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Ideal duration: 3-5 days

Best time: Apr-Oct (Read More)

Nearest Airport: Srinagar (Check Flights)


"The Paradise on Earth"

Srinagar Tourism

Sheltered by the snowy White Mountains, Srinagar is the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir. The heady combination of natural beauty, charming people and delightful living attracts salivating intrepid tourists from all around the world. The crown of Kashmir valley situated on the banks of Jhelum River offers bliss and serenity to its travellers. Boating in Dal Lake, spending leisure days in houseboats and devouring into hot and mouth-watering delicacies is an experience that no place else will serve you better.

With deep and mesmerising valleys cascaded in sky-scraping mountains and evergreen beauty, this heaven on Earth leaves you absolutely mesmerised. Right from Chashm-E-Shahi to the exotic Shalimar garden, Srinagar offers bountiful of places to visit. Surrounded by mountains for the adventurous lot to lakes for photoholics to shopping markets for the spendthrifts, Srinagar does not disappoint anyone.

The Dal lake is among the most beautiful and most popular lakes in India and a Shikara ride there would be an unforgettable experience. Srinagar is also an important religious destination with the Hazratbal Mosque which enshrines 'Moi-e-Muqaddas' (the sacred hair) of the prophet Mohammed. Srinagar is also important as a base location to reach to various other areas of Jammu & Kashmir including Ladakh region, Kargil, Dras, Dachigam National Park and Baramulla.

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Srinagar Packages

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  • Alluring Srinagar | 3 Days 2 Nights

    ₹ 6,400 onwards


  • Graceful Gulmarg & Srinagar | 3 Days 2 Nights

    ₹ 7,627 onwards


  • Splendors of Srinagar | 5 Days 4 Nights

    ₹ 8,999 onwards


Srinagar Reviews

A great place!! I went there to discover, sithout knowing more than just the pocation! Great experience

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- Srinagar has been severely affected by politically motivated violence over the last months. Demonstrations and rallies can rapidly turn violent. It is vital for travellers to maintain good situational awareness.

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Time has come to seek divine intervention for the Kashmir problem. Let?s pray for Peaceful Kashmir and One India Strong India on April 30 2017 Shankarajayanti at Shankaracharya hill Srinagar. The best way to remember and follow teachings of Adi guru Shankaracharya is to pray for Kashmir on Shankarajayanti. Many sages came to Kashmir in search of knowledge .As we know Kashmir the land of sages and Saints got its name from Kashyapa muni. Saint Abhinav gupta was from here. Adi guru Shankaracharya meditated here. The land of knowledge and spiritualisms is disturbed today due to ignorance. Let?s restore Kashmir to its ancient glory. Let?s us all pray together to god to send a saint again who will restore Peace, Knowledge and Spiritualism back in Kashmir. #PeacefullKashmir #OneIndiaStrongIndia

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What's Great?

Beautiful shikaras and houseboats. Lustrous sceneries.

What's not so Great?

Terror threats in Kashmir make it unsafe. Winters are extremely cold.

For Whom

Srinagar is for everyone who loves to visit hill stations that are surrounded by serene beauty. There are many tourist attractions here such as the Dal Lake, where you can take a ride on the shikaras and houseboats.

Hotels in Srinagar

Top Hotels in Srinagar

  • Houseboat Omars Ruby Yacht

    Staring from INR 6,000

  • New Bombay Heritage Group of Houseboats

    Staring from INR 575

  • Lake Palace Group Of House Boats

    Staring from INR 1,250


History Of Srinagar

The name Srinagar originated from two Sanskrit words ? ?Sri? meaning wealth and ?Nagar? which means city. Prehistoric people used to refer Srinagar as ?Siri ? nagar? which was a local alteration of ?Surya ? nagar? or City of Sun. King Pravarasena II found this city 2000 years ago, formerly named Parvasenpur. Soon it became a part of the Mughal Empire, one of the largest Empires on India at that time. After the disintegration of Mughals, Srinagar was under the control of Durranis who ruled for several decades on the valley. In 1947, the struggle to gain dominance over Srinagar started between India and Pakistan. This led to the beginning of the Indo ? Pak War. United Nations started cease fire on the situation due to which some parts of Kashmir went into the territory which is now called ?Azad Kashmir?. The rest of the territory is an integral part of India and tells its story through the glorious beauty of its land to all the travellers.

Culture of Srinagar

Most of the people are lured by the elegant lifestyle of the city, medieval ? looking backstreets and glistering white Himalayan villages. The multiple cultures and rich heritages have emerged from the Indo ? Aryan Civilization from years ago, bearing the cultural aspects of Islam this place which can be seen in their food, traditions and lifestyle. The people are great craftsmen who practice many of the lost art forms in the world. Most of the population constitutes of Hindus and Muslims, as common languages spoken are Koshur, Kashmiri and Hindi. Women wear colourful sweater made dresses and men wear gurgabi. Religion in Srinagar is very diverse, Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism are commonly followed by the people. Muslims are divided into two major groups ? Shyias and Sunnis. These cultural differences have majorly contributed towards the multicultural lifestyle adopted by the people today.


Day 1: Arrive in Srinagar. Check-in a hotel or a houseboat. In the evening, take Lake trip to 'Char Chinar' and 'Floating Gardens' by Shikara.

Day 2: Visit Pari Mahal and Shankaracharya Temple followed by a visit to Hazratbal.

Day 3: Visit Mughal Garden, Nishat Garden and Shalimar Garden followed by a visit to Chashme Shahi in the evening.

Srinagar is colorful and beautiful in all its sides. Cuisine follows the same idea, with dishes that are rich, unique and significant enough to create a food culture around themselves. Kashmiri kebabs found are famous worldwide and you just cannot step out of Srinagar without trying these.
Also this is the place for the authentic green tea and Kawah. While here, one can also indulge in popular local breads available here with a sip of 'Pink tea'. Tsot is a local bread with sesame and poppy seeds and is quite popular in menus for breakfast.
Local cuisine include tabak maz, or flat pieces of meat cut from the ribs and fried till they acquire a crisp crackling texture, Gushtaba, which are meatballs moulded from pounded mutton like large-sized Rista (meat balls) but cooked in thick gravy of fresh curd base, Yakhni, a cream colored preparation of delicate flavor, is made with curd as a base, seekh kababs, Roganjosh, chaman- fried paneer (cottage cheese), in a thick sauce, dum-aloo - roasted potatoes in curd-based gravy.
Places to try Kashmiri Food

Matamaal - It is a Kashmiri Pandit household food station where you can relish on some traditional cuisines along with great music. The restaurant has a very classic feel to it, the menu is limited but every dish is worthwhile to try. Mutton Kanti is one of their most ordered items.
The Chinar - Situated in the valleys, this is an exotic food palace for some delight food. The food is a bit expensive but if you want to try some of the rich varieties of Kashmiri food, this place is top recommend. Some of the things you should try are Kashmiri Guchhi and Grilled rainbow trout.
Mughal Darbar - If you want to try some mutton-based cuisines, this place has its best to offer. From the best Wazwan in town to some mouth-watering traditional dishes, the floor carpet sitting is what attracts visitors to this place.
Shamyana - Roagn Josh and Wazwan are two things this place is famous for, serving some authentic delicacies in a great ambience dining. Located on the boulevard street, it offers a wide menu and great service.

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