12 Foreigners Describe What They Think of India After Their Visit and You Can’t Miss What They Have to Say

India has intrigued the western nations for a long time now. The rate at which foreign tourists flock to India is on a rise every year. Even you must have noticed foreigners at famous destinations while you were travelling, haven’t you? It got us curious and wondering as to what do these foreign travellers make of India after their visit? Do they still think of us as a land of “snake charmers”? We took to Quora and found these wonderful and heartwarming responses by many of them which we just couldn’t help but share! Check them out below:

1. English or not, language is no barrier in India!

2. Everybody loves a Dosa breakfast!

3. India offers EVERYTHING to its travellers!

4. You just can't have enough of India in one visit! You have to keep coming back.

5. Indians love to help!

6. Atithi Devo Bhava!

7. There's no match to India's generosity! 

8. Indian traditions and culture trump it all!

9. India is loud and in your face and foreigners love it!

10.  Indians love to help without "payment or thanks"!

11. Indians just can't allow you to have your meal alone!

12. India, in all its sense, is addictive!

Aren't you excited now to get out of your home and travel some more in your own country? We sure are!

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