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"The Heart of Oregon"

Salem Tourism

Salem, the capital city of Oregon is located within the heart of the Willamette Valley and is a city known for its cherry tree-lined streets, numerous wineries and the gold-domed State Capitol building that dominates the skyline.

Salem's land is cooled by the waters of the Willamette River and the North Santiam River Watershed and as a result, several attractions in Salem are associated with the spectacular views of the water bodies flowing throughout the city.

One such notable attraction is the Salem Riverfront City Park that acts as the interface between the city and the valley it occupies. The Park is filled with enjoyable things to do, including the Salem Riverfront Carousel. Salem's environmental attractions are a dime a dozen including the Minto-Brown Island Park that is connected to the Riverfront City Park and spans 30 miles of recreational area. S

ome more notable areas are Bush's Pasture Park which becomes a hotspot for a variety of outdoor activities and the Cascades Gateway Park. Salem is famous for its numerous amusement parks which provide for family fun like the Enchanted Forest, a fairy-themed theme park and the Gilbert House Children's Museum.

Salem's cherry trees surround several centuries-old structures that are visually striking and none is more notable than the Deepwood Estate and surrounding gardens. For history enthusiasts, the State Capitol building is not to be missed. Visitors to Salem find the city to be a hub for the performing arts, hosting several festivals centred around an appreciation for the fine arts sponsored by The Salem Art Association.

Salem also hosts festivals dedicated to the local culture of the city including the World Beat festival and Bite of Salem, both a celebration of the food, art and music that is distinct to the Salem metropolitan area. The historic Reed Opera House is home to a year-round art gallery and features several eateries and local shops. Salem's major point of interest is the city's dedication to music- The Oregon Symphony performs several classical compositions in the city throughout the year. 

Salem's multitude of identities is a true spectacle to observe, the city is famed to be a true symbol of the American experience.

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