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Water Sports in Bali

Water sports and Bali go hand in hand. With its stunning coastline that overlooks the Indian Ocean, Bali offers a variety of water sports for the adventurer in you. Explore the depths of the ocean through activities like snorkelling, diving and sea walking, or conquer the rough waters with thrilling water sports in Bali like surfing and rafting. Here are some must-do water sports you must try out when in the exciting land of Bali:

Here is the list of 10 Water Sports in Bali

1. Snorkelling - One of the Most Popular Water Sports in Bali

Ever wanted to explore the mysteries of the deep blue sea, but never got around to learning how to dive or swim? Well then, snorkelling is the way to go. Some great spots for snorkelling in Bali are Nusa Penida, Padangbai and Tulamben. Going under Nusa Penida's calm waters allow one to swim beside the oceanic sunfish (Mola Mola) and rub shoulders with huge Manta rays. Padangbai offers a number of water sports in Bali such as snorkelling sites including Blue Lagoon and Bias Tugel and is famous for the variety of marine life one gets to witness underwater. Tulamben draws snorkelers with something very unique - its the site of the USS Liberty Ship Wreck.

2. Scuba Diving - Water Sports in Bali That Will Take You To Underwater Shipwrecks

The underwater world welcomes divers of all levels with manta rays, shipwrecks, sea turtles and vibrant coral reefs. Diving hotspots in Bali include Menjangan island, Amed beach and Sanur. One of the most coveted diving spots in the world, the U.S.S Liberty Shipwreck is also found off the coast of Bali. Menjangan island has both shallow reefs as well as deeper, more fascinating sites such as the "eel garden" and the "anchor wreck" surrounded by barracudas and reef sharks. Amed and Sanur tend to be overlooked by divers, but have some beautiful man-made reefs that shelter a variety of fishes and make for a great diving spot.

3. Surfing - Water Sports in Bali for the Ages

Bali can easily be dubbed a surfer's paradise. If you're looking to ride a wave here, Bali has a lot to offer you. For beginners, Kuta and the nearby beaches of Legian and Seminyak are a great place to start surfing. They even have a number of surf schools that provide quality training such as Odysseys Surf School (Kuta) and Quicksilver School of Surf (Legian). Advanced surfers looking for a challenge should not miss Impossible and Suluban beaches. With waves that average 3 - 5ft and a sharp reefs, this water sport in Bali makes for a thrilling experience.

4. Banana Boats

Banana boating in Bali is a fun water sport in Bali. A rubber, lightweight boat shaped like a banana is strapped to a speedboat and taken for a ride. These have a capacity of five people, and most tourists go with 4 members and 1 tour guide. Safety is ensured through life jackets and the presence of guides on both the banana boat and speedboat. The most famous site for this is Tanjung Benoa beach, whose calm waters and cheap rates draw visitors in hordes.

5. Jet Skiing

Jet Skiing in Bali is an exhilarating water sport in Bali, as you race through the waters and experience your own mini-James Bond moment. Most operators include the cost of a lifejacket and jet-ski instructor within the ticket price, while insurance is usually excluded. The ride lasts 15 minutes and is an exciting way to spend your vacation on the island. Popular hotspots include Tanjung Benoa, Kuta and Seminyak.

6. Parasailing

Parasailing is a must-try water sport in Bali for any adventurous spirit visiting the place. Beginners can try tandem parasailing, wherein the parachute accommodates a guide to accompany you, while those looking to fly solo can go for single parasailing. Guides are present on the speedboat leading the parachute in either case, and all measures are taken to ensure the safety of the parasailers. The most famous spot is the Tanjung Benoa beach, followed by Kuta and Seminyak.

7. Rafting - A Water Sport in Bali Away From the Beaches

White water rafting and river rafting are exciting water-adventures that await you in Bali. An inflatable raft takes you down rivers, waterfalls and through freshwater pools where you can catch sight of some exotic wildlife up close. Ayung River is the best river to get started, being Bali's largest and longest river. Providing class I and II rapids, most rafters take off either from Petang village or from Campuhan. Telaga Waja river in East Bali is another popular site for this water sport in Bali, providing class II and II rapids for those seeking moderate difficulty.

8. Sea Walking

A great alternative to Scuba Diving is this epic water sport in Bali called Sea Walking. You simply climb down the ladder and walk on the seabed, coming face to face with the stunning sea life that Bali has to offer. There are no air tanks required, with air being transported to your helmet instead, making the experience much more freeing and enjoyable. Sanur and Tanjung Benoa are the two places that offer this activity. Instructors accompany you on the tour, which lasts 30 minutes long and gives you enough memories to last a lifetime.

9. Rolling Donut

A relatively new addition to this list is the rolling doughnut. A doughnut-shaped raft pulled by a speedboat cruises over the water, giving you a fun-filled ride over the waves. Two-seater doughnut rafts provide a greater adrenaline rush due to their light weight and are ideal for youngsters or solo travellers. Four-seaters are more stable and suitable for families. This water sport in Bali is offered at Tanjung Benoa Beach.

10. Wakeboarding

One of the more challenging water sports of Bali is wakeboarding. The wakeboard is a little narrow board with shoe bindings on it, travelling across the ocean pulled by either a speedboat or a cable system. Stamina and balance are essential for this activity. While Tanjung Benoa beach offers this activity, the Bali Wake Park in Denpasar is a big attraction for wakeboarders who are trying it out for the first time.

All of these just go on to prove how Bali's waters can help you loosen up your nerves as well as get them strung with tension and excitement. Water sports in Bali have become one of the main attractions for tourists who go there to get their dose of adrenaline along with some cultural insight. Whether you're coming here intent on riding the waves or for a spiritual getaway, trying out one water sport is an absolute must!

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