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Ziro Tourism

Located in the picturesque state of Arunachal Pradesh, Ziro is a tranquil valley town renowned for its stunning landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and vibrant festivals. Situated approximately 115 kilometers from the capital city of Itanagar, Ziro captivates visitors with its lush greenery, sprawling rice fields, and mist-covered hills. The key allure of Ziro lies in its unique blend of natural beauty and indigenous culture, making it a must-visit destination for nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts, and cultural aficionados alike.

Ziro Valley is famous for its scenic beauty, offering breathtaking views of terraced rice fields, dense forests, and meandering rivers. The valley is also home to the Apatani tribe, known for their distinctive cultural practices, including the preservation of ancient traditions and rituals. Visitors can immerse themselves in the local way of life by exploring traditional villages, interacting with friendly locals, and participating in indigenous festivals such as the Ziro Festival of Music, which celebrates music, art, and culture against the backdrop of the stunning valley scenery.

Apart from its cultural significance, Ziro offers a range of outdoor activities for adventure seekers, including trekking, hiking, and birdwatching. The region is dotted with numerous trekking trails that lead to panoramic viewpoints, hidden waterfalls, and remote villages, providing adventurers with an opportunity to explore the pristine wilderness of the Eastern Himalayas. Additionally, birdwatching enthusiasts can spot a variety of avian species in the verdant forests surrounding Ziro, including rare and endemic birds such as the Himalayan Monal and the Spotted Wren-babbler at Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary. 

Ziro is also renowned for its delectable cuisine, featuring a variety of traditional dishes made from locally sourced ingredients such as bamboo shoots, smoked meat, and aromatic herbs. Visitors can savor authentic Apatani cuisine at local eateries and roadside stalls, experiencing the flavors of the region firsthand. With its breathtaking scenery, vibrant culture, and abundant outdoor activities, Ziro offers a truly immersive travel experience that promises to leave a lasting impression on every visitor.

Must Know Before You Travel to Ziro

Pre-Booking Advised: Pre-booking accommodations is recommended, especially during the Ziro Music Festival or peak tourist seasons, to ensure availability.
Inner Line Permit (ILP) and Protected Area Permit (PAP): Foreigners require a Protected Area Permit (PAP), while Indian citizens need an Inner Line Permit (ILP) to enter Arunachal Pradesh, including Ziro. Ensure you obtain the appropriate permit before your visit to comply with entry regulations.Read more on Inner Line Permits

Attraction Closure Days:
Some attractions in Ziro, such as Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, may have specific closure days. Check schedules in advance to plan your visit accordingly.
Limited Transport Options: Ziro may have limited transport options connecting it to other parts of Arunachal Pradesh. Plan your transportation carefully, considering road conditions and availability.
Festivals: Plan your trip around festivals like the Ziro Music Festival, which may offer unique cultural experiences.
Cash Dependency: ATMs may be scarce; carry sufficient cash, preferably in Indian Rupees, as card payments may not be accepted everywhere.

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Must Haves from Ziro

The tribe of Ziro is known for its colourful and vibrant clothes. If you get time try shopping for beautiful clothes to add to your collection. Ziro is famous for bamboo items, like bamboo baskets, Apatani handlooms and locally made handicraft items. Also worth buying in Ziro are colourful rugs, scarves and jackets. 

Suggested Itinerary for Ziro

Ziro can be explored in 1 or 2 days. You can hire taxis to roam around the city and to visit the nearby places you can hire rickshaws. You can start your day by visiting the Talley Valley wildlife sanctuary, early in the morning. You can then follow it up by visiting the pine and the bamboo groves. On the same day, you can see the Tipi orchid research centre. The weather in Ziro is very pleasant, so you can travel the entire day. It becomes dark in Arunachal Pradesh very early so try rounding off things before 4:00 PM.  You can trek to the Kile Pakho and also the Meghna Cave temple.

On the second day, you can visit the Tarin Fish farm, which is 200 km from the city. Your entire day will be spent in travelling. By the evening you can have a look at the local market for authentic cuisine and the traditional clothes.  It is better if you hire a taxi and explain the driver the places you want to visit. You can either give them your itinerary or you can travel according to their plan. However, specify the places that you want to visit, as they might neglect them if they are too far from the city.

Best Time to Visit Ziro

How to Reach Ziro

How to Reach Overview

Tezpur airport is the closest airport and it is 280 km from Ziro. Ziro itself does not have an airport nor a railway station.

How to reach Ziro by flight

Tezpur airport is the closest airport and it is 280 km from Ziro. There are no direct flights from Delhi or Kolkata to Tezpur and take a lot of time to reach. Most of the flights are via Guwahati. You can book a flight till Guwahati as it is connected to all the major cities. From Guwahati, you can hire a taxi till Ziro and continue with the same taxi to explore the city. There are many government and private taxis from Guwahati to Arunachal Pradesh. These taxis have a fixed rate and charge you according to the vehicle hired and the number of kilometres.

How to reach Ziro by road

Your safest option is to hire a taxi from Guwahati or Jorhat. Guwahati is 470 km from Ziro and it takes 7 hrs to travel. The road condition is good and it covers NH27 and NH15. You can also take a flight from Guwahati to Lilabari and from there you can take a taxi till Ziro. Government buses are also available but they are not very comfortable. It is best if you hire taxis. The roads are nice and have immense scenic beauty to offer. State Government run buses are available to Ziro from Itanagar, the state capital. These buses depart every day and are reasonable and cost between INR 100 to 200. 

How to reach Ziro by train

There are daily trains from Guwahati to Kathal Pukhuri costing around INR 750-1100. It takes 8 hrs to reach Kathal Pukhuri. From there you can hire a taxi till Ziro. Ziro doesn’t have a railway station. Trains are also available from Tezpur. 

Local transport in Ziro

It is possible to hire a rickshaw for nearby tourist spots. Hiring a taxi (Tata Sumo) is the most preferred and by far the safest option.

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Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh
Tarin Fish Farm - Paddy cultivation
Shiv Linga

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FAQs on Ziro

What are the places near Ziro?

The top places near to Ziro are Itanagar which is 55 km from Ziro, Lilabari which is located 39 km from Ziro, Dhemaji which is located 73 km from Ziro, Kaziranga national park which is located 110 km from Ziro, Daporijo which is located 63 km from Ziro

What are the things to do in Ziro?

The top things to do in Ziro are Tarin Fish Farm - Paddy cultivation, Kile Pakho, Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, Meghna Cave Temple, Shiv Linga, Dolo Mando - Trekking. You can see all the places to visit in Ziro here

How much does a package cost for Ziro?

The packages for Ziro start at INR 6000 which can be further customized based on number of people, days, hotel category, vehicle type and customizations. You can have a look at all packages here

What is the best way to reach Ziro?

Tezpur airport is the closest airport and it is 280 km from Ziro. Ziro itself does not have an airport nor a railway station.

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What is the local food in Ziro?

Restaurants of various hotels and resorts are recommended. Avoid local street shops. Rats are a delicacy in Ziro. Local cuisine is typically Tibetan.
You should try out the Momo (dumplings filled with vegetables or boiled pork or meat), Thukpa (a soup made of vegetables, minced meat and noodles), Zan (a dish made of millets and had with vegetables or meat and fermented cheese), Khura (a type of pancake) had with tea, Gyapa Khazi ( kind of rice pulao with fermented cheese, shrimp or dried fish and other spices).
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What is the best time to visit Ziro?

Ziro experiences pleasant weather throughout the year and you can plan your trip here any time of the year. The best time to visit Ziro is from March to October. During the summer season, Ziro becomes a perfect retreat to get away from the torrid heat of nearby cities. The lush greenery with clear blue skies makes the entire place look picturesque and magical. Spotting bird and animals is sure to excite anyone who visits Ziro. Another ideal time to visit Ziro is in Early Winters from October to November when the valley is enveloped in snow. However, the months from late November to January experiences firgid temperatures as low as -13 degree celcius; hence must be avoided. Monsoon is yet another beautiful season to visit Ziro welcoming you with variagated valleys and beautiful weather.
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Who should visit Ziro?

Ziro is a very beautiful place. It can be an ideal destination for families. Corporate and working people can come here on tours for adventure activities like trekking. It is also an ideal spot for artists as they can work here peacefully and also get influenced by the rich and beautiful culture. It is an ideal destination for anybody and everybody who wants to explore the unexplored Arunachal Pradesh. 

What is not so good about Ziro?

It is difficult to reach Ziro. There are no direct flights or trains to Ziro. The food and water can also prove to be an issue for some people. Try drinking only bottled water, and eating food from clean and hygienic places.

What is famous about Ziro?

This beautiful hill station is full of lush green forest, rivulets and is famous for its paddy cum pisciculture cultivation. People are very helpful and know how to speak Hindi and English.

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Q. Are there pure veg restaurants in Ziro?


6 years ago
There is a Hotel Banjamin on the National Highway, Naharlagun which serves veg food.
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5 years ago
It is awesome...it looks like very realistic. At the first time i have to feel that something must be on earth and he must be BHOLE. So if anyone have a tour from AP. ASSAM...MEGHALAYA or any in east (Read More)ern...please visit this place. Thank you.


6 years ago
Wow. Just wonderful. The lush greenery all around, mesmerized you. If you are planning to visit Arunachal then keep two nights aside exclusively for Ziro. One night to reach there and another to expe (Read More)rience the Ziro inside you. Highly recommended to all avid nature lovers. You'll certainly remember Ziro for so many years

Rohit Shroff

6 years ago
- Carry proper woolens for the destination. Evenings and early mornings can get quite chilly.
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