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Beaches in Sri Lanka

A small island like Sri Lanka sure has plenty of beaches to offer. Beaches in Sri Lanka cater to all kinds of needs - upbeat nightlife favourite beaches, couple retreat beaches, offbeat explorative beaches, adventure peaches, Instagram perfect beaches and still, some more. Ask and Sri Lanka will probably have that kind of a beach tucked away in one of its coastal towns.

Here is the list of 18 Beaches in Sri Lanka For A Perfect Island Vacation

1. Unawatuna Beach, Unawatuna

Unawatuna Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Sri Lanka, which draws both tourists as well as the locals to its everlasting beauty. This banana shaped beach, with its golden sand, sparkling water, and lush palm trees is the perfect place to relax and spend some quality time with your family. There are sunbeds available for you to sit back relax and enjoy your day with a drink.

2. Galle Face Green, Colombo

3.8 /5

Galle Face Green is a beautiful beach in Sri Lanka with a park stretching half a kilometre along the coast of Colombo's business district. This picturesque 5 hectare park was laid out by Sir Henry George Ward in 1859. It actually used to be quite bigger back then and was actually used for many different sports, like golf, cricket, horse riding and rugby.

3. Ventura Beach, Bentota

Ventura Beach is one of the most popular and breathtaking beaches in Sri Lanka, often known to be one of the many beautiful golden beaches in the country. It is a gorgeous luxury resort and hotel that make it a top tourist magnet in the country. It is also one of the best locations to engage in water sports and sightseeing activities.

4. Mirissa Beach, Mirissa

With a coastline as long as 1,585 KM, this island country does not fall short of beaches. Mirissa Beach in Sri Lanka is a must-visit with its serene blue waters, relaxful beach ambiance, exciting nightlife and adventurous water activities. Mirissa is a small town in the south coast of the country and is 150 KM away from the capital, Colombo.

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5. Dickwella Beach, Sri Lanka

Located in the market town of Dickwella, this beach in Sri Lanka is not that popular among tourists but is usually frequented by the locals and is a gem just lying in wait to be discovered by the masses. The beach is formed naturally in a way that it caters to families; protected by reefs, sandbars, and formations which keep swimmers from venturing too far into the sea which makes it perfect for the children and adults alike learning to swim.

6. Polhena Beach, Sri Lanka

The best beach in the Matara area is the cosy small sandy cove that is protected by a reef offshore, Polhena beach, allows you to snorkel and spot turtles although visibility is said to be not that great. Families and locals take up most of the beach learning to swim and playing with inflatables.

7. Weligama Bay, Weligama

Weligama Bay is located by the Weligama beach. Weligama means “sandy village” in the local language, and you can guess why. It is a beautiful sand beach in Sri Lanka that is the perfect spot for surfing. It is a calm place, where you can lie on the sane and enjoy the mild breeze. The shallow waters are perfect to go for a swim, even take kids with you.

8. Hikkaduwa Beach, Hikkaduwa

The island of Sri Lanka brings to you beaches that are popular for their beauty and surfing spots. One such cosy beach town in Sri Lanka is Hikkaduwa. Located in south-west Sri Lanka, Hikkaduwa is endowed with palm trees by the shorelines, clean blue waters all this alongside the backdrop of the warm sun.

9. Negombo Beach, Negombo

Negombo Beach is an attraction that lures in tourists from all over the world. It is a cluster of smaller beaches, each stunning and mesmerizing. It is a popular coastal destination in the western part of the country. This beach in Sri Lanka has a very long stretch that make it suitable for long walks while enjoying the gorgeous palm trees.

10. Induruwa Beach, Induruwa

Known for its serenity and tranquillity, Induruwa Beach is where scenic village beauty and the picturesque sandy coves combine to give a vibe and feeling that is special to Induruwa. Apart from providing the much-needed peace, access to nearby attractions is effortless from here for tourists. People are known to take dips in the water without venturing in too far as there are no provisions as of now.

11. Kalpitiya Beach, Kalpitiya

Kalpitiya is located in the north of Sri Lanka and is a collection of 14 islands. The group of islands is primarily known for its waterfronts and attracts a lot of crowd throughout the year. Two things that people visit Kalpitiya, especially for are watersports and dolphins. The island is surrounded by a long stretch of sand that attracts a lot of tourists because of its scenic beauty.

12. Tangalle Beach, Tangalle

Tangalle is a town located in Hambantota district in Southern Province, Sri Lanka. The city is known for its vast stretches of beaches and has a typical tropical setting. Tangalla Beach, located in this town, has often been voted as the best beach in Sri Lanka by the locals, the travellers and the tourists.

13. Koggala Beach, Unawatuna

Sri Lanka is home to many different beaches and is a paradise for all the beach lovers. Located in the Galle district is the unexplored and pristine Koggala beach. This beach in Sri Lanka takes the credit for being the longest beach in the country, for visitors to indulge in the perfect holiday of sand, surf and sun.

14. Nilaveli Beach , Nilaveli

The Nilaveli Beach is approximately 1 kilometre long and is surrounded by lush, green vegetation on both sides. Onlooking the beach from a little far away is Pigeon Island, which is a famous spot for snorkeling and diving. The reef there provides a perfect place to explore the ocean.

15. Uppuweli Beach, Uppuweli

Surrounded by villages, guesthouses and palm trees, Uppuveli Beach is THE place to mellow and chill out to some tunes sunbathing, taking in the scenery it offers. Food lovers can have an abundance of seafood right from the beach from the locals. This beach in Sri Lanka also provides ample opportunities to snorkel, jet ski and try out several other water sports while letting people swim and have fun in the water.

16. Beruwala - Simple lifestyle and rich gastronomy!

3.0 /5

Kalutara District in Western Goa is home to the Beruwala beach town. Located 60 km South of Colombo there are splendid sights in and around this peaceful town. The first ever beach resort on the west coast and is located near the Alguthama fishing village and the ever famous Bentota beach resort.

17. Kalkudah Beach

A bay that is home to around 2 km of Golden sands that if visited at the right time is so peaceful and deserted; away from the bustling towns and cities. The waves are said to be unpredictable at times, but that is in no way a hindrance to the people that want to swim because they add an element of surprise and excitement.

18. Arugam Bay - Sri Lanka's Surfing Paradise!

3.2 /5

Known For : Crocodile Rock, Arugam Bay Arugam Bay Beach Elephant Rock, Arugam Bay

The Sri Lankan coastal town of Arugam Bay lies on the Indian Ocean, 320 kilometres from the capital city Colombo. With several surfing spots scattered across the area, for both beginners as well as skilled surfers, Arugam Bay is often called a surfer’s paradise. The famous surfing points here are Main Point and Whiskey Point, with surfboard rentals in their proximity.  If you’re a non-surfer, you can choose to chill on the beautiful beaches. At night, these beaches in Sri Lanka play host to many beach parties, offering a chance to soak in the lively atmosphere.

Sri Lanka is a favourite destination for all beach and adventure lovers. Beaches in Sri Lanka are a delight visit and all of them have in common - good seafood, great sunsets and a serene sea breeze such that missing them would cost dearly to your experience.

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