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With a coastline as long as 1,585 KM, this island country does not fall short of beaches. Sri Lanka’s Mirissa Beach is a must-visit with its serene blue waters, relaxful beach ambiance, exciting nightlife and adventurous water activities. Mirissa is a small town in the south coast of the country and is 150 KM away from the capital, Colombo.

When one wishes to spend a flamboyant and colorful vacation against the breezy winds of the beach with mouth-watering delicacies and exuberant resorts to stay in, Mirissa Beach should definitely be on that list when coming to Sri Lanka. The lined up palm trees along the shore, sunset walks to the Palm Tree Grove, whales peeping out to say their hellos, colorful boats beautifully decked up against the backdrop of the sea, the beach shacks, dancing dolphins, adventurous water sports and the candle light dinners at night - Mirissa beach has much to offer. Out and about in this laid-back yet adventurous location, travellers can find a sort of satisfaction that is rare to few destinations only; Mirissa Beach being one of them.

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Best Time to Visit Mirissa Beach

Located in a slightly isolated southern tip in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka, Mirissa beach is open to travellers throughout the year. However, due to diverse weather change, the best time to visit Mirissa Beach of Sri Lanka is between December to March in a year. January to March, being the driest of the month, it also remains peak time for visiting the place. As temperature rises in April and May, it is considerably difficult to survive the scorching heat, so Mirissa experiences off season during this time. Those who are interested to explore beaches during rain can also come between June and July, but chances are that most of the sight seeing and water activities might get inhibited due to rainfall.

Things to do in Mirissa Beach

1. Whales and Dolphins Watching
Mirissa is one of the only places in Sri Lanka where you get to see blue dolphins dancing around and occasionally jumping. To go for dolphin watching, the appropriate time is usually early in the morning. There are many companies that arrange whale watching tours in different price ranges - 2000 to 6000 LKR. While tracking dolphins and whales, leave for the tour early to avoid the sun. If lucky, you can also see marine life in the sea shore, too.

2. Snorkelling and Surfing
Snorkelling and Surfing is quite a popular sport in Mirissa beach. The water is shallow and clear which makes it a great place for snorkelling and viewing the glorious underwater world. Snorkelling near the reef makes the experience more worthwhile in Mirissa. Surfing is also popular among beginners and intermediates surfers. There are many authorised snorkelling centres and surfing points appointed.  

3. Diving
Diving is quite prevalent in Mirissa Beach of Sri Lanka. The waves here are a little large which further helps the divers to get a better diving experience. However, if one wishes to get a sight of the dolphins, then it gets quite exciting and challenging. As a recreation, diving in the sky-blue water is quite popular among tourists and travellers. There are authorised dive centres like Sri Lanka Diving Academy, Mirissa Dive Center, Mirissa Blue Ocean Diving Center from where travellers can take help. 

4. Palm Tree Grove:
Palm Tree Grove Mirissa
A 30 minutes walk from the main Mirissa Beach, Palm tree Grove is a perfect destination to see the sunset against the sparkling white-sand beach to refresh and relax. This place is quite a popular spot among travellers for its appealing serenity and beauty.

5. Swimming
Earlier the beach used to be a secret and off-beat place visited by travellers only, but now in recent times, Mirissa beach is gaining popularity. Tourists, from around the globe come to Mirissa beach and also enjoy swimming peacefully on this beach during the day time, without any problem. 

6. Cocktails on the beach
One can celebrate with exotic cocktails on the beach. One can find dozens of beach bars all decked up on the white sand beach, waiting for the traveller to choose their desired cocktail. Enjoy a breezy cocktail under the setting sun to remind yourselves why vacations are necessary!

7. Walk along the beach line
Taking a stroll on the beach at sunrise is a refreshing experience with fewer crowds.

8. Seafood in Mirissa Beach
The beach shacks are famous for the variety of fresh seafood. The famous Little Tuna Sushi and the lobsters are a must-eat in the to-do list.

Nightlife in Mirissa Beach

  • Nightlife in Mirissa is as exciting as all the other activities offered at this beach. One can get exotic range of food, cocktails and clubbing experiences in and around Mirissa sea beach. Even if not hungry, the breezy wind on the beach is enjoyable. Few options that can be explored in Mirissa are :
  • Candle Light Dinners - It is a very popular thing at Mirissa. A soft sea breeze under a star-studded sky alongside a dimly-lit candle and the gentle lull of the sea make for a serene and soothing dinner that can hardly be missed when at Mirissa. There are many options to avail this experience - many restaurants situated on the white sand cater to this facility. 
  • Cocktails - Mirissa-popular cocktails make it a favourable and loved destination from travellers all around. There is no restriction to alcohol in this beach. Sip on your favourite cocktails from the vivid range provided at the beachfront restaurants. Take away a glass and enjoy it in the beach shack to get a perfect chance of experiencing Mirissa’s nightlife.
  • Seafood Joints - Visiting a beach destination and not trying seafood is unacceptable. Seafood a Mirissa is tasty and delicious. There are innumerable options available at the various restaurants along the beach such that you will tire before you can count them. Have a plate of grilled red snapper or Mahi Mahi fish with salad for a sumptuous experience.
  • Night Walks - Taking a stroll on the beach during the night is very peaceful. Even in the night, the beach remains fully crowded and lit up with lights with people enjoying all around. A walk amidst that will be a great option to truly experience nightlife in Mirissa.
  • Clubbing - Mirissa beach has a handful number of clubbing spots, an excellent place for party lovers and clubbers. Get your grooves ready to party till the sun rises in Sri Lanka’s very own party beach!

Tips for Visiting Mirissa Beach

  • While going to the beach, carry an extra pair of clothing.
  • Do not forget to carry your hats and sunglasses to the beach to avoid the sun.
  • Always carry few ziplock bags to keep your gadgets safe.
  • Carry water and sunscreen as required.

How To Reach Mirissa Beach

Mirissa beach is conveyance friendly. Nearest airport is Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo City. From there, one can avail private transport which might cost one around 12,000 t0 13,000 LKR. Apart from that, one can also go to Missa Town by booking on spot or advanced ticket from Colombo Fort Station to Mirissa. It might take 3.5 - 5 hours of time. One can also take buses that run regularly from the capital and many other cities, round the clock, to Mirissa. After reaching Mirissa, one can easily reach Mirissa beach by a tuk-tuk.

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