How to Reach Bali

Bali is best reached from Europe and USA through air. Many international flights connect to Bali, with Jakarta as an intermediary, and also directly connect to Bali. The most popular airlines that lands there are AirAsia, Qatar Airways and, KLM.

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How to Reach Bali from India

Indian metropolitan cities are well connected by various aircraft services- Cathay Pacific and AirAsia.

Visa Policy for Indians

Indonesia has fluctuating Visa policies for every country. It is essential that you prepare your visas before landing in Bali, for the formalities can get exhausting. Visas on arrival can also be procured. Visit this website for more details:¾

How to reach Bali by flight

Most important airlines fly to Jakarta, which is a connector to Bali, but a few flights ¾land directly in Bali as well. The only airport in Bali, Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS), is just south of Kuta. The cheaper method is to take the flight to Jakarta and then travel to Bali.

How to reach Bali by road

There are a few car rental services all around Bali, but, it is advisable to only use cars in remoter areas. In Kuta and the main areas walking or public transport is advisable.

Local transport in Bali

The most common method of transport around Bali is the metered taxi, and these are available in the important parts of Bali such as Denpassar, Ubud and Kuta. In the relatively less urban areas, dokars(horse-carts), ojeks(motorcycles) and bemos(vans) are common means of transport. Dokars are slightly more on the expensive side, while the other two are easily available and cheap as well.

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