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"The city of Nawabs"

Lucknow Tourism

Referred to as the city of Nawabs, Lucknow is the capital city of Uttar Pradesh. Famous for its monuments, food, clothing in all of which, one can see the traces and grandeur of Mughal reign.

Lucknow, the city of Nawabs is naturally the city of Adabs and Tehjeebs (manners and hospitality). Situated on the banks of the Gomti River, Lucknow is famous for its culture, food, heritage and its traditional dance form Kathak. Remnants of its rich historical and cultural past are well displayed here through the architectural designs, the handicrafts and the typical Lucknowi way of life. Lucknow was a symbol of Hindi-Muslim-Sikh harmony and is hub of Urdu, Hindi and many Hindustani Languages. The Hindi spoken here is considered to be the purest and most beautiful form of Hindi. Lucknow is also famous for its sweets, kebabs and other Mughlai delicacies. Most places of tourist attractions here relate to the Mughal era and are historical in nature. The various architectural styles and brilliant monuments make Lucknow a historians delight.

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Lucknow Reviews

An awesome and historical place to visit. This is such a beautiful building and view of garden is fantabulous! Just loved it. If one wants to see the beauty of Lucknow, this is the best place for that.

Review for Bara Imambara, Lucknow

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What's Great?

Market rates are low. Rich culture and heritage.

What's not so Great?

Not very clean. Traffic maintenance is not so good. Bad roads in some areas.

For Whom

The city of Lucknow is a unique blend of ancient and modern. Dotted with extraordinary monuments, Lucknow is ideal for art and history lovers. Sourced from the kitchens of the Nawabs, the cuisine of Lucknow makes it a divine treat for food lovers.

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History Of Lucknow

Lucknow - popularly known as the ?City of Nawabs? and ?City of Tehzeeb? dates back to the Suryavanshi Dynasty. It is believed that Lord Laxman, brother of Lord Rama laid the foundation of the city on the banks of river Gomti; the city was then called Laxmanpur. However, the city only came to notice in the 18th century during the Mughal rule. It was a province of the traditional Awadh Pradesh and ruled by the Delhi Sultanate. Under the rule of the Nawabs, the city flourished in all aspects including food, music, art, dance, handicrafts etc. Later, the city came in the hands of the East India Company under the British rule. It played a key part in a lot of freedom movements. Upon independence in 1947, Lucknow became the capital of Uttar Pradesh state.

City of Nawabs

Situated on the banks of river Gomti and occupying the central region of the Heritage Arc, Lucknow has been winning hearts of tourists for its Nawabi finesse for ages. Believed to be founded by Lakshmana, the ancient city is known worldwide for its 'Tehzeeb' and unique fusion of ancient and colonial cultures. The former capital of the Nawabs, the city was once an artistic hub, evident from the several grand monuments present in the city today. Also, the epicentre of the 1857 War of Independence, the history of the city is intriguing to a common man even today.

The Grand Bazaars

Lucknow is home to some century old markets like the Hazratganj market which retains its grandeur and charm even today, in spite of several modernisations. These markets, popular for 'zardousi' and 'chikan' embroidery are major attractions for shopaholics. The street food and lip smacking delicacies of Lucknow comprising of kebabs and biryani is another feature which attracts tourists to the city again and again.


Day 1- Start off your tour with exploring the Bara Imambara, Chota Imambara and Rumi Darwaza. Visit the picture gallery in the afternoon.
Day 2- Visit the Clock Tower Dilkusha Garden, Shah Najaf Imambara and Moti Mahal.
Day 3- Visit the Kaiserbagh Palace, Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary or indulge in a food walk across the city. Explore the colourful markets in the evening.

Lukhnow's cuisine borrows much of its royalty, grandeur and elaborate delicacies from its glittering past, while is vibrant, colourful and sparkling with a rich street food culture. Mughal delicacies like the countless varieties of Kebabs as well as Tikkas, Roomali Roti are the dishes that one must try in Lucknow. They are available in various styles and versions and in almost every food outlet, while the older areas of the city can offer you authentic flavors of the Mughlai food.
Galouti kebabs are a very typical Lucknow specialty - extremely soft mutton kebabs made with chopped papaya. An equally lip-smacking item that you can't miss in Lucknow is the Biryani. Other than these do indulge in Sheermal, Nahari and Kulcha, Kheer, Jalebis, Chaat, Kofta, Samosa, Qulfi, Petha, Kachori and countless more relishes.

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