Skydiving in Bali - Best Places in Bali for Skydiving

Many have craved to go skydiving, and the thought of jumping off a helicopter flying thousands of feet in the air is adrenaline pumping. Well if you are in Bali, be it with your friends, partner or even on a solo trip, here’s your chance. The skydiving experience in Bali is one of the most unique and would surely remain as one of the most cherished moments of your life. 

When it comes to skydiving in Bali, it is not the ideal diver’s paradise. The scope of diving is very limited and only a few tour agencies offer this service. The most famous destination for skydiving is Kuta in Bali which offers tandem skydiving services.

Here is a list of best Skydiving Operators in Bali:

1. SkyDive Bali

Skydiving in Bali
The operator for skydiving in Bali offers tandem skydiving services which allow divers to jump off from a height of around 10000 feet with the instructor accompanying the diver till a distance of 4500 feet wherein both of them free falls.
Points to remember: Do not forget to try the different acrobatic activities under seemingly less gravitational pull. Upon 4500 feet, the parachutes are pulled off and divers slowly glide back safe to the ground.
Cost: USD 250

2. Tour East Indonesia

This agency is said to offer quite a memorable indoor skydiving experience as well. They are much safer and use aerodynamic tunnels for the purpose. Diver’s age ranges from a 4-year-old kid to senior people, with a bodyweight restriction of 100kgs. The tour is allowed for a maximum of 9 travellers.

It doesn't matter if you are a professional or beginner since special training is provided before the dive. The instructor makes the diver well versed with the preliminary movements and safety instructions. On top of that, the divers are equipped with special attire, helmet as well as shoes during the experience. The safety training machines emulate a free fall. During the dive, the wind speed is around 270 km/h.
Points to remember: The company allows a free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance. They offer training in only English languages. Mobile tickets are accepted for ease of the tourists and instant confirmation is provided after the booking is made.  
Cost: The cost of the 2-minute dive is around $ 51 which is inclusive of all taxes, fees and handling charges, a professional guide, use of helmets, a round trip shared transfer from the hotel via an air-conditioned vehicle.  

Things to Note When Skydiving in Bali

Skydiving with Kids
  1. People with a physical disability or confined to wheelchairs should refrain themselves from diving.
  2. People with heart problems or other serious medical conditions shall not risk into this activity.
  3. Pregnant women must stay away from this dive.
  4. Tourists with back problems shall also stay away from the dive.
  5. Children must be accompanied by elders.
Have a great time in a picturesque place and engage in as many fun activities as possible. Since the options of skydiving in Bali are quite limited and restrictive, you may also indulge in activities like paragliding and scuba diving.

This post was published by Saptorshi Gupta

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