Glamp in India With These Luxurious Accommodations!

Glamorous Camping! How many of us have wanted to experience the rustic and mythical affair of a setting? Most of us have tried to recreate these experiences through forms of camping in deserts, mountains, plains and near beaches. But if you were to know of glamping in India from beforehand, wouldn’t you want to give it a try? Afterall vacation mode is a form of getting lost, and what is better than spending it on a hard-earned glamorous, luxurious, private, and satiating experience amidst nature’s self-design? Here is a list of 10 such indulgent glamping in India.

1. Chamba Camp, Thiksey, Ladakh

Chamba Camp
Chamba Camp helps travellers create a very genuine and personal experience amidst snow-capped mountain ranges of Ladakh and Stok Kangri alongside aesthetically designed rooms that one would need little apart from that in this glamping in India. Chamba Camp provides two types of accommodations and facilities such as a reception tent, dining tent, shop and a library. Other experiences such as monastery tour, archery, horse polo, rafting, cycling and more are also available at hand. The sunlit wooden interiors contrasted with white linen feels as if straight out of grand, royal, rustic dreams. One should pay this once-in-a-life glamping visit!
Best Time to Visit: June to September
How to Reach: Nearest Airport (Leh Kushok Bakula Rimpochhe Airport, 20.4 kms); Road Connection (Leh 22 kms, Srinagar 419 kms, Manali 490 kms)
Price: INR 2,16,000 (3 Nights - 2 Adults)

2. The Serai, Jaisalmer

The Serai
Jaisalmer is fabled for its velvety golden sand, slipping between hands and houses and the entire city like water. Upon these sands is located this famed glamping in India, The Serai which looks like an oasis because of its stunning design and almost seamless extension of various facilities that one feels equally at home and afar. The Serai offers a diverse glamping experience with a spa, pool, terrace lounge, desert kitchen, village voyages, Jacuzzi jets, and private gardens. What more can you ask for?
Best Time to Visit: November to March
How to Reach: Nearest Airport (Jodhpur Airport, 250 kms); Nearest Railway Station (Jaisalmer Railway Station, 45 kms); Road Connection (Jodhpur 300 kms, Jaipur 570 kms, New Delhi 800 kms)
Price: INR 55,000 - 1,00,000 (1 Night - 2 Adults)

3. Banjara Camp and Retreat, Sangla Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Banjara Camp and Retreat
Banjara Camp and Retreat offers lodges right near Bapsa River surrounded with forest-clad mountain ranges of Himachal in the Sangla Valley. This glamping in India provides a nature-driven ambience which feels not only refreshing but also closer to our innate neighbourhood.  The lodges are equipped with facilities of independent cottages, fully-furnished kitchens, hammocks, bonfires and barbeque to enhance one’s glamping experience altogether. Also, a variety of places are available around that one can visit.
Best Time to Visit: October to June
How to Reach: Nearest Airport (Shimla Jubbarhatti Airport, 250 kms); Nearest Railway Station (Shimla Railway, 230 kms); Road Connection (Shimla 231 kms, Kullu 290 kms)
Price: INR 9,000 - 25,000 (1 Night - 2 Adults)

4. La Mangrove, Goa

La Mangrove
La Mangrove is a retreat from Goa’s upbeat culture into the midst of nature and softer pastels. It is a relief from the exciting and colourful spectrum of daily life into a more relaxed and tranquil stance, which is a common experience of glamping in India. Located on the Galgibag River, near to Turtle Beach, La Mangrove offers memories for a lifetime by escalating the experience through providing activities like fishing, massage along with a garden, tennis court and a bar with a want for nothing. A full-time personal parking slot is available at all times along with free Wifi in every location on the property.
Best Time to Visit: November to March
How to Reach: Nearest Airport (Dabolim Airport, 76 kms); Nearest Railway Station (Madgaon Station, 49 kms); Road Connection (Pune 465 kms, Bangalore 605kms, Mumbai 608 kms)
Price: Only on contact.

5. Grassroots, Wayanad

The green valleys and hills of the Western Ghats are home to Wayanad and our next glamping in India – Grassroots which is decorated around with a single colour: green of nature. Grassroots promises to provide its visitors with a private, luxurious, modernized interiors of the camps and simultaneously a very rural and rustic experience with the help of conducting activities such as trekking, coffee, tea plantation visits, and so much more. Life at Grassroots comes at a pause and waits; one can hear the slow whistling of the wind around and can play with the tribals and Adivasis who live in and around the resort.
Best Time to Visit: October to May
How to Reach: Nearest Airport (Calicut International Airport, 90 kms), Nearest Railway Station (Kozhikode Railway Station 75 kms), Road Connection (Kochi, 250 kms, Bengaluru 300 kms, Chennai 649 kms)
Price: Only on contact.

6. The Greenhouse Resort, Pushkar

The Greenhouse Resort
An eco-boutique resort located in the holy town of Pushkar, The GreenHouse Resort offers a princely experience to all its visitors. There are 3 types of rooms available at Pushkar which are all fitted with jacuzzi swimming pool, spa, restaurant. Pushkar offers a far off view of dusty forest hills, and against that backdrop, the resort looks almost a God’s abode with its creamy tents and low lighting. Alongside various amenities, visitors can also take part in indoor games as well as outdoor sight-seeing. There is not a rush to leave this glamping in India as it has so much to offer.
Best Time to Visit: November to March
How to Reach: Nearest Airport (Jaipur Sanganeer Airport, 156 kms), Nearest Railway Station (Ajmer Junction, 20 kms); Road Connection (Jaipur 151 kms, Delhi 416 kms, Ahmedabad 542 kms)
Price: INR 3000 - 3500 (1 Night - 2 Adults)

7. Kohima Camp, Nagaland

Kohima Camp
Kohima Camp in Nagaland is the kind of glamping in India that no one should miss. The camp located in the rainforests of Nagaland has little human-made offerings apart from the charming tents because nature that surrounds the camp itself has so much to offer: from the burbles of a river nearby, the picturesque beauty of mountains all around and the revitalizing atmosphere of being so high in the mountains. Nobody can deny the hospitality of the camp as it provides luxury suite tents along with dining tents, stock full of books and a shop for all your souvenir shopping.
Best Time to Visit: October to May
How to Reach: Nearest Airport (Dimapur Airport, 80 kms); Nearest Railway Station (Dimapur Railway Station, 85 kms); Road Connection ( Guwahati 369 kms, Shillong 429 kms)  
Price: Contact for Price

8. Wilderness Camp, Jaipur

Wilderness Camp
The last but not the least, Wilderness Camp in Jaipur offers its visitors with an individualistic glamping experience as the tents are designed in a manner to cater to all sorts of travellers: families, couples, and friends. The camp is located, as it is rightfully named, in the wilderness where elephants are available for rides. Along with this, the tent also boasts of providing a singularly constructed private forest where the visitors can indulge in barbequed food along with bonfires.  This glamping in India is also renowned for its sumptuous meals and an exclusive bar that provides almost all kinds of alcohol and cocktails.
Best Time to Visit: October to March
How to Reach: Nearest Airport (Jaipur Airport); Nearest Railway Station (Jaipur Railway Station); Road Connection (Delhi, 250 kms, Udaipur 416 kms, Ahmedabad 699 kms)
Price: INR 25,000 (1 Night - 2 Adults)
This curated list of glamping in India covers places in and around the entire year. Hopefully,  this list inspires all of us to pick our pens, connect to the nearby Wifi and start contacting the places that will be most feasible for us to go and have for ourselves one of this mesmerizing glamping experiences that we can recount later on to our friends and families.

This post was published by anjali.

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