29 Facts About Bangalore That Will Surely Surprise You!

A city bustling with traffic by day, and IT employees by night, Bangalore has earned its title of being the 'Silicon Valley of India'. But, there is so much more to the city! Let's have a look at lesser known facts about Bangalore.

1. Bangalore - A Megacity

Bangalore as a megacity

The city of Bangalore has a population of over 10 million, thus making it the third most populous city amongst essential towns in India and a megacity.

2. A Cool City With High Altitude

High altitude

Bangalore is located at an elevation of 900 m or 3000 ft on the Deccan Plateau, thus making it the city situated at the highest altitude among major cities in India.

3. The Godly City

A temple in Bangalore

With more than a 1000 temples, 400 mosques, 100 churches, three Gurudwaras, two Buddhist viharas and even a fire temple, Bangalore classifies as a diverse city with various cultures and religions coexisting.

4. Historical Founding Stone

Foundation as a fort

A mud fort established by the ruler Kempe Gowda was known to be the foundation of modern-day Bengaluru.

5. Capital city of Karnataka

Karnataka's capital

Bangalore was initially the capital of Mysore State until Karnataka was formed in 1956. Then Bangalore was declared as Karnataka's capital.

6. The Title of Silicon Valley of India

A startup company in Bangalore

Bangalore is called the 'Silicon Valley of India' because of the growing IT sector and startups.

7. The Hub for Headquarters

Wipro Headquarters

The Headquarters of some of India's largest companies such as Wipro, ISRO, Infosys, and HAL are located in Bangalore.

8. A Fast Growing City

The crowd keeps growing

Bangalore is the second fastest-growing major city in India, owing to its diverse demographics.

9. The Hub for Education

IIM Bangalore

Many educational and research institutions like Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Indian Institute of Management (IIM Bangalore), Christ University, etc. are located in Bangalore.

10. The Center For Aerospace


Bangalore is home to many aerospace organisations such as Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, and National Aerospace Laboratories.

11. Lights, Camera, Action!

Film shooting in Bangalore

Bangalore is also home to the vibrant Kannada Film Industry.

12. Interesting Fact About Bangalore's Name

Boiled beans - origin of its name

The etymology of the name Bengaluru dates back to the 12th century, when King Veera Ballala got lost in a forest and was served boiled beans by an old woman he found there - thus naming the place 'Benda - Kal - Ooru' (the land of cooked beans), that changed to Bengaluru over time.

13. The City of Gardens

Lalbagh Gardens

Bangalore was given the title of the City of Gardens, because of the number of well-maintained gardens and parks in the city, for example - Lal Bagh, Cubbon Park, etc.

14. Pub Capital of the Country

Pubs in Bangalore

No one parties, like the people in Bangalore, do. With over 800 pubs and bars, Bangalore is called the Pub Capital of India.

15. Rock Capital of the Country

Metallica in Bangalore

Talking of partying, Bangalore is also well known for its underground music scene, with lots of local bands performing there. The city is also an accessible location for international music festivals and concerts. Hence, it's aptly titled the 'Rock/Metal Capital of India'

16. It's Vegan-friendly!

Vegan food

All animal lovers rejoice, as PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) India called Bangalore India's most vegan-friendly city. It is home to many vegan restaurants.

17. A Festival for Literature

Gulzar at the Bangalore Literature Festival

'Bangalore Literature Festival', inaugurated in 2012, is the city's very own literature festival.

18. An Exhibition of Cartoons

Indian Cartoon Gallery

Bangalore houses India's only Cartoon Gallery that exhibits works by cartoonists across the country. It is organised by the Indian Institute of Cartoonists, in Bangalore.

19. Oldest Radio Club in the country

Radio club

India's oldest Radio Club - Bangalore Amateur Radio Club - was established in this city in 1959.

20. Ample access to the Internet


Owing to a large number of IT companies, Bangalore has the most significant amount of broadband internet connections in the country.

21. Free Wi-Fi across the city


Bangalore was the first city in India to give free access to Wi-Fi (called Namma Wi-Fi). It is paid for by the State Government.

22. Invented Rava Idli

Rava Idli

Lesser known tasty fact about Bangalore - It was the place where the famous South Indian delicacy, Rava Idli was invented.

23. Birthplace of Bangalore Torpedo

Bangalore Torpedo

This explosive was first known to be devised in the city of Bangalore, by Captain R. L. McClintock.

24. First city in India to get Electricity


The first electric street light lit in Asia, was in fact in Bangalore! That's something to be proud.

25. Highest traffic density

Traffic in Bangalore

With a population of over 8 million, and with Bangalore being a Megacity, it's no surprise that the city has the highest traffic density in the country!

26. RK Narayan's Inspiration

RK Narayan

Malleshwaram and Basvanagudi - two popular old areas in Bangalore - inspired the name 'Malgudi' for RK Narayan's famous work 'Malgudi Days'.

27. Most number of Nobel Prize nominees

Sir CV Raman

A fact about Bangalore not known to many - It has the most number of Nobel Prize nominees. CV Raman was one of the most popular nominees of them all.

28. City of Lakes

Ulsoor Lake

Perhaps one of the most infamous facts about Bangalore is that it's also called The City of Lakes, because of the large number of lakes present in the city. There are 25 lakes known to exist in the city.

29. Oldest Rock Formation

Lal Bagh, a favourite tourist spot in  Bangalore, has one of the oldest Rock formations in the country called 'Peninsular Gneiss'. It is made up of rocks that are 3000 million years old and is a Geological monument.

So that's it! That's the city of Bangalore for you. Unique and diverse with a charm of its own, this city is guaranteed to take your breath away!

This post was published by Radha Iyer

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