Food of Bali

Bali is a predominantly coastal city, and most of its food is based around the local produce- plantains, rice, jaggery, coconut and various kinds of vegetables and seafood. It is a mix of curries, rice dishes, skewered dishes, and seafood. Padang restaurants are best places for authentic Indonesian cuisine, but tourists cannot find authentic Balinese food there. Most of Balinese authentic cuisine is based on pork and beef, which is why it does not make its way to the predominantly Muslim population of mainland Indonesia. Therefore, the uniquely Balinese cuisine with a melange of spices can be found only at Bali. This comprises yam pinging (grilled chicken and seafood with an assortment of vegetables), ayamtutu (chicken cooked with spices) and satay, or pieces of meat marinated in peanut sauce and grilled. These are usually accompanied by rice. For breakfast, there are items like fried plantain with jaggery, fried cakes with jaggery. They also have a special kind of coffee, which is brewed traditionally. Most American chains are also found such as McDonaldęs and KFC, ubiquitously in Kuta and other tourist-visited areas.

Food for Indians in Bali

Bali is heavily influenced by Indian culture, so there is no dearth of Indian restaurants around the area. The most popular restaurants are Queenęs Tandoor, Warung Little India and Atithi. Vegetarian options can be found in the Indian Dhaba. Gateway Of India is also home to many varieties of Jain food.ľ

Bali Photos

Bali, Indonesia
Pura Tanah Lot - Cultural Icon of Tanah Lot
Ulu Watu - Situated in Bukit Peninsula, Bali
Mount Batur - Active Valcano in Indonesia

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