Best Places to visit in September in India

As the month of September approaches, the monsoons are starting to recede giving way to the next season. For all those who couldn’t manage to get out and take a monsoon trip, the rains are still around; make the most of these last showers of the year. Keeping this in mind, we bring you a compilation of some offbeat places for the end of monsoon trips – check out why Kerala would be the place you should go this September and how a small region in Maharashtra can be an exciting destination to explore in this month of September. 


1. Lachen, Sikkim

Lachen, best place in North East for September, best places to visit in september

View of the Himalayan Range from Lachen (Source)

Placed in the lap of the Himalayan ranges, Lachen is a small village comprising of about 150-200 houses, majorly inhabited by the Tibetans and Bhutia tribes. The centuries old Lachen Monastery situated atop the village offers a panoramic view of the town. Challenging trekking trails, lush valleys, serene lakes and secluded landscapes are some of the things that Lachen has to offer. This untouched beauty has only recently been open to tourists has much to offer to both the adventurous and solitude searching souls.


2. Coonoor, Tamil Nadu

Coonoor, top hill-station in South India in September, best places to visit in september

Coonoor (Source)

A relatively unexplored part of the Southern India, Coonoor is a beautiful town in Tamil Nadu that is packed with some exciting mix of attractions. The more than a hundred-year-old Sim’s Park which is a rather unusual botanical garden exhibiting a variety of floral and shrubs, the Lamb’s Rock offers a bird view of the landscape, while the Dolphin’s nose, St Catherine Falls and Hidden Valley are other must see places in Coonoor which makes for an all season destination.

3. Amritsar, Punjab

Golden Temple, Amritsar: place to visit in india in september

The magnificent Golden Temple, Amritsar (Source)

The holy city of Punjab is quite pleasant around this time with occasional showers and full of greenery. The world famous Golden Temple is crowded throughout the year while places like Chand Baori, Durgiana Temple, Akal Takht and the spectacular Wagah Border Ceremony. The Jallianwala Bagh site has much history of the country to not be missed. Visit Amritsar in September before the peak season for holidays begin in October.

4. Shillong, Meghalaya

Shillong: most beautiful place in India to visit in september

Shillong (Source)

Packed with numerous waterfalls, beautiful mountain peaks, vast lakes, museums, zoo and exciting golf courses to boast, this Capital of Meghalaya has something for every kind of traveler. September is an ideal time to visit Shillong when the rains are scarce and adorn the fresh look with the extremely pleasant weather.


5. Bundi, Rajasthan

Place to visit in Rajasthan in September, Best places to visit in September

Bundi Palace (Source)

For over six hundred years, Bundi served as the battleground for wars that took place between the Marathas, British and the Rajputs. Rich in the history replete with palaces, forts, havelis and many such historical sites, Bundi occupies an integral place in the cultural and historical map of Rajasthan. This sta, on the whole, e sees less rainfall and the weather around September is cooler making it an ideal destination to explore some deep-rooted history while enjoying the cool climate of Rajasthan.


6. Kochi, Kerala

Beach to be visited in India in september, Best places to visit in September

Fishing nets at the Kochi Fort (Source)

The otherwise hot and humid climate of Kerala cools down considerably in September. There are numerous sites and attractions in Kerala to see at this time. However, this is the month of their famous festival of Onam. Though it is celebrated throughout the state, Kochi is one of the places where the celebrations and activities are at their best. With its close proximity to the Arabian Sea, one can find the finest natural harbors here with an evident impression of the Colonial period of the state. The fishing activities here are quite a sight to watch.

7. Thirthahalli, Karnataka

best beach in India in September, best places to visit in september in india

Chiballugudde beach, Thirthahalli (Source)

A small town located in the Shimoga district of Karnataka, relatively untouched and unexplored is placed in the midst of some of the famous sites of the state. Offering a quick respite from the mechanical lives, Thirthahalli is the best example of the authentic lifestyle of Karnataka. With comfortable home stays and beautiful places like the Jog Falls, Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary, Elephant Camp, Agumbe around the town, are enough reasons to head to this rejuvenating destination.


8. Khandala, Maharashtra

Khandala : Place near Mumbai in September, best places to visit in september in india

Khandala (Source)

One of the most famous hill stations of Maharashtra, Khandala is a popular choice to spend a weekend enjoying the rains. Even during September, Khandala receives a good amount of rain and for those who have missed the rains so far can rush to this place to enjoy the going away rain amidst mesmerizing mountains and valleys. You can even include its closely located twin Lonavla in your itinerary.


9. Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir

Most beautiful place in September in India, best places to visit in september in india

Srinagar (Source)

Located in the far north of India, the capital of Jammu & Kashmir is often touted to be one of the top 5 hill stations in the country. Blessed with splendid lakes and gardens, Srinagar is a beauty that every eye needs to behold. September being pleasantly cool with light traces of rainfall, is a good time to visit the gentle cover of green that the rains have left behind.


10. Malvan, Maharashtra

beach near mumbai for monsoons in september, best places to visit in september in india

Tarkarli Beach, Malvan (Source)

Complete with beautiful beaches, dense vegetation lining the coastal areas of the Konkan belt, Malvan is one of the traditionally intact pockets of Maharashtra. Famous in the state for its delicious Malvani cuisine and its impressive culture, Malvan is a small fair in itself. Apart from major attractions like the Tarkarli beach and the Sindhudurg Fort, Malvan also has grand celebrations for Ganeshotsav which happens during the end of August and early September.


11. Bhedaghat, Madhya Pradesh

bedaghat, best places to visit in september in india

Marble Rock Deposits at Bhedaghat (source)

Located at a mere 20km from the city of Jabalpur, the gorges of Bhedaghat are one of a kind. Famed the world over for its marble rock formations carved by the mighty Narmada, Bhedaghat is full of raw natural beauty. This place has also been used as a shooting location for the Bollywood movie Ashoka. The meandering river, giant rock faces and nearby Dhuandhar fall and Chausath Yogini temple (dedicated to Goddess Durga) make for a great visual treat, especially on a moonlit night. Mark your calendars and head out this September!

12. Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh

Ziro Music Festival , best places to visit in september in india

People breaking into impromptu dance at Ziro Music Festival (source)

Easily the most charming destination in Arunachal Pradesh, the quaint little town of Ziro is like a breath of fresh air. Blessed with pine covered hills and undulating rice fields, this picture postcard town has mild weather throughout the year. Although quite offbeat, this place comes alive in September and hosts the amazing Ziro Music Festival that draws an assortment of music aficionados to it’s serene outdoors. The festival is slated from September 28 to October 1, 2017. Book your tickets now!

Here is a list of Music Festivals In India

13. Dooars, West Bengal

Tea gardens in dooars, best places to visit in september in india

Tea gardens in Dooars (source)

‘Dooars’ literally means ‘door’ or ‘gateway’ for being the gateway to the neighbouring country of Bhutan. Bound on the east by river Teesta and on the west by river Sankoshi, these floodplains are a must visit during September. Home to the Mahanada and Champari Wildlife Sanctuaries, Dooars is abundantly rich in flora and fauna. Its untouched beauty must be experienced and there’s no better time than September.


14. Bhimtal, Uttarakhand

Bhimtal Lake , best places to visit in september in india

Bhimtal Lake (Source)

Bhimtal is the lesser known cousin of the famed Nainital but equally beautiful and serene. Named after the mighty warrior Bhima from Mahabharata (tal means lake), this pristine blue lake is surrounded by soaring mountain, lush green forest and beautiful temples on all sides. Boat rides a must with the option of getting to the Bhimtal island located in the middle of the lake which has an aquarium with an exotic variety of fish. An amazing offbeat option to visit in September.

15. Valley Of Flowers


The Valley of Flowers is located in the Garhwal region of Uttrakhand. Being a snow-clad valley almost throughout the year, the best time to visit the place is between June-September. It is a World Heritage Site with a large variety of endemic alpine flowers such as golden lily, waterfalls and streams.

16. Lakshadweep Islands

Lakshwadeep is one of the most exotic islands and beach destinations in India. It is perfect for an adventure as well as a relaxing beach vacation.Weather remains pleasant throughout the year except for monsoons.

Overall, September is a great time to visit various places in India. It is at a time when the temperatures have gone down with summers almost gone. The rains have reduced compared to July and August and the winters have not arrived yet. With autumn and winters, the peak season of travelling in India begins, which typically coincides with October. Hence, September is perfect to travel as it is just before the peak season, which means lesser prices and less crowded places and also lesser temperatures and fewer rains.

Are you planning a trip in September? Let us know in comments where you are headed!


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