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Ajanta and Ellora Caves

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Ideal duration: 1-2 days

Best time: Jun-Mar (Read More)

Nearest Airport: Aurangabad (Check Flights)


"The World Heritage Caves"

Ajanta and Ellora Caves Tourism

Ajanta and Ellora caves are considered to be one of the most important tourist destinations in the world owing to the magnificent paintings of Ajanta and well-carved sculptures of Ellora. The rock-cut caves containing carvings are the finest example of Indian paintings and sculpture.

For those who love to travel the past to get a panorama of life in ancient India, Ajanta and Ellora caves by the river Waghora, are the best sites to visit. Adorned with beautiful sculptures, paintings and frescoes Ajanta and Ellora caves are an amalgamation of Buddhist, Jain and Hindu monuments as the complex includes both Buddhist monasteries as well as Hindu and Jain temples. They are the queen of Sahyadri hills buried by thick forests all around. The greenery that surrounds the caves keeps the atmosphere pleasant and fresh. This visit will induce a sense of discovery, a discovery of the self, and of the divine.


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  • Hotel Lotus

    INR 2,000 /night onwards

  • Ellora Heritage Resort

    INR 3,442 /night onwards

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More on Ajanta and Ellora Caves

The paintings and sculptures dating back to the beginning of the era of classical Indian art. They are sought to be one of the most beautiful caves in India. The mesmerising charm of the caves takes us back to 2nd Century BC and 6th Century AD. They are a marvellous piece of art in Indian history. Ajanta caves comprise of 30 rock-cut Buddhist cave monuments. The caves portray the Buddhist culture and stories expressed in the form of numerous sculpture and paintings. They also relate to the popular Jataka Tales. The basic design and layout of the caves are called Chaityagrihas and Viharas.

Ellora is one of the largest rock-cut monastery temple caves. It has the largest single monolithic rock-cut temple in the world, popularly knows as the Kailash temple. The 12 large caves mainly comprise of Viharas (monasteries). It constitutes of various shrines of Budha of Bodhisattva Saints. The most famous cave is called the Chaitya Hall or Carpenter's Cave. In the centre of this cave is a massive 15 feet tall Budha Statue. Visiting Ajanta and Ellora is like travelling back in time. It will leave you spellbound.

The cuisine of Aurangabad exudes the flavour of North India and Hyderabadi cuisine as the city of Aurangabad was ruled by the Mughals and the Nizams. Those who love to gorge on delightful dishes can eat to their heart?s content and take back the memories and aroma of famous flavoured Nawabi biriyanii or the aromatic pulao. Being a Muslim predominated area, this place is a food lover?s delight, especially for non-vegetarians. Kebabs are another specialty.

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To explore both Ajanta and Ellora caves in one day, which is quite challenging and unfeasible, start early in the morning and visit Ajanta caves in the first half of the day and keep the other half of the day for Ellora caves. There is a luxury bus tour departing daily (except Tuesdays) at 9:30 AM from the MTDC office on Railway Station Road. In addition to Ellora, the tour also includes several famous sites in Aurangabad.

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Ajanta and Ellora Caves Reviews

3 months ago by Kovid Kapoor

Visiting these caves should ideally be a two day trip. It takes around 6 hours by road from Mumbai, after which exploring the caves (and all the walking involved in between) can get tiring. The paintings of Ajanta and sculptures of Ellora used to be marvellous many years ago, and they still retain this beauty, but they seem to have deteriorated in terms of maintenance. However, it remains a must-visit destination for its beautiful illustrations and reminder of a regal Indian era. I would advise avoiding visits in the summer because the caves become incredibly hot and it is hard to enjoy the experience. Instead, come in the later months of the year from August and September onwards.

3 months ago by Aashimi Bhatia

- Ajanta caves face the east so visit them in the first half of the day as there is no light inside by the evening.- Ellora caves face the west so visit them in the second half of the day.- This trip has to be well planned. Covering Ajanta and Ellora caves in one day is very very difficult considering the distance and walking to do. Best is schedule 2-3 days.- Don't go to the corners of the caves as there are lots of bats.- Keep a torch with you when you visit the caves.

2 months ago by Harsha D N

It is one of the Jothirlinga. It is a Holy place. You can touch the Jothirlinga and pray to God.

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Holidify's Opinion

  What's Great?

The beautiful sculptures and painting from the bygone era. Depicts the rich heritage and culture of India.

  What's not so Great?

Cannot be visited all year round because of the extreme temperature during summer time.

For Whom

This place is a must visit for everyone no matter how small or how old they are. This place has captivated everyone's attention and speaks so much about the Indian history and about the glorious era that was.


How to Reach Ajanta and Ellora Caves

Aurangabad is the closest city to Ajanta and Ellora Caves. It is about 100 km away from Ajanta and 30 km away from Ellora. Aurangabad Airport is the nearest airport which is well connecte... (Read More)

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Answer: Amazing sitaphal (custard apple) available along the western ghats!

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