"Beaches, Sunsets and Crazy Nights"

Goa Tourism

When you think of Goa, you think of sandy beaches, amazing parties, beautiful little villages, delicious food, and a magical holiday experience. Yes, Goa is rightfully known as the most popular tourist destination on the West Coast of India, and not just because of its scenic beaches, but also because of its tropical climate and its rich Portuguese heritage, which you can still find lingering on in some parts of the town. Nestled in the Konkan Coast Belt, Goa has a coastline stretching for over a 100 kilometres, and attracts millions of visitors both from within and outside the country all year round.

Goa is one such holiday destination which has something to offer to every traveller, regardless of budget and travel tastes, which is a reason why Goa is as much of a family retreat as it is a very popular honeymoon destination. The multitude of beaches in Goa ensures that you can take your pick depending on whether you want to experience the posh beach life from balconies of luxury resorts or get in touch with nature in makeshift huts. Some of the best beaches in Goa include Agonda beach, Baga Beach and Candolim Beach. Calangute Beach is the busiest beach in Goa, while Baga Beach is comparatively a lot less crowded. 

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Goa Reviews

2 months ago by Arushi Gorsi

If there is one thing I have learn about Goa from my multiple visits to the place, it is that it is for everybody. The first time I went to Goa, I focused on exploring the place during the peak season. Goa is quite different from the rest of the country- with its leniency when it comes to etiquettes and just a relaxed and easy-going personality. The churches are breathtakingly beautiful. I especially enjoyed looking at the churches that were in ruins. These churches have so many stories to tell you. Apart from the churches, I visited the spice garden, which was a thrill as its always nice to be that close to nature, to see what you eat in its rawest form. Finally, coming to the beaches, they definitely and for good reason are the main attraction of Goa. There are quiet and peaceful beaches and then there are beaches with a lot of life. You can choose whatever you like and nothing will disappoint you. After my first visit, I went to Goa only for the beaches. I would stay at a beach resort or a beach cottage, someplace cheap, as a student's pocket would allow, and spend most of my time alternating between basking in the sun and swimming in the ocean. A bonus is that the alcohol is really cheap.

2 months ago by Brahmani Keni

I have been to Goa number of times that I do not even remember and will keep going because it is my best chilling time and pocket friendly getaway. The best beach that can be visited at any time of the year is the Baga Beach. Baga beach has variety of mouth watering sea foods along with local drinks and foot tapping music which is paradise for any millennial. The Arambol beach is less known but more famous for family and budget vacations.

2 months ago by Ishita Solanki

We went to Goa by train from Manipal. The weather was amazing throughout the trip. We first went to Fort Aguada, which was some ruins on the edge of the cliff with a majestic view of the sea. Next was Baga beach, where there were a plethora of options for delectable food and refreshing drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), served in shacks. There were many flea markets in the vicinity selling hats, necklaces, seashells, and a lot more. There was also some live music, which gave a nice vibe to the entire place. This was only a small part (North Goa). But we realised one thing: there is much, much more to Goa than the nightlife it is synonymous with.

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Holidify's Opinion

  What's Great?

Beautiful beaches and scenery. Get a first hand taste of Portuguese culture and architecture. Amazing nightlife. Frequent music concerts.

  What's not so Great?

In the peak seasons, Goa can be very crowded. Can be expensive. Summers could be extreme.

For Whom

The Party Capital of India, Goa is for anyone who wishes to take a break from their routine life and relax by the beach. From youngsters, spinsters, bachelors, honeymooners to working adults - everyone gets their share of fun at Goa.

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  • Treebo Martins Siesta

    INR 1,500 /night onwards

  • OYO 9168 Home 2 BHK Calangute Beach View

    INR 2,312 /night onwards

  • Resort Coqueiral

    INR 3,390 /night onwards

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North and South Goa

The north and south of Goa have radically different personalities. North Goa is where one can find authentic eateries, markets and parties whereas in South Goa one can find luxurious resorts and serene, private beaches.

What Makes Goa An Amazing Tourist Destination

If adventure activities are what you’re looking for, Goa has ample opportunities for you to explore the waters of this town whichever you want to. Regardless of whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced adventure enthusiast, a few of the adventure sports you can take a pick from include wakeboarding, kayaking, scuba diving, snorkelling and white-water rafting.

The other big thing in Goa is its nightlife, which is a critical aspect of Goa’s tourism. The juxtaposition of beaches and parties is the focal point of Goa’s nightlife and keeps drawing tourists year after year. Numerous bars and pubs are dotting the stretches along the beach in Goa, accompanied by food stalls and souvenir shops; you might even find a tattoo shop or two!

Shopping in Goa is one activity that every tourist loves to indulge in. Goa has plenty of flea markets and boutiques scattered all across the town, all of which offer great bargains on every item sold – ranging from beachwear to shell work to junk jewellery and hippie clothing.

Goa’s cuisine is a very famous draw, and tourists have the option of choosing between western restaurants and traditional eateries. Goa is famous for its locally made chilled beers (which are a lot cheaper compared to other states in the country), so you can taste the best of Goa without having to compromise on either quality or quantity.

Nightlife of Goa

Right by the sea lies the Party Capital of India - Goa. It is the perfect getaway for a short but fulfilling break from the monotony of our daily lives. To complete your experience, Goa offers an extremely exciting nightlife with pubs, casinos and affordable beer. People throng for its insane nightlife. From beachside bars to crazy discotheques, Goa is always ready to treat you with its lively vibes. 

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Best Time for Adventure Seekers

The combination of its sandy beaches, scenic water bodies and availability of a range of adventure sports makes Goa the ultimate destination for any adventure enthusiast. The peak season (December and January) is a great time in Goa for anyone, and everyone – the weather is excellent, the waters are calm, and all facilities are available! With warm days and cold nights, these months are ideal for any outdoor activities, from trekking and sightseeing to water sports.
The monsoon season is an alternative for those adventure seekers who are on a tight budget.

Nature is at its full bloom in Goa from June to September, and one can enjoy outdoor activities like trekking, hiking and white river rafting at this time. Be sure to spend time at Goa’s many wildlife sanctuaries, parks, waterfalls, landscapes and beaches to make the most of the monsoon.

For water sports enthusiasts, a great time to visit Goa is from October to May. These months experience cool and calm waters and cloudless skies. Some favourite activities are scuba diving, parasailing, dinghy sailing, swimming, jet skiing and banana boat riding.

Best Time for Honeymooners

With its beautiful beaches, olden Portuguese buildings, luxury resorts and more, Goa is all the rage among newly wedded couples as a honeymoon destination. Although November to February is the best time to visit Goa, any time between October to April is excellent for a honeymoon, if you wish to avoid the peak season.


If you choose to visit Goa during the summer, be sure to take special care of your skin. The heat can cause sunburns and heat strokes for many, and it is best to stay indoors or out of direct sunlight during the afternoons. Using sunscreen is also advisable. If you plan your trip during the monsoon, make sure to keep all your electronic devices charged, in case of power outages. In case you are planning to visit Goa during the peak season, then be sure to book your tickets and hotels in advance, before they get fully booked.

Beaches of Goa

Goa beaches are famous across the country and it is the place associated most with beautiful beaches and with so many of these out there, read this guide to get down to the 35 best beaches in Goa!

History of Goa

Goa, in the Hindu Scriptures, has been named as Gomanta which means the region of cows. It is believed that Parashurama, the sixth reincarnation of Lord Vishnu was the creator of the Goan region. A legend says that he along with ten sages had performed fire sacrifices in the lands of Goa. The gist of Sanskritisation in Goa's culture is said to be originated with the settlement of Parashurama and the sages from North following whom the people of Goa carry Brahminical hegemony. Walking down the lane of its History we come across another legend according to which Goa is considered sacred for its spiritually cleansing touch.

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Culture of Goa

The Portuguese ruled Goa for over 450 years before being colonised by the British. Thus, a lot of the Goan architecture and culture has hints of Portugal. There are many beautiful churches such as Se Cathedral, Basilica of Bom Jesus, Church of St. Frances of Assisi and Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church. The bell in the Immaculate Conception Church is the World's Second Largest bell and this building served as a lighthouse for sailors in the past. Apart from these, there are also magnificent forts such as the Regis Magos Fort.

Goa is also known as the 'Rome of the East' and is graced by travellers throughout the world. This place is considered to be one of the most westernized states in India. The people natives of this place are known as ‘Goans’ and the language spoken here is Konkani. The Konkani dialect is influenced greatly by the Portuguese vocabulary as Goa was a former Portuguese colony. The Portuguese influence also shows greatly in the architecture that exists in Goa today. As this state was reined by many ethnicities throughout its history, traditions and festivals from all religions are respected and celebrated. New Years in Goa is a big thing and are celebrated on a huge scale.

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If spent wisely Goa is not a costly place to visit. There are hotels which offer rooms at INR 200 per night basis whereas other up-market hotels offer rooms for INR 2,000-10,000. Goa will cost you INR 7000 (inclusive of food and exclusive of water sports) per person for a week if you choose Budget and Mid-range hotels. At times travellers wish to stay for a longer period of time and hence a long stay might cost you INR 3500-8000 per month, depending on the location.


Day 1 - Arrive at Goa and hire a bike, scooter or a car to visit Baga Beach and Calangute Beach. Indulge yourself in water sports like Parasailing and Jet Ski. Have lunch at Brittos. End the day with dinner at Mambo's or with a party in Tito's.
Day 2 - Get up early in the morning and visit Fort Aguada and Fort Chhapora followed by Chhapora Beach. In the afternoon visit the churches - Basilica of Bom Jesus and Lady of Immaculate Conception. End the day with a party at Club Cabana.
Day 3 - Take a road trip to up North. Visit Morjim, Arambol Beach and Candolim Beach.
Spend the evening in Casino Cruise ship at Panjim Jetty. You may visit Dona Paula or Miramar before the cruise.
Day 4 - You can spend the day visiting Panjim on your day of return. Take a walk through the streets enjoying the colonial architecture.

Goa is home to everything refreshing, zesty, exotic and colourful. And this includes Goan food. The food here is a blend of Konkani, Hindu, Portuguese and Catholic cuisines, providing wide and vibrant choices. Seafood, coconut milk, rice and local spices are the main elements of Goan cuisine and fish, curry and rice form the staple food. Goan food with its unique combination of coconut, rice, and spices form a rich Portuguese as well as South Indian cuisine. 

Seafood like prawns, lobsters, crabs, pomfret fish, clams, ladyfish, mussels, and oysters is used to make a variety of curries, fries, soups and pickles. Fish curry, fried fish, fish cutlets are just some of the items that you must savour in Goa.

Goa also offers a variety of options to vegetarians, however, don't expect a lot from it.

Making your food hunt easier here are some famous restaurants which you may visit -

Beach Shacks 
Thalassa for Greek Salads and Grills, La Plage for French Mediterranean Cuisine, Brittos, a plethora of Seafood and Multi-Cuisine, Souza Lobo for Goan Seafood dishes

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Waves for Seafood and Italian Cuisine, Zeebop for Goan and North-Indian Cuisine, Home for European Cuisine, Smugglers Inn for British Cuisine, Bean Me Up for American, and Kamaxi Hotel for Goan food

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