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Once known as the party capital of India, the party spirit of Kolkata took a hit after several political and women-related crimes in 2010. Popular for the safety of all-night parties, the city soon had an 11 P.M. curfew introduced as a safety measure. However, it is only for so long that you can keep Kolkata away from enjoying itself in the night. Most places have an extended curfew now and Kolkata nightlife is a force to reckon with, again. So let your hair down and paint the town red! If you’re in Kolkata even for the weekend, make sure you don’t miss out on these places after hours.

1) Someplace Else: For the classy ones in Kolkata Nightlife

This is an amazing idea for a classy evening out. This British-style pub is a favorite haunt for Calcuttans. Live music, mostly Western rock, played by bands, great drinks and great finger food! No reason to say no to this one.

Address: The Park Hotel, 17 Park Street.

Phone: 033 2249-9000.


Monday to Thursday - 4 P.M -12 A.M in the night

Friday to Sunday - 4 P.M – 2 A.M in the night

2) Tantra: Best Place in Kolkata at night for Party Lovers

In Kolkata, Tantra is a synonym for partying. Whenever someone says, “Let’s go dancing”, the answer is always Tantra! Plush, upmarket and spread over a sprawling 5000 sq. feet, this is the place to spend Friday and Saturday nights. Have fun, and thank us later!

Address: The Park Hotel, 17 Park Street.

Phone: 033 2249-9000.
Open: Wednesday, Friday and Saturday – 8 P.M – 2 A.M. Thursday, 8 P.M to midnight. Sunday, 5 P.M to midnight. Closed Monday and Tuesday.

3) Underground: For the underground scene of Kolkata

Once a favorite in Kolkata night scene, Underground’s popularity has waned over the years. Themed as London’s Underground railway, this lounge has a lot to offer as far as party-goers are concerned.

Address: Hotel Hindustan International, 235/1 AJC Bose Road.
Phone: 033 2247-2394.

Open: Daily 7 P.M to 1 A.M

4) Balwant Singh Dhaba: For the love of midnight parathas

One has to be an early bird for this one. If you’re done partying early, you could fill your stomach up for the night in this joint. Make sure you try their trademark Doodh Cola in the summers. For the ones with a midnight craving for tea, this is the place to be! The best bet for a meal at Balwant Singh’s is Aloo paranthas. Reasonably priced and irrationally yum, this is something that’ll make you keep coming back to Kolkata time and again.

Address: 10/B, Harish Mukherjee Road, Near Elgin Road Gurudwara, Bhawanipur, Kolkata, West Bengal 700025.
Phone: 09903975361
Open: 7.00 AM to 12.00 AM

5) Shisha Reincarnated: Kolkata Nightlife For the love of Hukkahs!

Originally, Shisha was opened as a hookah bar in 2003. However, it was later revamped and is a full-fledged bar and lounge now. The upmarket appeal is definitely a thumbs up about this place. This is the place to go if you carry the party demon in your soul!

Address: 6th Floor, Ivory Block D, 22 Camac Street, Kolkata.
Phone: 033 2281-1313
Open: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday – 6 P.M – 12 A.M; Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, 6 P.M – 2 A.M.

6) Aqua: For the Lounge Lovers in Kolkata

Another genius addition to the night by the Park Hotel, this poolside lounge may be your calling for a weekend outing different from the every other. Savour the delicious finger foods and sit by the open air pool while the in-house DJ spins some great music. Make sure that you pay this newbie to the Kolkata nightlife a visit!

Phone: 033 40049000, 033 22499000

Address: The Park Hotel, 17 Park Street.

Open: 12 P.M – 12.00 A.M

7) The Bridge – Floatel: For the romantics in Kolkata

This is that place where you can propose to your woman under the stars after a night of partying together in Kolkata. The Floatel, situated in Howrah Jetty, is one of those places where you can snap millions of pictures and get lost in the mesmerizing beauty of Kolkata nightlife. The stars, the river, the beautiful setting will make your heart sing! Let Lionel Richie complete the mood of the evening.

Open: 24 hours

Address: Floatel Hotel, 9/10, Kolkata Jetty, Strand Road, Dalhousie BBD Bagh, Kolkata

Phone: 033 22137777, 033 22137778

8) Nandan: For the love of art and culture

If you’re not a dance or pub person, rather a connoisseur of culture, Nandan could be your calling. Nandan hosts a variety of perfomances like dance, theater and music every night of the week. Every so often, exhibitions are held, which might stoke your interest. Nandan is a movie complex which screens a number of film festivals and films on a daily basis.

Address: 1/1, AJC Bose Road (corner Cathedral Road).

Phone: (33)2223-1210 for Nandan.
Open: Call for timings.

9) The Royal Calcutta Turf Club: For the ghost busters

This one is NOT for the faint of heart! A derby maniac from the British Raj named George Williams had a beautiful white horse called Pride. She was known as the “Queen of the tracks” for her string of wins at the time. However, as she aged, she’d started slowing down. One fine morning, after having lost the Annual Calcutta Derby the previous day, she was found dead on the tracks. Drive to the course on Saturday nights, and you might see the beautiful Pride coursing through the tracks! If you’re one for hauntings, visit the South Park Street Cemetery after hours or Nimtala Burning Ghat on the night of Kali puja. Locals claim that the Goddess of the Night and hundreds of spirits are awakened by the angry chants of the Aghoris on this particular night of the year.

10) Jai Hind Dhaba: For the post-party snacks in Kolkata at Night

Fancy some char-grilled Tandoori chicken at 1 A.M? No problem. Drive or take a cab down to Jai Hind Dhaba in Bhawanipore and treat your taste buds to a lovely surprise! The authenticity of this North Indian food joint, affordable prices, not to mention the 2 A.M closing time make it a wonderful haunt for midnight snacks. Jai Hind is perfect for post-party dinners too!

Open: 11.30 A.M to 2 A.M

Address: 41/1A, Sarat Bose Road, Near Bhawanipur, Kolkata.

Phone: 033 24769033, 033 64178433

If you’re in the city of Joy, make it an affair to remember! After all, the city does have a lot to offer after hours.

Got additions to the list? Add in the comments section below! :)

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