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Green Corridor, Singapore Overview

Singapore's Green Corridor is one of the best walking trails in Singapore, steeped in heritage, nature and sunshine amidst its unimpaired paths. A 26-kilometre stretch of railway line that once used to connect the Malaysian Peninsula to Singapore, the trail has now been revamped to give visitors a taste of the natural vegetation and greenery of the country. While parts of the tracks have been removed to facilitate easy walking, some parts have been kept intact to give hikers a feel of what the track used to be like. Stretching from old Tanjong Pagar Rail Station in the south all the way to the Woodlands Checkpoint in the north, the now-unused line is an uninterrupted stretch of greenery that is used as a jogging track.

Walking through this picturesque trail, also known as the Rail Corridor, takes one down the history lane of the rail heritage of the land. With terrains ranging from gravel, grass, pavement, woodland, secondary forest, and rainforest, the Green Corridor is a wonderfully tranquil location positioned within the bustling urbanopolis of Singapore - the trail is now available on Google Maps too. Visitors can walk, jog, or bike across the Green Corridor and enjoy the stunning Instagram-worthy photo-ops with tunnels, bridges, and abandoned railway tracks. While parts of the corridor are closed for construction and redevelopment, most areas are open to the public - this is a free option to explore the lesser-known sights of the Garden city - there is no sign of urban life in most areas of the trail! A 10 km running route from the Tanjong Pagar Rail Station to the Bukit Timah Rail Station forms the course for the Green Corridor Run, an annual race in Singapore and one of the most anticipated-running events in the city-state. 

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Walking Along the Green Corridor of Singapore

Visitors can download the official Green Corridor map from the official website and navigate their way through the different trails. A walking trail map called ‘The Greenway’ is marked on Google Maps as a green dotted line.
  • We recommend starting the hike from the old bridge near Bukit Timah Road – this ethereal bridge lined by green vines on both sides and the stark railway track is a wonderfully romantic photo-op.
  • The nearby abandoned Bukit Timah Railway is a walk down memory lane, where tourists can learn about the early transportation lines of the Garden City. The tunnel following the station is an adventure in itself.
  • The walk is dotted with interesting relics like old signboards and steel bridges.
  • The untouched jungle along the path gives tourists a new look at Singapore in all its natural glory.
  • Wildlife enthusiasts and bird-watchers are in for a treat, as many birds and mammals endemic to the region can be found here, like the Sunda Pangolin, Greater Racket-tailed Drongo, woodpecker, Sonda Scops owl, crimson sunbird, and the Malayan Sunbeam.

Attractions Along the Green Corridor

Apart from soaking in the gorgeous scenery of the Green Corridor, there are many points of interest along this long, green, heritage stretch through which one can explore Singapore.
  • Kranji War Memorial: This beautiful hillside cemetery honours the fallen men and women of the armed forces of the Commonwealth who laid down their lives for the Battle of Singapore during World War Two.
  • Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve: Singapore’s first ASEAN heritage park that showcases the rich biodiversity typical of wetlands.
  • Bukit Timah Nature Reserve: A massive nature reserve on Singapore’s highest hill, and one of the largest patches of rainforest remaining in the country.
  • Bukit Timah Railway Station: This heritage site was operated by the chief railway operator of Malaysia when the Rail Corridor was operational, now serving as an important site showcasing the rail history of Singapore.
  • Beauty World: The original Beauty World Centre was a popular amusement park opened during the Japanese occupation, converted into a lively market in 1947.
  • World War Two battle sites: The Bukit Timah Railway station and the Truss bridge’s embarkments were the furthest points for the British to reclaim the Bukit Timah hill from the Japanese forces. They had to withdraw to Clementi Road after some struggle.
  • Tanjong Pagar Railway Station: The former grand terminus of the Singapore-Malaysian rail network, this structure now serves as a heritage site and a national monument of Singapore.
  • Telok Blangah Hill Park: A serene hill park covered with charming flowers, secondary forests and the site of Singapore’s highest pedestrian bridge.

How to Reach the Starting Point of Green Corridor

MRT: Since the Green Corridor stretches across the entire country, there are multiple entry points from nearby MRT Stations.
  • Downtown Line to King Albert Park MRT Station
  • Downtown Line to Hillview MRT Station
  • Circle Line to Holland Village MRT Station
  • East-West Line to Commonwealth MRT Station
  • East-West Line or Circle Line to Buona Vista MRT Station
From these stations, follow the signs to the Green Corridor entry points, a short walk away.

Bus: The following buses ply to access points near the Green Corridor. Entry to the corridor is a short walk away.
  • King Albert Park Bus Station: 66, 67, 74, 77, 151, 154, 157, 170, 171, 174, 852, 961, 970
  • Hillview MRT Station:  67, 75, 170, 170A, 171, 176, 178, 184, 961, 961M, 963, 973
  • Holland Village Bus Station: 7, 61, 75, 77, 95, 165, 970, 5N
  • Commonwealth Bus Station: 32, 61, 100, 105, 111, 145, 147, 147e, 196, 198, 970, NR5
  • Buona Vista Bus Station: 74, 91, 92, 95, 191, 196, 198, 200
On foot: The map of the entire Green Corridor can be accessed on the official website. From south to north, the different entry point roads are Stanton Road, Lower Delta Road, Tanglin Halt Road, Commonwealth Avenue West, Jalan Bukit Sedap, Holland Road, Bukit Timah Road, Jalan Bangket, Jalan Bingka, Jalan Anak Bukit, and Rifle Range Road.

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