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Weligama Bay is located by the Weligama beach. Weligama means “sandy village” in the local language, and you can guess why. It is a beautiful sand beach that is the perfect spot for surfing. It is a calm place, where you can lie on the sane and enjoy the mild breeze. The shallow waters are perfect to go for a swim, even take kids with you.

Not only for the purpose of swimming and surfing, but people come here during the early morning hours or at dusk to capture the picturesque scenery created by the clear water, white sand beach, the locals and palm trees. The Taprobane island here is also quite a famous location. It is a small island with a resort. You will find many helpful locals and guides who are always available to help you learn new techniques of surfing.

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Things to Do at Weligama Bay

Fishing in Weligama Bay
Fishing is done here in a unique way, by a method called stilt fishing. Standing in a stance that looks like that of flamingos in water, the fishermen use a vertical pole. They climb on the pole and seated on top of it, they use a rod to fish. Keeping themselves a few feet above the water, they take the support of the pole and keep their prizes (that is the caught fish) into their bags. It is a sight which cannot be missed because what appears to look like flamingos in water are actually fishermen going about their daily work.

Surfing in Weligama Bay
Weligama is a village that is completely dedicated to surfing. With the waves aiding to learning how to surf, all kinds of surfers from beginners to pros can try their skills here.

The guides here are professionally trained and they all speak English, apart from their local language. If you are not a native, do not worry, the guides are well adept in speaking the English language. So, there will not be any communication gap.

Tours at Weligama Bay

Matara Snake Farm Visit in Weligama Bay
This is unlike any other tour. In Matara snake farm tour you will be able to witness hundreds of snakes in their natural habitat, slithering about the ground, unaffected by anything. As Sri Lanka is known as a country having rich biodiversity, snakes here are a common occurrence. There are more than 115 varieties of snakes here. You will also find 12 poisonous species of water snakes as well.

This is only named a farm, but it actually is a shelter for snakes, which are brought in by the nearby villagers. Some of the snakes, if injured, can receive treatment along with food and shelter on a temporary basis. The shelter is handled by professional reptile handlers. So, a visit to this place is completely safe and one may gain a lot of knowledge about these beautiful reptiles. The ayurvedic doctors that are also the owners of the shelter, provide treatment and cure from the poison of the snakes.

Coconut Plantation Tour in Weligama Bay
The coconut plantation is located nearby, which you can cover by walking. The tour is especially enlightening as you can see the locals using coconuts for various purposes. You are sure to learn a lot about these drupes and how they come in humans’ aid.

Historical Tour of Weligama Bay
Weligama is not far away from its history. Nearby the bay is located the statue of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara. It is a statue carved in stone dating back to the 6th century! This statue tells a story of a king who had leprosy and was advised to drink coconut water for 3 months to cure himself of it. He did as he was told and miraculously he was cured. This story also adds more value to the locals' belief of coconut as a life-saving food.

Lessons Available for Surfing at Weligama Bay

Beginner Lessons
The beginner course is a two-hour course that begins in the morning. Before you are led to the waters you will be taught how to keep yourself balanced on the board, while you are on top of the waves.

You will also be given safety tips and protective gears to save yourself from incurring any harm or injury.

Pro Lessons
The professionals here are experienced in nearly a decade of surfing. So, expect that the guides will give you all the pro tips and tricks to improve your surfing skills.

Tips for Surfing at Weligama Bay

  • Respect other surfers. It is to say that do not steal other waves. If you see someone on the wave before you, consider that wave taken. Wait for your turn.
  • If you are new to surfing, then it is best to try rising waves even if they are not what you consider the perfect wave to ride. Since you are only starting, the more you ride the better you will get at surfing.
  • No matter how tempting risk-taking may be if you do not think you can ride a certain wave, stay away from it. If you are in doubt, it is best to sit this one out.
  • Leave your fears behind when you are going to surf. You should not panic when you are in the water. Try to bind everything to your advantage.
  • No one is a pro as soon as they get on the surfboard. Learning how to surf takes time. Even if you cannot learn how to surf like professionals, that's okay. With more tries and lessons you will slowly get the hang of it.
  • No children are allowed to surf here. Children above the age of 7 and below 18 need to be accompanied by an older person.
  • Although you will be provided with all the protective gears and surfboards, you will have to carry your own swimsuit or buy one at the nearby stores. You will also have to carry your personal towel, as you will not be provided with one here.
  • Check the weather conditions before you head out for surfing. If the weather is not suitable, you will not be allowed to surf.

How To Reach Weligama Bay

The Weligama beach is located near the Weligama bay in the Matara district of Sri Lanka. It is a clean, long beach village that specializes in surfing. There are car pickups and drop available to the beach from your hotel. You can also avail the local tuk-tuk rides.

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