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Ramanagaram Tourism

Set amidst the challenging rocky hillocks and lush green surroundings, Ramnagaram is a popular weekend getaway for Bengaluru folks.

Ramnagaram with its lush green surroundings and popular tall granite hills is a famous tourist spot. Ramanagaram is also known as the Silk Town and Silk City as it is a very important place for the production of silk. The silk produced here forms the input for the famous Mysore Silk. Ramanagaram is also famous for its Ramdevarabetta Vulture Sanctuary where one can spot critically endangered vultures in their natural habitat. Savandurga is a nearby hill and is also very popular among tourists. Janapada Loka is an organisation here which has been very influential in promoting various art and cultural forms including dance and music.

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More on Ramanagaram

A Bollywood Connection

The landscape surrounding Ramnagaram will seem familiar to anyone who is into Bollywood movies because it appears so frequently in the iconic movie Sholay. The old granite formation and boulders are where most of this movie was shot thus immortalising these hills forever.

Apart from being a Mecca for Bollywood lovers, the Ramadevarabetta and Savandurga hills are also favourite spots for rock climbers and trekkers since many trek routes start from here. These hills are also some of the unique bird habitats in India since many birds that live in dry rocky habitats like vultures can be spotted here very often. There are also many temples and caves peppered along these hill ranges that you can explore on foot or by car.

The Winged Beauties of Ramnagaram

A dry, rocky landscape devoid of greenery is not what you would imagine a bird habitat to be but the hills around Ramnagar are home to some of the unique birds in India. Many species of vultures that are not commonly seen anywhere else in the country are abundant in this region making Ramnagaram a favourite spot for birders who want to cross vultures off their list.

The rare long-billed vulture is found in and near Ramnagaram and the hilly region has been declared as the Ramadevarabetta Vulture Sanctuary (RVS), one of the very few vulture sanctuaries in the world. Walking and trekking is the best way to navigate quietly within the sanctuary so as to not disturb the birds. 

Restaurants and Local Food in Ramanagaram

There aren't too many options for food and cuisine here and your choices can get a bit limited. It might be advisable to carry food from home or make personal arrangements. One can also travel to nearby cities which offer more choices for food. You might chance upon local cuisine here, consisting of Dosa, Bisi Bele Bath, Jolada Roti, Idli, Vada, Sambhar, Rasam, Kesari Bath, Mysore pak etc .
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Suggested Itinerary

Day 1: Reach Ramnagaram by road or rail and settle into your hotel. After breakfast, walk around the markets and streets of the city famous for its silks to explore the flavours and sights. After lunch, leave for the Purushotthama Thirtha Gavi Temple located near the Kanva reservoir. This temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman, and the setting makes it a majestic site. Next, proceed to the Kanva Lake that is a favourite weekend getaway for the locals as well as outstation tourists. In the lake, you can enjoy boating facilities at just INR 25. Depending on the season, the lake is surrounded by either lush vegetation or by scrub forests and has different bird life. The water and surrounding trees are home to some of the richest bird life in the region.

Day 2: In the morning, leave for Ramadevara Betta hills located a few kilometres away from the city. Here, there are temples dedicated to many gods and the hills are also a chance to relax in the calm environment. Return to the city for lunch and in the evening, proceed to the vulture sanctuary located in the mountainous terrain. This sanctuary is one of its kind in India and protects the highly endangered Long billed vultures and yellow throated bulbuls.

Day 3: Shop in the market for the famous silk fabrics of this city and visit some of the workshops located near the market. Depart to your respective cities. 

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Holidify's Opinion

What's Great?

Get a glimpse of quiet small town life in this less known but beautiful tourist destination. Very convenient to reach. 

What's Not So Great?

Many tourist facilities like luxury hotels, a wide range of restaurants, etc are absent since it is not a very well developed tourist destination. 

For Whom?

If you would like to take a step back from your daily busy schedule and relax for a few days, Ramnagaram is the place for you. It is the ideal family vacation spot for both locals and travellers from India and abroad. A must visit for Bollywood buffs. 

How To Reach Ramanagaram

Ramnagaram is located in the state of Karnataka and is well connected to nearby cities in South India by road and rail. This city does not have an airport and Bangalore is the closest airport. Ramnagaram is accessible all year round, and the Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu governments run buses to and from this city. Since it is an important temple town, the local transport within the city is also well developed. 

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Q. Best time to visit?

Kaveesh Nair 1 year ago
November to February are the best months to visit Ramnagaram. It is a little hot in summers (March onwards) and even though the temperature cools down in monsoons, trekking would be slightly difficult and terrain would be slippery and hence monsoons should also be avoided.

Ramanagaram Reviews

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harshitha k p 10 months ago
Janapada Loka - also known as "Folk-World" or "Folk Museum" has an extraordinary collection of over 5,000 artefacts. Taken care by Karnataka Janapada Parishat. Ideal and a must visit place for culture-lovers. Events such as Lokasiri is conducted to awaken and promote the traditional and cultural values. Moreover, it has a minimal entry fee of INR 10 for adults and INR 05 for children (excluding the cost for taking pictures and videos)
Kovid Kapoor 1 year ago
This is a great place to visit over a weekend from Bangalore.
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