Beach Clubs in Bali - The Perfect Place to Have A Beachside Beer!

Bali has some of the best beach clubs that offer a world-class experience in terms of ambience, live music, world-renowned DJs, great dining and head-grooving music, and here is a list of the best beach clubs in Bali.
Beach Club in Bali

1. The Potato Beach Club, Seminyak

The Potato Beach Club is one of the top-rated and must-visit clubs of Bali. It has a mesmerizing tropical ambience that can keep your spirits high all day and all night. Its claim to fame are the infinity pool, well curated list of dance music and highly acclaimed DJs from across the globe. You could sit back by the pool side on the daybeds during mornings while you prep yourself for the high-energy partying for the long night. The club offers a good mix of modern and tropical ambience. It has a modern architecture and is a work of art. There are a good number of  boutiques and coffee bars in the surroundings that are as tempting as it is within the club. 

Price: There is no entry fee for the club but you have to pay for daybeds and food. It’s pricing is slightly high but for the luxury and quality that it offers, the pricing seems apt.  On an average, IDR 700.000 for two people (approx.) and IDR 50.000 for a pint of beer (approx.) may be the cost you may incur. 
Cuisine: They serve high-class world cuisine with some of the best snack and drinks options.
Booking: Since it is the most sought after club, you need to reach here early to make your booking. Early arrival can help you choose the seating of your choice. It gets really packed as it gets closer to sunset hours where the bar and poolside can get crowded.

2. Ku De Ta, Seminyak

It is one of Bali’s upmarket beach clubs with a simple but elegant setup. Its oceanfront infinity pool offers a great sunset view which makes the property tag itself as “Bali’s original sunset destination”. It has an open-plan with daybeds by the poolside and seating in the restaurant downstairs as well as on the top floor. Let the sounds of the waves hitting the shore and the mildly blowing breeze soothe your senses while the drinks and the scrumptious food to satisfy your hunger. 
Price: Often quoted as expensive, Ku De Ta aims to offer the best gastronomical experience. It is pricey and targets the affluent class who look for quality dining with posh set-up. On an average, it might cost IDR 400.000 for two people (approx.)
Cuisine: Mostly offers Asian, Fine Dining and World cuisine. Its drinks menu is rich with cocktails, beer and mocktails.
Booking: Being one of the most preferred beach clubs of Bali, it might get crowded during peak seasons. Booking is required for stays more than a day. However, for dining alone, booking is not required. Booking might help you reserve a table with a good view if you are particular.

3. Omnia Dayclub Bali, Uluwatu

If luxury is your lifestyle and staying sky-high thrills you, then you should visit Omnia Dayclub Bali in Uluwatu. It is unique and one of it’s kind in the entire island of Bali which makes it the most sought after beach club in Bali. This place is chic and stylish. Perched atop the limestone cliffs of Uluwatu, it’s open-air setup projects into the sea. The jaw-dropping views shall leave you mesmerized. The beach club’s swimming pool, award-winning cuisine and 3 great bars are the luxury elements here. Live music from the best DJs shall elevate your senses as you cherish the ambience.

Price: When we are taking luxury, we should guess the pricing. The club has a fee for entrance which only lets you explore the beach club area. You have to pay separately for using the daybeds or the bar or even the swimming pool. However, ordering food and drinks from the menu can let you use the lounge. It might cost IDR 700.000 for two people (approx.) with alcohol.
Cuisine: The club has two kitchens. While the one on the deck serves casual dining, the one in the Sake no Hana restaurant serves exquisite Japanese cuisine. 
Booking: Booking is required to dine in this beach club. Being the most recent and popular destination among tourists and locals, this place is usually heavily crowded, therefore, booking can help you reserve a table.

4. One-eighty, Uluwatu

Luxury is brought to life at this spectacular day club in Bali. The jaw-dropping views of the Indian ocean from the 500 feet high cliff along with the pool experience while you peep down the glass-bottomed infinity pool gives you a memorable experience. Feel cosy in the enclosed bars while you enjoy a wide range of their wines and cocktails. You could capture some excellent panoramic views of the far-stretched Indian ocean from the lounge. Alternatively, treat your taste buds with the best lip-smacking food alongside some glorious drinks while unique ambience adds to the excitement. The staff is friendly and their attentiveness makes the service an incredible one. You could relax over a cuppa or a cocktail while the mild and apt music settles you down.

Price: The price is steep but apt for the service and quality. You need to pay those extra bucks when you get VIP service! It comes up to IDR 800.000 for two people (approx.) and IDR 60.000  for a pint of beer (approx.)
Cuisine: Popular dishes on their menu fall under Indonesian, Western or Italian categories. 
Booking: Booking is needed for table reservations. 

5. The Lawn, Canggu

Are you the type who prefers a bean bag to a luxe couch? Then, The Lawn at Canggu is the perfect pick for you. Its bean bag setup with the best chic atmosphere can give you all it needs to turn on the party mood. This is the place you should head out to for the best beachside parties in town, especially on a Friday night when the party mood sores up too high. The Lawn has amazing sunset viewpoints that adds zing while you are there. Constantly played music that is mostly the Afrobeats, sometimes Yacht music or any EDM can be rest assured while you sip a drink or gaze at the sunset or indulge in the vibrant atmosphere.

Price: Pricing is average and makes it a popular one among youngsters and tourists.IDR 300.000 for two people (approx.) 

Cuisine: Bar food such as nibble grabs and snacks are the most popular ones while drinks and their International cuisine are also equally rated well. The liquor, snacks and food has mostly a local Indonesian flavour that makes it an interesting place to dine at.

Booking: Booking is needed since it gets busy during the evenings and late hours. Additionally, booking helps to choose a daybed or a cabana of your choice.

6. The Sundays Beach Club Bali, Uluwatu

Come to Sundays Beach Club in Uluwatu for a relaxed, seafront experience. Especially during sunset, you could munch some marshmallows while deciding on your choice from the gourmet menu or choose your drink from the tempting menu and sit the comfortable bean bags to enjoy the bonfire set up with the sea view backdrop. The white sandy beaches and azure waters are more lucrative than the stand up paddle boarding, kayaking and snorkelling that are complementary at the club. Live music from various artists is their icing on the cake. 

Price: Moderately priced. The pricing will not make you guilty as you choose the food or drinks.IDR 700.000 for two people (approx.)

Cuisine:  If you are a seafood fan, then their gourmet menu shall not disappoint you! Specializing in Western and Asian cuisine, of course with a little bit of  Indonesian flavour, their All Day Menu is rich and leaves you in a dilemma to choose from one of the many options. Breakfast and bar menu is interesting too.

Booking: You could walk-in without a booking too or get the best spot by the beach if you book earlier. They serve on a first-come-first-served basis which helps the early birdies catch a better spot.

7. Ulu Cliffhouse, Uluwatu

Are you looking for some beachside fun or some fun in the pool or a pool party with lots of beer, wine or cocktail/ Whatever be your requirement, Ulu Cliffhouse shall cater to that! While the deck on the Oceanfront is a slice of heaven on earth, the party vibes by the poolside brings out the party animal in you. This beachclub is a class apart. Its setup and locale give you an out of the world experience. Its elaborate drinks menu leaves you baffled with options while the food menu makes you order everything from starters to desserts. It is modern, chic and classy and houses the best of everything that one can expect out of a beachclub. It offers the best views of the Indian Ocean and the sunset views are spectacular. The parties here are a boon since it seem like they are hosted in heaven. The DJs are world-class and are rotated throughout the week giving you fresh and different music each day. The music and ambience feels perfect, especially as the sun fades down the sky.

Price: Not too pricey, fairly priced drinks and food for IDR 200.000 for two people (approx.)

Cuisine: Wide range of Italian, Western and European cuisine is available for you to choose from. Not to forget the cocktails and seafood speciality.

Booking: Book a table to get the best spot that offers a great view. 

8. El Kabron Cliff Club, Bingin

If you have ever imagined yourself in an infinity pool amidst an envious setup which has an Oceanic backdrop and gorgeous sunset views, it surely must be at the El Kabron Cliff Club. Here, every picture clicked can be featured or flaunted. The sound of the waves hitting the rocks is so vivid that you would often want to do nothing else but listen to it all day long. The evenings get better here with the music from DJs which help you settle down better as the sunset views take charge of your excitement. A cocktail or a beer, whichever you fancy can only add the extra zing you want to make your stay complete. The dinners are appetizing, the snacks are scrumptious and the drinks are fabulous.

Price: It is on par with most average priced restaurants costing IDR 700.000 for two people (approx.) 

Cuisine: They serve Spanish cuisine with a very elaborate Bar Menu that serves palatable snacks and thirst quenching drinks. 

Booking: Booking is recommended to choose between the indoor and outdoor seating.

9. COMO Beach Club, Canggu

If surfing is your fantasy and sophistication is your style then the COMO Beach Club in Canggu is your destination. You can be guaranteed of a thrilling surf break while you are here. If you do not cherish surfing, then too, you would feel elite with a posh set up and a stylish ambience. The whole property is eco-conscious and serves some of the best food with local flavours. You would love to sit by the daybeds and relax in style when you do not want to go surfing on the waves.

Price: For dining, wining and all the pleasure in this club, you may have to spend an average price of IDR 400.000 for two people (approx.)

Cuisine: They serve Western and Asian cuisine. The food here is one of the best you can find in Bali.

Booking: In order to avoid disappointment, we recommend you to reserve a table before you reach the place.

10. Azul Beach club, Legian

Tiki Bar

Fancy a stay in a treehouse resort on the tropical island of Bali? Head straight to Azul Beach club Bali with no doubt then! It has an open air restaurant that gives you a great oceanic view. You could sit back on a lounger by the infinity pool side where you could relax and sip your favourite drink. You could plan a beachside party while you are here and it will surely turn out fantastic!

Price: Keep aside an average of IDR 300.000 for two people (approx.) while you are here.

Cuisine: Western cuisine is what they serve. The drinks and food are commendable!

Booking: Booking would be necessary since it is one of the most sought after beach clubs in this area.

11. Ibiza in Bali, Jimbaran

You would not mind a slice of Spain in Bali, would you? Ibiza in Bali is one of those sought after places in Bali where you get to taste exquisite Spanish Cuisine. Choose a daybed next to the pool or a fine spot in the rooftop bar or immerse yourself in the jacuzzi  and unwind your senses as each of these have a unique offering for you. The food is too good to be true with Spanish flavours working on your palate to make your mouth water for the next morsel. 

Price: IDR 400.000 for two people (approx.) is what you could expect on an average. The menu is fairly priced for the wholesome experience in this beach club.

Cuisine: No doubt, it has Spanish cuisine. There are also other Western food options if you would like to try out.

Booking: Table reservations are recommended. Your would want to spend a lot of time while you are here, so a booking definitely helps you to plan a day out here.

12. Cocoon Beach Club,  Legian

It is quite rare to find a place with a good mix of food, drinks and ambience - all at a fairly reasonable price. The Cocoon Beach Club is one such destination for all your vacation needs. It isn’t very upmarket, and is definitely affordable and stylish. There are three separate dining areas for each meal. The menu delights you with its delectable food and drink options. Lie down on a daybed or a lounger by the pool, and retract from the fatigue of an intense itinerary during your trip to Bali. Renowned DJs play great music that adds to your joy and triggers a party mood in you. 

Price: It costs you around IDR 500.000 for two people (approx.). 

Cuisine: Gourmet Bar Menu and Western cuisine is served here.

Booking: Please book your table as it is recommended.

13. Roosterfish Beach Club, Pandawa

If a beach behind a mountainous region excites you, hold on for a while until you learn about a hidden gem in such a locale! The Roosterfish Beach Club is the place we are talking about and it  is the only beach club on the Pandawa Beach of Bali. Friends, family or fellow tourists or who ever you want to hang out with, this is the perfect pick. White sand, turquoise blue waters, fabulous setting, great location, delicious food, sparkling drinks - well, can you ask for anything more? All you need now is a quick plan to Roosterfish Beach Club while you tour around in Bali. The resident DJs shall turn on your mood too, aptly with their best choice of music.

Price: You could expect IDR 450.000 for two people (approx.).

Cuisine: You could dine casually here and relish Italian and Western Cuisine. A wide variety of drinks are available to choose from.

Booking: Booking is required for your visit to Roosterfish Beach Club

14. Karma Beach Bali, Uluwatu

This beach club is unique and allows you to either book a stay or take a day pass to spend your time as per your schedule. The beach club offers one of the best views of the Indian Ocean and its sunset views are par excellence. The crystal clear water and pristine beaches are a value differentiator. Apart from the bamboo and grass setup, the movie nights hosted here during the week are a unique attraction. Guests can use the bar side lounge or relax with the sea view on the daybeds and gaze at nature’s marvel endlessly. 

Price: You shall easily spend IDR 700.000 for two people (approx.) while you are here.

Cuisine: Western and European cuisine are their highlights. Do not forget to try their wood-fired pizza which is their speciality.

Booking: Walk-in guests are welcome, however, reservation makes it simpler for you to get a table at your preferred location and time.

15. SugarSand, Seminyak

A new venue with magnificent views on the popular beach front of Seminyak is how we can describe SugarSand beach club in Seminyak. Super delicious food is served with great service by friendly staff who leave no stone unturned to make your dining an experience to take back home. Do you fancy tasting some of their delectable snacks and fresh and creative cocktails? If yes, then you have a good list to choose from. The club setup is inspired by the Balinese Wildlife and has carefully chosen decor for the interiors to match its theme. The music at SugarSand is an added pleasure. Overall, your visit to SugarSand shall give you a unique experience that is a medley of great food, fabulous music and refreshing drinks, all coming with a great view of Indian Ocean.

Price: Entrance is free. However, there is a minimum food & beverage spend of IDR 500.000 per daybed. You may spend IDR 200.000 for two people (approx.)  with alcohol.

Cuisine: You can relish any of your favourites from their Western cuisine and shall not be disappointed at all !

Booking: SugarSand welcomes walk-in guests but prefers a booking before your arrival. 

16. Sandy bay beach Club, Nusa Lembongan

If the sound of the crashing waves and alfresco dining is what you fancy, Sandy Bay beach club is the place you should go to. Their choice of cocktails, the long menu of food and drinks is a blessing while on a vacation. Kids shall not be disappointed too since the beach club houses some of the best ice creams that kids can binge on while you continue to order drink after another. The cute infinity pool and the live music band only adds joy to the wholesome experience. DJ sessions on Saturdays are something you should watch out for. They have a free pickup service that works on a first-come-first-serve basis, so give them a ring soon after your plan is frozen to avail their pickup service!

Price: Average spend here might be around IDR 500.000 approximately.

Cuisine: Local Seafood is their speciality. However, they do serve European and Western cuisine. 

Booking: Reservations are encouraged here before your arrival.

17. Komune Resort and Beach club, Gianyar

Delish food, colourful cocktails, freshly made pizzas, healthy salads and juices - all welcome you to Komune Resort and Beach Club in Gianyar. Watch the beautiful sun fade down the horizon while you chill out on a hammock or a beanbag or choose to surf those waves for the adventure you ever wanted. Those promising nibbles on the menu can treat you in either case of chill or thrill experience. The villas and rooms can tempt you to extend you stay for longer if you mind and money let you do so!

Price: It might Costs IDR 400.000 for two, so not pricey at all!

Cuisine: Asian and Western cuisine is what they serve, with many salad and dessert options to choose from.

Booking: Please make a booking before you reach here.

18. Tropicola Beach Club Bali, Seminyak

The key differentiator in this beach club is the burst of vibrant colours used in the entire club. Your eye can catch red, yellow, blue, green and many other colours as you tour along this beach club. These colours seem to instantly cheer you up and then let’s you settle down to think about what next you would like to explore. Their Bar menu is elaborate and lets you choose from a variety of drinks and nibbles. The Food menu is interesting too with seafood highlights along with vegan and vegetarian friendly food. There are a number of events that take place here like Friends Friday, Pool Party, Tropicola Wednesdays and seasonal events like Xmas party, New Year's Eve party and the like. 

Price: You may spend around IDR 400.000 for two people (approx.) for food and beverages alone.

Cuisine: Bar menu, with asian and western cuisine is available here.

Booking: Table booking is recommended here. 

19. S.K.A.I. Beach Club Bali, Legian

Get sun-soaked while you recline on the lounger or treat yourself with a plunge in the infinity pool for an aqua-relaxation while you are at the S.K.A.I Beach Club in Bali. This is one of those stylish beach clubs you would love to choose from while you are in Bali with family. The seating and dining area is neat and well laid. You could plan to shop in their boutique for some souvenirs from Bali or just spend all your bucks on the food and drinks in the resort. Their nightlife is promising and the live music is lively. 

Price: Plan to spend around IDR 500.000 for two approximately for food and drinks here.

Cuisine: Choose from the variety in their Western cuisine which has a local twist too.

Booking: Booking is required if you are planning to visit here.

20. Finns Beach Club, Canggu

It is no exaggeration when we say this all-bamboo structure houses nine bars, a sushi bar and six restaurants! Come here to experience an amazing gastronomical pleasure while club flaunts the best oceanic views for you to gaze all-day long! It is a must visit hangout with four stunning pools and a variety of daybeds and loungers for you to recline on. A cocktail or two from their exquisite menu along with some delicious grabs is something you ought to try out. Furthermore, you could choose the Finns VIP Beach Club for some luxe services where you feel nothing less than a celebrity in style.

Price: You will easily be spending IDR 600.000 for two people (approx.) and IDR 50.000  for a pint of beer (approx.). 

Cuisine: Stylish cuisine with Western and Italian food is something you can expect while you are here.

Booking: This kid friendly beach club recommends you to reserve a table before your arrival.

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