

4. Vidhan Soudha

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Vidhan Soudha is not only of extreme political importance to the city but is also one of the most prominent landmarks of Bangalore. This historical place in Bangalore cannot be undermined either. The building is a rich amalgamation of neo-Dravidian, British, Indio-Islamic and contemporary architecture. This speaks volumes about the degree of secularism in historical times. The foundation stone of this largest legislative building in India was laid by Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru in the year 1951and the construction was completed under the supervision of the then Chief Engineer, late B.R.Manickam. While you are here, make sure to visit the Cubbon Park for a relaxed evening. Also, do not forget to stand back and admire the architecture of Bangalore's High Court. Entry Price: Prior permission required Opening Timings: 09: 00 to 17: 00 from Mondays to Fridays

5. Devanahalli Fort - 15th century historical place in Bangalore

This fort is held in high esteem by scholars and historians on account of the fact that the Tiger of Mysore, Tipu Sultan, was born here. Owing to its breathtaking architecture and historical association of great magnitude, tourists flock here in large numbers. Located 35 kilometres north of Bangalore, the fort has rich history attached to it. The fort was originally built by Mallabairegowda in 1501. Later, it was captured by Dalawai in 1747, and then again attacked by Marathas. Finally, it was taken over by Hyder Ali, and eventually, it passed onto his son Tipu Sultan. The entrances to the fort, though small, are richly decorated with plaster work. The Khas.

6. Seshadri Iyer Memorial Hall

One of the major reasons why this memorial hall is at the top of this list is the rich European style construction of this monument. This historical place in Bangalore was constructed by Lord Curzon, the British Viceroy, in honour of the earnestness and hard work of K.Sheshadri Iyer, who had served as Mysore's Dewan for more than 18 years. Located in the central administrative area of Bangalore, Cubbon Park, the building captures special attention for its natural beauty and heritage and the marvellous statue of Sir K. Seshadri Iyer erected here. The building is also home to a majestic library, the State Central Library, which boasts of its gigantic collection of 2.65 lakh books, including proficient collections of books in Braille. Entry fee: Not available Opening timings: 08:30 to 19:30 on all days except Mondays (Closed on the second Tuesday of every month)

7. Attara Kacheri

This two-storey building, whose construction dates back to 1867, was completed under the reign of Tipu Sultan and is currently home to the Karnataka high court. There is an interesting tale that goes behind the construction of this building. Under Tipu Sultan's regime, the offices under the purview of the Revenue and General Secretariat expanded considerably. With no place available inside the palace, the offices were shifted to a new location. The newly constructed building was called Atta Kacheri, which meant 18 departments. Built in the European classical style, this red building boasts of its Gothic style of architecture. The Government Museum here offers an insight into history through its exotic treasure trove of coins, paintings and scriptures. Entry Price: Free Opening Timings: 10: 00 to 17:00 from Mondays to Saturdays

8. Mayo Hall

Lord Mayo, the then fourth Viceroy of India, was assassinated while on an official visit to the Andaman Islands in 1872. Naturally, his assassination had a profound effect all over the country. This led to the construction of multiple memorial institutions, Mayo hall being one of them. Complete with key stoned arches, impeccably executed consoles and intricate cornices, the building is a true beauty. Recently, an island fountain park was built in front of the building to add to the aesthetic appeal of the monument. The development of this historical place in Bangalore was undertaken by the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), a couple of departments of which the hall now houses.

9. Chola Temples

The Chola dynasty, which is an important ruling dynasty in South India, ruled over Bangalore for over a century. Naturally, their influence on the city can be seen in the form of the numerous temples that they built all across the city. The temples are of rich historical significance since they deal with important rulers of history, who pretty much shaped the map of Bangalore. This is why, centuries later, these monuments continue to be studied and observed. The Old Madiwala Someshwara Temple, the Halasuru Someshwara Temple, the Domlur Chokkanathaswamy temple and Sri Ananda Lingeshwara Temple are some such temples, that are more than 1500 years old and boast of the once glorious empire of the Cholas. People on a historical tour of the city definitely should not skip this one, because the amazing architecture and intricate skills that your history book talked about come to life here. Entry Price: Prior permission required Opening Timings: 09: 00 to 17:00 from Mondays to Fridays

10. Halasuru Someshwara Temple

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Located in the suburbs of Halasuru (Ulsoor) in Bangalore, Halasuru Someshwara Temple is dedicated to the Hindu deity Shiva. Dating back to the Chola period, the temple is the oldest in all of Bangalore. Built in around the 12th and the 13th centuries by the Hoysalas, this historical place in Bangalore is now managed and maintained by the Endowment Department of the Karnataka government. However, major modifications and additions to the temple were made during the Vijayanagar empire. Besides the several other notable features of the temple, the most fascinating are the elaborate sculptures of Ravana holding the Kailash Parvat to please Lord Shiva, Goddess Durga slaying Mahishasura (a demon), scenes from the wedding of Lord Shiva and Parvati, images of the Saptarishis etc.

Numerous historical places in Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka make it a top destination for those looking a learn a little bit about the local history. So what are you waiting for?

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