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"Alphonsos, Konkani Food and Serene beaches"

Ratnagiri Tourism

Situated in pretty surroundings, Ratnagiri is blessed with hills, sea shores, creeks, beautiful rivers, hot water springs, forests and water falls and offers a rejuvenating experience to travelers.

Ratnagiri is a travelers dream come true destination with its majestic Sahyadri range and Arabian sea with virginal white beaches, cascading waterfalls, hot water springs palm groves, majestic monuments and the most famous, Alphonso mangoes. Ratnagiri has some of the magnificent forts built during the Shivaji period. Ratnagiri is also famous as the birthplace of Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak who was one-third of the famous trio of "Lal Bal Pal". One of the gems in Konkan region, Ratnagiri is now a big district comprising of several touristy small villages and towns and it forms for a brilliant weekend getaway from the cities of Maharashtra including Mumbai.

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How to Reach Ratnagiri

How to Reach Overview

Ratnagiri is connected by road to Mumbai, Madgaon, Mangalore, Udupi, Cochin, Karwar by NH17 and these places are connected by direct flights via Delhi and Jaipur. So you can use both, public and private transport. It is also connected by Konkan railway, making it the most important station.

How to reach Ratnagiri by flight

The nearest major airport to Ratnagiri is at Mumbai. From there, you can take a bus, train or car to reach Ratnagiri.

How to reach Ratnagiri by road

Various government and private are available to Ratnagiri from most major cities and towns in and around Maharashtra.

How to reach Ratnagiri by train

Ratnagiri is well connected by rail that makes the travel easier for the tourists.

Local transport in Ratnagiri

Traveling within Ratnagiri is not a problem as there are numerous local buses, auto rickshaws and taxis.

Most frequently searched routes to Ratnagiri

Route Name Distance Time
Pune to Ratnagiri 300 km 6 hours 3 mins
Mumbai to Ratnagiri 346 km 7 hours 15 mins
Ganpatipule to Ratnagiri 25.9 km 45 mins
Bangalore to Ratnagiri 743 km 11 hours 33 mins
Hyderabad to Ratnagiri 670 km 13 hours 36 mins
Chennai to Ratnagiri 1,096 km 16 hours 47 mins

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Ratnagiri, Maharashtra
Thibaw point
Tilak Ali Museum

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FAQs on Ratnagiri

What is famous about Ratnagiri?

Scenic beauty. Mesmerising beaches. Known for the delicious Alphonso mangoes.

What is not so good about Ratnagiri?

Summers can be harsh. Water sports may not be available on all seven days of the week.

Who should visit Ratnagiri?

Ratnagiri is a great getaway for nature lovers and people living in and around Maharashtra. Since it is a combination of a beach town, religious place and historical place, it can be visited by almost anyone.

What is the best time to visit Ratnagiri?

October to March are the best months to visit Ratnagiri. The weather remains favourable for sightseeing during winter. Summers from March to June are scorching with humidity that forces you to carry ample sun protection gears. Although summer is off-season and the mango season, the weather is unbearable leaving no option to do anything in and around Ratnagiri. However, if you enjoy mangoes, then this is the season for Alphonso mangoes. Monsoons aren't an excellent time for sightseeing, but Ratnagiri during the rains is a sight to behold.
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What is the local food in Ratnagiri?

Ratnagiri's cuisine popular for the evident Konkani influence that it carries. You can flatter your appetite with the rich fish curry and Kokam curry . Also Konkan style of making fish is quite different and would be good to try. So would be the Kombdi Vade , a konkani dish made of chicken and rice dumplings.
The other treasures of the cuisine here include Alphonso mangoes, Cashews, Amboli, Sandan and different types of Sharbhats including the special Kokam sharbat, Amba Panna and Shahalyache Paani which might be some of the most delicious and unique beverages you ever taste. Along with this are the other delicacies like Ambapoli, Solkhandi, Mori Masala curry or Shark Curry and Mavani Mutton curry and more.
Apart from this traditional Maharashtrian food can be enjoyed at a number of restaurants along with Modak a popular sweet.
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What is the best way to reach Ratnagiri?

Ratnagiri is connected by road to Mumbai, Madgaon, Mangalore, Udupi, Cochin, Karwar by NH17 and these places are connected by direct flights via Delhi and Jaipur. So you can use both, public and private transport. It is also connected by Konkan railway, making it the most important station.
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What are the things to do in Ratnagiri?

The top things to do in Ratnagiri are Jaigad Fort, Swayambhu Ganpati Temple, Jaigad Lighthouse, Ganapatipule Beach, Thibaw point, Pawas. You can see all the places to visit in Ratnagiri here

What are the places near Ratnagiri?

The top places near to Ratnagiri are Ganapatipule which is 18 km from Ratnagiri, Goa which is located 174 km from Ratnagiri, Chiplun which is located 63 km from Ratnagiri, Kunkeshwar which is located 73 km from Ratnagiri, Mahabaleshwar which is located 109 km from Ratnagiri

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Q. Give me the suggestion of best tour plan.....east, west, north, south India....which should I prefer most

Kaveesh Nair

6 years ago
I shall assume that you are asking which places you can go to from Ratnagiri. In that case, you should try Tarkarli, or Goa or even Ganapatipule, all of which are beautiful places to relax and unwind (Read More).
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Ratnagiri Reviews

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Gurmit kaur

4 years ago
It's worth a visit as Beaches are beautiful..sunset by the Mandvi beach is worth watching. Sky gets filled with number of colours.This is a place with lovely views of the sand, sea and boats in the n (Read More)earby jetty.Homestay in Ratnagiri

Rohit Shroff

6 years ago
- Ratnagiri has various sides to it. Its a beach town, historical place and also a religious place. Make sure you have enough time to catch all of it.
- Ganpatipule, being a religious place, most (Read More)of the tourists here are pilgrims, so if you have come here to enjoy the sun, sand and water, you might feel a little out of the place, but you can take this to your own advantage and enjoy the beach to the fullest.
- Wear comfortable clothes and light slippers if you are here to enjoy the beach.
- Water Sports are not necessarily carried out on all days even during November-May.
- Do not miss the mangoes, Konkani food and the beautiful coastline.
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