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Places To Visit In Ziro

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1. Tarin Fish Farm

Tarin Fish Farm
Top Attraction 3.6 /5

3 km
from city center
1 out of 9
Places To Visit in Ziro

Tarin Fish Farm, nestled within Bulla village, stands as a prominent attraction in Ziro, inhabited by the Apatani tribes. This farm offers a unique spectacle, showcasing the traditional Apatani farming practice of cultivating two varieties of rice, Mipya and Emoh, alongside a breed of fish called Ngihi. Spanning across 7.4 hectares, the farm was established under the North Eastern Council (NEC) in 1985-86, embodying the rich agricultural heritage of the region.

2. Kile Pakho

Kile Pakho
3.2 /5

6 km
from city center
2 out of 9
Places To Visit in Ziro

Kile Pakho, located in Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh, is a popular tourist destination known for its stunning natural beauty and panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes. Situated approximately 7 kilometers from the main town of Ziro, Kile Pakho is a hilltop vantage point that offers visitors a mesmerizing vista of the lush green valleys, terraced rice fields, and rolling hills of the Ziro Valley.

3. Ziro Music Festival

Ziro Music Festival

3 out of 9
Places To Visit in Ziro

The most happening music festival in the laps of the green valley of Arunachal Pradesh, the Ziro Music Festival is an outdoor music festival that showcases the talent of independent artists in India. This festival brings together the most significant musical talents of India and a diverse audience to witness it. Ziro Music Festival is an amalgam of vibrant culture, music, and art. Initiated in 2012, by Bobby Hano and Menwhopause guitarist Anup Kutty spans over four days and is hosted by the members of the Apatani tribe in Ziro.

4. Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary
3.2 /5

4 km
from city center
4 out of 9
Places To Visit in Ziro

Highlights: Birdwatching, Trekking

Nestled amidst the lush greenery of Arunachal Pradesh, Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary stands as a pristine natural gem, offering visitors an enchanting retreat into the heart of biodiversity. Spread over an area of approximately 337 square kilometers, this sanctuary is renowned for its rich flora and fauna, captivating landscapes, and serene ambiance.

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5. Meghna Cave Temple

Meghna Cave Temple
3.2 /5

2 km
from city center
5 out of 9
Places To Visit in Ziro

Highlights: Maha Shiv Rathri

Situated amidst the picturesque valleys of Arunachal Pradesh's Ziro, Meghna Cave Temple stands as a serene sanctuary for worshipers. Dedicated to Lord Lakulisha, the 28th embodiment of Lord Shiva, this ancient temple boasts detailed carvings of Sanskrit scriptures and remarkable architecture, captivating visitors with its spiritual aura. Dating back 5000 years, the temple was discovered in 1962, drawing pilgrims from far and wide to embark on a sacred journey.

6. Shiv Linga

Shiv Linga
3.7 /5

8 km
from city center
6 out of 9
Places To Visit in Ziro

Located in the picturesque Ziro Valley of Arunachal Pradesh, the Shiv Linga stands as a remarkable natural wonder. This self-made formation, adorned with a naturally occurring garland of Sfatic, boasts impressive dimensions of 25 feet in length and 22 feet in width. Ziro itself is a charming town nestled at an altitude of 5754 feet above sea level, offering stunning vistas of the surrounding Apatani plateau.

7. Trekking in Dolo Mando

Trekking in Dolo Mando
3.2 /5

2 km
from city center
7 out of 9
Places To Visit in Ziro

Perched atop a hill in the quaint old town of Hija in Ziro Valley, Arunachal Pradesh, Dolo Mando beckons adventurers and nature enthusiasts alike. Offering a mesmerizing vista of the Ziro Valley below, adorned with verdant rice fields and meandering rivers, this trekking destination promises a serene escape into nature's embrace. The trek to Dolo Mando, spanning approximately 2-3 hours, is relatively gentle, making it accessible to visitors of varying fitness levels.

8. Pine Grove

Pine Grove
3.2 /5

36 km
from city center
8 out of 9
Places To Visit in Ziro

Pine Grove, affectionately known as Myolyang, is a picturesque retreat located a mere 3 kilometers from Old Ziro town in Arunachal Pradesh. Renowned as a favored picnic spot, Pine Grove enchants visitors with its serene ambiance and stunning scenery. The grove is adorned with majestic pine trees, creating a captivating landscape that attracts photographers and nature enthusiasts alike. Offering a perfect setting for a day outing, Pine Grove provides ample opportunities for relaxation and leisure amidst nature's splendor.

9. Trekking in Midey

Trekking in Midey
3.2 /5

0 km
from city center
9 out of 9
Places To Visit in Ziro

Midey, located in the scenic Ziro Valley of Arunachal Pradesh, is famed for its towering pine trees and captivating landscapes. It offers thrilling trekking opportunities amidst dense bamboo groves, making it a haven for adventure enthusiasts. Accessible only by trekking, Midey promises a memorable experience immersed in the serene beauty of nature, with its rugged terrain and breathtaking vistas ensuring an unforgettable adventure for all.

FAQs on Ziro

What are the top sightseeing places in Ziro?

The top sightseeing places in Ziro are Tarin Fish Farm - Paddy cultivation, Kile Pakho, Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, Meghna Cave Temple, Shiv Linga, Dolo Mando - Trekking.

How much does a package cost for Ziro?

The packages for Ziro start at INR 6000 which can be further customized based on number of people, days, hotel category, vehicle type and customizations. You can have a look at all packages here

How can I commute within Ziro?

It is possible to hire a rickshaw for nearby tourist spots. Hiring a taxi (Tata Sumo) is the most preferred and by far the safest option.
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Can you suggest an itinerary for Ziro?

Ziro can be explored in 1 or 2 days. You can hire taxis to roam around the city and to visit the nearby places you can hire rickshaws. You can start your day by visiting the Talley Valley wildlife sanctuary, early in the morning. You can then follow it up by visiting the pine and the bamboo groves. On the same day, you can see the Tipi orchid research centre. The weather in Ziro is very pleasant, so you can travel the entire day. It becomes dark in Arunachal Pradesh very early so try rounding off things before 4:00 PM.  You can trek to the Kile Pakho and also the Meghna Cave temple.

On the second day, you can visit the Tarin Fish farm, which is 200 km from the city. Your entire day will be spent in travelling. By the evening you can have a look at the local market for authentic cuisine and the traditional clothes.  It is better if you hire a taxi and explain the driver the places you want to visit. You can either give them your itinerary or you can travel according to their plan. However, specify the places that you want to visit, as they might neglect them if they are too far from the city.
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