Telaga Waja Rafting - A Thrilling Balinese Experience

Bali is one of the choicest beach destinations worldwide. Every year, a bunch of tourists from all over the globe books ticket for this beautiful place in Indonesia to enjoy the most relaxing days at the pristine white sand beaches. However, most of them also visit the site not only for the beaches but for the host of adventure activities it offers. One of them is the famous Telaga Waja rafting in Bali and other marine adventures.

About Rafting at Telaga Waja

Telaga Waja Rafting
In case you are fond of the countryside greeneries more than the beaches, the river rafting experiences in Bali is just for you. White water river rafting in Bali is quite famous among the tourists who wish to spend the days at Bali a little differently from a usual beach vacation. Telaga Waja River is based on the international scale of rafting difficulty, Telaga Waja rafting is termed to be as rapid level II to IV. According to this scale, the rapids level increases with the complexity of the rafting in a river. Hence, you need to know the basics of rafting before you make your mind on going forward with this one.

Details About the Telaga Waja Rafting

The Telaga Waja River is situated at the Karangasem regency, which is a two-ride ride from Denpasar and Kuta. It’s located in the hilly region, and the environment is breathtaking.
Cost: (per person)
IDR 351782.50 (25 USD)

The Backstory 

Telaga Waja in local terms means ‘steel pond’, and it is termed so because of the once steady flow of the red-hot lava-like molten steel from the eruption of the Mount Agung. The volcanic emission is now solidified and transformed into a collection of beautiful natural boulders which are scattered all over the riverbed.  The name of the river is apt today as well because it is one of the most challenging river courses in Bali.  

Rafting: Levels of Difficulty 

Telaga Waja Rafting
As rafting at Telaga Waja is classified under the levels II, III and IV, many of you travellers might be a little confused about the actual difficulty of rafting in this river. To make things simpler for you, here’s what you need to know about the rapids scale of the difficulty levels of the Telaga Waja river.

Level II Rafting Difficulty
Here, some parts of the river usually have spacious and open channels, and also, the kind of rapids in the river is mostly straight forward. The streams are rocky at places, and there are quite easy to avoid even by the novice rafters. In this level, if a rafter falls off from the boat to the river, the injury will be minimal. The first 15 minutes of the Telaga Waja rafting is all about this level II rapids difficulty. Precisely, the first and the last 15 minutes of this river rafting is classified under the level II difficulty.

Level III Rafting Difficulty
In this level, the rapids will generally be moderate, and the rest of the rapids would be a little hard to avoid. Good manoeuvre and control of the boat are needed to pass some of the fast currents and tight passages. Here, in case the rafter falls off from the boat, an injury might happen. If the rafter is an excellent swimmer, he can rescue himself quickly from such an unfortunate situation. However, if the person is unable to swim correctly, rescue team might be needed.

Level IV Rafting Difficulty
This is the tough phase in the Telaga Waja rafting. The rafters will face turbulent water currents with some powerful and intense rapids. The river guide needs to do fast manoeuvres to keep up with the pressure. The rafters will face a high risk of injuries in case some falls off the boat, and also, a team of experts are needed for the rescue operations.

Rafting Tips for Beginners

  • If you are a beginner and it’s going to be your first time on rafting, you will experience some tough times at the Telaga Waja rafting.
  • However, if you still wish to go on with the same, you need to take along an experienced guide, who will know well the Telaga Waja river characteristics, for experiencing the best of this rafting session.
If you are looking for some adventure in Bali apart from a few relaxed evenings at the beach, then this river rafting experience is a must. You can have some great time here with your friends and family, and experience a very different side of the beautiful Bali, in Indonesia. You can get immersed in the green valleys of Rendang village with some fresh mountain air, occasional peek-a-boo of magnificent wild & exotic birds, and absolute pure joy! So, when are you booking your tickets for Bali?

This post was published by Anuradha Chakraborty

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