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There is no fee to watch the parade, however, these views may not be as good as from the paid platforms. The entry tickets to Chingay ranges from SGD 28-SGD 60.

Chingay Parade, Singapore Overview

An annual grand fiesta, the Chingay Parade perfectly captures the essence of Singapore and its beauty of containing diverse communities, all in one festival. Perhaps the largest and most extravagant carnival in the whole of Asia, the Chingay Parade flaunts Singapore's diverse culture through spectacular floats, colourful dancing dragons and marvellous stilt walkers. The Chingay Parade commemorates the Chinese New Year festivities and people across all demographics of Singapore gather to witness this annual gala.

People from foreign lands, who now call Singapore their home, also give their best performances to showcase their traditions and cultures. This absolutely sums up how ethnically diverse Singapore is. Not just this, the Chingay Parade opens its arms to its crowd, especially tourists, so they may also identify with the vibrant, warm and welcoming hospitality of Singaporeans. The parade encourages tourists and visitors to become a part of the extravaganza and feel the energy themselves!

Chingay Parade
The Chingay Elephants (Source)

Origin of Chingay Parade

The Chingay performance was born in China when the Penang Chinese performed it as a street art that required the performers fine balancing at a giant flag of around 30 feet and 60 pounds during diety processions. It gradually took its way to Malaysia as a birthday celebration of the Chinese deities. It took the form of a parade of Goddess Guanyin, also known as the Goddess of Mercy. Its primary purpose was to honour and worship Guanyin. Now, it is not only restricted to China and Malaysia but is celebrated in Singapore too, with all its glory. It has been successful in attracting people of all races and ethnicities, especially the Malays and Indians of Singapore, making it a multiracial performance. This festival has become one of the most monumental and remarkable landmarks with expressive cultural markers.

The first Chingay Parade in Singapore was a result of the 1973 firecracker ban. Since Singaporeans weren't pleased with the ban, the People's Association and the Singapore National Pugilistic Association together, organised a parade from Jalan Besar to Outram Park, that featured the signature floats, lion and dragon dances, stilt walkers and acrobats that impressed the crowd and helped move the attention from the ban to the parade. This predominantly Chinese procession took a multi-cultural turn from the year 1977 after the Malay and Indian communities also contributed their performances in the celebration.

Chingay Parade
Chinatown (Source)

How is it celebrated?

The grandeur of the Chingay Parade knows no bounds. The Parade is a kaleidoscope of multicultural colours and emotions. Featuring host floats, dragons and lions and Wushu masters, the Chingay Parade's standard is only ascending every year. The performances of different communities and cultures are the icing on the cake! With vibrant performances and intriguing costumes, the parade radiates lights in all directions. Street floats are the most favourite part of the audiences, created with intricate details and special attention.

Chingay Parade

Artists from across the globe and invited to showcase their talents during this festival and add their unique essence to it. The participants of the Parade are chosen from various communities across Singapore. The performances are not just of professional artists but also the community leaders and participants. The Chingay Parade encourages inclusion and therefore emphasises on all members of the society to come and take part in the parade. The  parade is designed to conform to a specific theme every year

The Parade takes a 360-degree route to display all its elements to all its guests. As it marches south, the acrobats get into action and amaze the audience, the cultural performers dance their best, floats are in all their glory, the dragon dancers spellbound the public with their majestic,the entire stretch is in another dimension of entertainment with pyrotechnics and lighting, having its viewers awestruck on how breathtaking the Parade is.

Chingay Parade
Artists on the Float at Chingay Parade (Source)

Highlight of Chingay Parade

The main highlight of the Parade are the performances given by different cultural groups. The primary ethnicities bring Chinese, Malay and Tamil, they represent their distinctive cultures in their true sense. The Indian performers showcase their traditional stunts and dances, while the floats portray its cultural history and mythology. This, followed by the Chingay act, for which artists from all over the world fly down to perform. International artists from countries including Malaysia, China, Philippines, France and Brazil give spectacular performances and add to the melting pot. The Chingay Parade has always been welcoming of different nationals performing Chingay. The parade is concluded with a street-after-party until late at night.

Chingay Parade

When is it celebrated - Date and Timings

The Chingay Parade is usually held as per the Chinese New Year and goes on for two days.

Commences after 6:30 PM and ends before midnight.


F1 Pit Building,
1 Republic Blvd, Singapore 038975

To reach Formula One Pit Building through MRT, alight at the Promenade MRT Station, Exit A and your destination is about 8 minutes away from you. To reach here through buses, take any of the 961#, 961#, 75, 77, 171, 960, NR2, NR5, NR7, NR8, 97, 195B and 1N buses and alight at bus stop B02101, you will reach the F1 pit building at a walking distance of 5 minutes.

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