Top 20 Varieties of Mangoes in India and Where to Find Them

Nothing beats the summer season when it comes to delicious mouth-watering mangoes. It has always been a pleasant and basic part of Indian lives. Our country is exclusively famous for its exotic mango hotspots, promising delightful flavours and aroma. Mango-lovers are always eager to explore and enjoy exquisite varieties of the king of fruit. So why wait? We bring to you top ten exotic mango hot-spots from all over the country, that will trigger your mango-love this season!

Here is a list of top 20 varieties of Mangoes in India:

1. Alphonso Mangoes - Ratnagiri, Maharashtra

Alphonso mangoes. Mango in india

Available during mid-July, Alphonso Mangoes are internationally loved for their sunshine yellow appearance and delightful taste. Named after Afonso de Albuquerque, this voluptuous king of the mangoes is one of the most consumed varieties of mangoes in India among mango lovers. Ratnagiri and its neighbouring regions in Maharashtra are known to be one of the finest and exclusive hotspots for mango-lovers, widely famous for their Alphonso mangoes.

2. Kesar Mangoes - Junagadh, Gujarat

Kesar Mangoes, Mango in india

Kesar mangoes owe their name to their saffron appearance and heavenly taste. This variety, highly renowned for their distinct sweet flavour, is considered to be the 'Queen of Mangoes'. Girnar Hills of Junagadh, Gujarat are famous for their Kesar mangoes. Situated at 320 km from Ahmedabad, these hills are accessible by road and rail network. Available from May to July, Kesar mangoes are sought after as an ingredient for exotic dishes.

3. Dasheri Mangoes - Lucknow and Malihabad, Uttar Pradesh

Dashehari Mangoes, Mangoes in India

The land of Nawabs is equally famous for its royal mangoes. Lucknow, along with its adjoining towns, is widely known for its mango belt of North India. Available from mid-May to late August, Dashehari mangoes grown here are easily distinguishable from other varieties of mangoes in India by their green peels and wholesome taste.

4. Himsagar and Kishan Bhog Mangoes - Murshidabad, West Bengal

Himsagar mangoes, Mango in india

One of the Nawabi cities of West Bengal, the city of Murshidabad, is famous for its vast variety of delicious mangoes. Around 230 km from Kolkata, this city is easily accessible by roadways as well as railways. Well known for types like Kishan Bhog, Himsagar, Nawabpasand and Begumpasand, Murshidabad is an important producer and exporter region of India. Himsagar mangoes are found from May to Early June.

5. Chausa Mangoes - Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh

Chausa Mangoes, Mango in india

Hardoi along with its adjacent regions in Uttar Pradesh is another hotspot for mango-lovers. Around 112 km from Lucknow and accessible by road network, Hardoi is famous for Chausa variety of mangoes. Available in the months of July and August, these mangoes fall under the 'sucking' category and are exclusively famous for their yellowish colour and aroma.

6. Badami Mangoes - North Karnataka

Badami Mangoes, Mango in india

The northern part of Karnataka is famous for its Badami variety of mangoes. Their delicious taste can be stated from the fact that Badami is also called the Karnataka-Alphonso in the neighbouring areas. They are usually available from May to July.

7. Safeda Mangoes - Andhra Pradesh

Safeda mangoes, Mango in india

Andhra Pradesh is one of the exquisite mango belts of South India. Banganpali or Safeda variety of mango traces its origins in this state. This variety of mango is generally available from March to July due to suitable climatic conditions. Neighbouring states are provided with the Safeda variety of Mango from this belt.

8. Bombay Green Mangoes - Punjab

Bombay Green mangoes, Mango in india

Sadda Punjab is another hotspot for mango-lovers, famous for its Bombay Green Mangoes. These medium-sized green mangoes, available from May to July, never fail to attract their lovers from distant places.

9. Langra Mangoes - Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

Langra Mangoes, Mango in india

Famous for its Langra variety of mangoes, Varanasi is a renowned hotspot for mango-lovers in India. Natives narrate the tale of a farmer who cultivated this variety of mangoes. Banarasi Langra mangoes, available in June-July are known for their lemon-yellow skin tone and equally delicious taste.

10. Totapuri Mangoes - Bangalore, Karnataka

Totapuri mangoes, Mango in india

The electronic city of India, Bangalore, is famous for its Totapuri mangoes, also known as Bangalora or Sandersha mangoes. The city's medium-sized greenish yellow mangoes are a mango-lovers delight! Available from May to July, Totapuri is also one of the significant varieties of mangoes in our country with a distinct taste and aroma!

11. Neelam Mangoes - Andhra Pradesh

Neelam Mangoes, Mangoes in India

Although grown in almost all parts of India, the tastiest and distinct variety of Neelam mangoes comes from the state of Andhra Pradesh during May and July. Compared to other mangoes, Neelam Mangoes have a specific sweet smell and are usually smaller with the mangoes being a bit on the orange side of colour.

12. Raspuri Mangoes - Karnataka

Raspuri Mangoes, Mangoes in India

Predominantly cultivated in the southern state of Karnataka across Bangalore, Kolar, Ramanagara and more during May and June, Raspuri Mangoes are an extremely popular variety of mangoes. Distinguished by its oval shape and its skin which is almost inedible, the Raspuri Mango can beat any other mango in terms of taste and juice per fruit if cultivated and harvested at the right time.

13. Malgoa/Mulgoba Mangoes - Salem, Tamil Nadu

Malgoa Mangoes, Mangoes in India

Malgoa or Mulgoba mangoes are known for their almost round shape and surprisingly thick skin. Mostly grown around parts of Tamil Nadu especially Salem, in its peak season of July and August, the Malgoa mango is big and rich in pulp and juice. It is generally considered to be one of the best mango varieties in the world.

14. Lakshmanbhog Mangoes - Malda, West Bengal

Lakhsmanbhog Mangoes, Mangoes in India

Exclusively grown in the Malda district of West Bengal, Lakshmanbhog mangoes are usually available in the months of June and July. With a gleaming golden reddish skin and the right amount of sweetness, these mangoes were individually chosen by the West Bengal government to be exported to the United States.

15. Amrapali Mangoes - All Over India

Amrapali Mangoes, Mangoes in India

Amrapali Mangoes are a hybrid variety created in 1971. A cross breed between Dasheri and Neelam Mangoes, Amrapali is grown in farms and orchards across India and is known for its deep red flesh once fully ripe but has a relatively short shelf life compared to other commercial variety of mangoes.

16. Imam Pasand Mangoes - Andhra Pradesh/Telangana/Tamil Nadu

Imam Pasand, Mangoes in India

Grown in parts of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu and available in the months of May and June, Imam Pasand is considered to be more of an exclusive and known as the King of Mangoes for its unique taste. With soft skin, distinct after-taste and an incredible flavour, Imam Pasand is truly the King of Mangoes.

17. Fazli Mangoes - Bihar/West Bengal

Fazli Mangoes, Mangoes in India

Known for being relatively larger than the other mangoes with lots of pulp, the right amount of sweetness and each of them going up more than a kilo, Fazli Mangoes are mostly grown in the city of Malda in West Bengal.

18. Mankurad Mangoes - Goa

Mankurad Mangoes, Mangoes in India

The most popular among mango varieties in Goa, Mankurad is a mid-season fruit with very less fibre, naturally perfectly sweetened and known among Mango connoisseurs to be better than the all-famous Alphonso Mangoes. Usually, these mangoes are available in the local markets as early as April.

19. Paheri/Pairi Mangoes - Gujarat

Paheri Mangoes, Mangoes in India

Endorsed by local shopkeepers in Gujarat as pure honey, Pairi Mangoes are usually available early in the mango season during April and July. Although not as sweet as honey, a bite of this mango is very distinct with its noticeable sourness and sweetness altogether.

20. Mallika Mangoes - All Over India

Mallika Mangoes, Mangoes in India

Known for its exceptional sweetness with tinges of honey, citrus and melon, Mallika Mangoes are a hybrid of Neelam and Dasheri mangoes. Usually available in the markets relatively later than other mangoes during June and July, these mangoes are high quality fiberless orange-ish coloured fruit.

These are just some of the varieties of mangoes in India. There is a reason India considers mango as the national fruit. Being a tropical paradise, India has the best weather for growing mangoes. As a result, newer varieties are always being created and found. According to the National Horticulture Board, there are about 1500 varieties of mangoes across the sub-continent. So, get travelling across India and find these delicious rich varieties of mangoes and more!

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