Honeymoon in Sri Lanka For A Perfect Romantic Getaway With Your Loved One!

The gorgeous country of Sri Lanka can prove to be the ideal location for your romantic getaway! The golden sandy beaches, breathtaking sunsets, mouth-watering Sri Lankan food and of course, the water activities, are sure to make you fall in love with this gorgeous place. Make this your ultimate honeymoon destination! 

Here are some things that you can do while embarking on this lovely journey! 

1) Visit the beautiful and historic Churches

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Christianity is a minority religion in Sri Lanka. It was introduced to the island in the first century, but since then Sri Lanka has been the home to beautiful churches that have stunning architecture. You can visit these churches with your loved one and completely lose yourself in the beautiful paintings, sculptures, several statuettes, ceiling art and traditions. You can be part of the morning prayer, and if you’re lucky, you may get to witness a wedding taking place too! So don’t forget to go on a romantic walk with your loved one and visit one of the many churches when on your honeymoon in Sri Lanka! 
1. St. Mary’s Church
Where: 66 Lauries Road, Colombo
Highlights: Inspired by the Neoclassical Movement

2. St. Sebastian’s Church 
Where: 207 Sea Street, Negombo
Highlights: Gothic Architecture, inspired by France’s Reims Cathedral 

3. National Shrine of Our Lady of Madhu
Where: Puliyadi Irakkamam-Madhu Road, Madu
Highlights: About 400 years old, Centre for pilgrimage and worship for Sri Lankan Catholics 

2) Don’t miss out on beach time with your loved one! 


There is no place more romantic than the beach. The gorgeous turquoise water, smooth breeze, and swirling palm trees will freshen your mood and make your honeymoon in Sri Lanka live up to your dreams! Who doesn’t like sipping on fresh coconut water, swinging on a hammock and going swimming along with your partner in crime? It’s the ultimate romantic getaway, and Sri Lanka is here for it! Its fantastic beaches are all that you’ve ever imagined! Live your dream with long walks on the beach, local beachside shopping, and of course, indulging in fantastic seafood at the beachside cafes! Make this honeymoon the best vacation of your life by spending quality time with your significant other in some of the best seaside resorts from this country. 
Best beaches in Sri Lanka for honeymoon:

1. Bentota Beach is known for the beautiful mangrove trees. 
2. Negombo Beach -  Best for a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere with scenic boat rides
3. Mirissa Beach - Known for Whale Watching 
4. Arugam Bay Beach - Best for Surfing and Fishing 
5. Koggala Beach - Known for its rare turtle species 

Best Beachside Restaurants 

1. Bentota Rock beach restaurant, Bentota 
Phone:  +94 774310605

2. The Container Beach Restaurant
Phone: +94 767500183

3) Explore the beauty of Sri Lankan cuisine


Sri Lankan Food is something that you wouldn’t want to miss out! The use of spices and fresh ingredients is what makes it so unique! Beachside cafes are just the beginning, Sri Lanka has so much more to offer. The place is full of local as well as luxury restaurants to challenge your tastebuds! With its Portuguese, Dutch, British and South Indian influence, it offers something for everyone with a completely different, fusion cuisine! Your Honeymoon in Sri Lanka gives you the perfect opportunity to indulge in this extravagant cuisine.
Must Try - Rice with curry, Mutton, fish or chicken. Pickled fruit, coconut sambol, karibath (milk - rice), Kottu (spicy stir fry with shredded roti and vegetables), Appam, Kool (seafood broth from Jaffna containing crab, fish, cuttlefish, prawns, and crayfish). Also, try out the famous Nasi Goreng. 

Must Visit Restaurants when in Sri Lanka - 

1. The Lagoon: One of the best places in Sri Lanka when it comes to Fresh and delicious Sea Food 
Address: 77 A2, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Approx price for two: LKR 6000

2. Chutneys: If you’re into authentic South Indian and Sri Lankan fusion food, then this is the place for you 
Address: 75 Galle Road, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Approx price for two: LKR 4000

3. Ministry Of Crab: A must visit place for crab lovers
Address: Old Dutch Hospital Complex, 04 Hospital St, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Approx price for two: LKR 6000 

4) Sit back and unwind with a Spa Day! 


Your honeymoon in Sri Lanka should be about relaxing with your loved one beside you. What else can be better than a beautiful spa day! Pamper yourself and your significant other with luxury massages, therapy and extreme comfort. It’s your time to spoil yourself! The essential oils will calm your mind, and the intense massage will make you forget your busy life so that you can focus on what matters the most, your loved one, of course! 
Best Spa and Wellness resorts in Sri Lanka-
1. Centara Ceysands Resort & Spa
Address: Aluthgama - Mathugama Rd, Bentota, Sri Lanka
Phone: +94 342275073

2. Green Chaya Spa 
Address: Circular Road, Kandy, Sri Lanka
Timings: 9:00 AM - 10:00 PM 
Phone: +94 771165404

3. Secret Root Spa 
Address: Footpath to the Beach, Mirissa, Sri Lanka
Timings: 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM 
Phone: +94 773294332

5) Explore the Popping Nightlife! 


If there’s one thing you must put on your honeymoon in Sri Lanka to-do list, then that’s partying all night with your loved one! Sri Lanka has your covered. It’s ever such lively nightlife will ensure that you don’t get bored. It doesn’t matter if you’re a luxury dining couple, or a crazy beach party one, Sri Lanka has it all! Explore the numerous bars and restaurants in the evening and let yourself lose at the exotic and loud beach parties at night! 
Famous Sri Lankan Bars and Restaurants -

1. W Lounge 
Where in Sri Lanka: 31 Horton Place | Opposite Coffee Bean, Colombo, Sri Lanka 
Highlights: DJ nights, Fresh Seafood 
Approx cost for two: LKR 4000 

2. ON 14 Roof Top Bar & Lounge
Where in Sri Lanka: No. 36-38, OZO, Clifford Place, Colombo, Sri Lanka 
Highlights: Rooftop bar, sea facing 
Approx cost for two: LKR 4750

3. Rouge Bar and Lounge, Banyan
Where in Sri Lanka: Lewis Pl, Negombo, Sri Lanka
Timings: 4:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Highlights: Modern feel, Must try chicken skewers and seafood kebabs
Approx Cost for two: LKR 3500

6) View the Gorgeous Sunset that makes you fall in love again! 


One of the ways how you can truly experience the feeling of romance with your partner is to stand in a picturesque location and look at the sunset in front of your eyes. The moment is magical and completely unforgettable. Sri Lanka has several places where you can experience this with your partner. If you’re an early riser, then you can look at the sunrise too. When the time is quiet, there is no crowd, and it’s just you and your loved one, then watching the morning is something you wouldn’t want to miss. Don’t forget to take an Instagram worthy picture to remember your honeymoon in Sri Lanka for the rest of your lives! 
Best Sunset/Sunrise watching spots in Sri Lanka -

1. Adam’s Peak Sunrise
Address: Sabaragamuwa, Sri Lanka
Highlights: holds a religious significance to Buddhists, Tamils, Muslims and Christians

2. Arugam Bay sunrise
Address: Panama Road, Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka
Highlights: Known for being a surfer’s Paradise 

3. Parakrama Samudraya Sunset
Address: Parakrama Samudraya, Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka
Highlights: situated in the ancient kingdom of Sri Lanka, has one of the most massive irrigation tanks ever built. 

Best Sunset Watching Resorts in Sri Lanka- 

If you want to watch the sunrise or the sunset from your resort room, then these are the places for you! 
1. Galle Face Hotel
Address: 3, 2 Galle Main Rd, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Phone: +94 112541010

2. The Kingsbury Hotel
Address: 48 Janadhipathi Mawatha, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Phone: +94 112421221

3. Elephant Palace 
Address: AH 43, Ahangama, Sri Lanka
Phone: +94 777485132

7) Boat And Motorboat rides are always fun! 


Take advantage of being on this gorgeous island and go on a boat ride with your loved one! If you’re adventurous enough, then you can hire a motorboat of your own too. For a romantic evening, a catamaran cruise, with a beautiful candlelit dinner is the way to go! Enjoy sailing over the picturesque Indian Ocean or take a boat ride over the several lagoons and lake in this tropical country. May it be a romantic cruise, a sail over the ocean, boating on a bay or a fun motorboat ride, you’re sure to make some memories while on your honeymoon in Sri Lanka! 
Best cruise experiences in Sri Lanka - 

1. Romantic Private Dinner Cruise in Waikkal
Where: Western Province, Sri Lanka 
Highlights: Hotel Pick-Up, dinner (Cajun-spiced seafood, fish curry, lobster, tuna, crab, seasonal fruit platter, desserts)
Duration: 4 hours 

2. Whale Watching Cruise from Galle
Where: Galle, Sri Lanka 
Highlights: hotel pick-up, breakfast, whale and dolphin watching. 
Duration: 6 hours 
Best Boating Locations in Sri Lanka - Bentota Beach, Negombo Lagoon, Arugam Bay Beach 

8) Get closer to Nature and Wildlife with amazing Safaris 


Sri Lanka is known for its abundant wildlife that you can explore by going on an adventurous wildlife safari. Sri Lanka offers several private boats and wildlife safaris that will surely add a different touch to your romantic getaway. You wouldn’t want to miss out on watching the elephants and leopards roaming around freely while you dive their natural habitat with your beloved. It’s a must do when you’re here on your honeymoon in Sri Lanka. 
Best Safari Tours in Sri Lanka -

1. Private Half Day Safari in Udawalawe National Park
What to expect: Observe elephants, jungle cats, and other native animals, learn about the park’s conservation efforts
Price: LKR 6000
ApproxDuration: 3 hours

2. Private Full-day Leopard Safari with Picnic Lunch at Yala National Park
What to expect: Spot tons of species like leopards, elephants and birds, enjoy lunch on the beach
Price: LKR 12,500
Approx Duration: 10 hours 

3. Private Tour: Wilpattu National Park Safari
What to expect: wildlife in the lakes and scrub of Sri Lanka's biggest reserve, elephants, leopards, sloth bears, deer, monitor lizards, turtles, and water birds, learn about Wilpattu's species and geography from a driver-guide
Price: LKR 10000
Approx Duration: 8 hours 

9) Take a Dive into the World of Water sports! 


When on your honeymoon in Sri Lanka, you cannot miss out on the fantastic water sports. With beaches all around you, Sri Lanka has the widest  Aristide or water sports to offer. May it be diving, snorkelling, surfing, or canoeing, you’ll find it all here.
Best Water sport locations in Sri Lanka 

1. Snorkelling - Pigeon island, Hikkaduwa Beach, and the Kalpitiya Beach
Price: LKR 4000 Onwards 

2. White Water Rafting - Kelani river is famous for white water rafting
Price: LKR 1600 onwards 

3. Scuba Diving - best water sport in Hikkaduwa
Price: LKR 7000 onwards

4. Windsurfing - best at Arugam Bay 
Price: LKR 1000 onwards 

5. Water Skiing - Negombo or Hikkaduwa 
Price: LKR 1000 onwards 

10) Rent a Bike or a Car - The best way to explore the cities! 


You can always rent a car or a bike and go on a king drive with your partner. Car renting when you’re on your honeymoon in Sri Lanka allows you to explore this gorgeous country on your terms. You can drive off to the multiple beaches, amazing landscapes, temples, churches, gardens and national parks. It would be just you and your beloved having the best time of your lives while on your honeymoon in Sri Lanka. Having your car, driving through this beautiful country, sightseeing on your schedule is perfect for your honeymoon here! 
Car rentals in Sri Lanka - 
1. Casons Rent A Car 
Address: 181, Gothami Gardens, Gothami Road, Sri Lanka
Phone: +94 777312500
Timings: Open 24 hours 

2. Malkey Rent A Car (Pvt) Ltd
Address: 58 Pamankada Rd, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Phone: +94 112365365
Timings: Open 24 hours 

3. Shineway Travels (Pvt) Ltd
Address: No. 45, 15 Narahenpita - Nawala Rd, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Phone: +94 712789323
Timings: Open 24 hours 

11) Lose yourself in the rich history or the Buddhist Temples! 


Sri Lanka prides countless spectacular religious venues for Muslims, Buddhists, Christians and many Hindus. While you’re on your honeymoon in Sri Lanka, you could visit some of the many beautiful temples and get the blessings of the gods for your healthy marriage! These temples allow you to see the cultural beauty of this gorgeous country and be mesmerized by their spiritual heritage. 
Famous Sri Lankan Temples - 
1. Sri Dalada Maligawa - The Temple of Sacred Tooth Relic
Address: Sri Dalada Veediya, Kandy, Sri Lanka
Timings: 5:30 AM - 8:00 PM 

2. The Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara Temple
Address: Peliyagoda, Sri Lanka

3. Dambulla Cave Temple – Golden Temple of Dambulla
Address: Kandy - Jaffna Highway, Dambulla, Sri Lanka

12) Awake your inner child at Sri Lanka’s Biggest Amusement Park - Guruge Park


When you’re on your honeymoon in Sri Lanka, it’s time to have some fun. Visit Guruge park and truly experience what it’s like to be a child again. Favourite rides here include the Giant wheel, Sky Train, Bumper Cars, Flying Chair, Coffee Cup and many more. The park even has an Aircraft Ride. You can also watch their great sound and light show.

At last, finish your day off in their famous Mayan Water Park. If you’re not into amusement park rides, then you can go for their Gem Museum, Playful fountains or fantastic wildlife. This gorgeous tropical country has many such attractions that will make your honeymoon a memory to cherish for the rest of your lives.

How to Reach- It takes less than 15 minutes to drive from the Bandaranaike International Airport via the E03 expressway where one can exit from Ja-Ela and head towards Colombo. Make a left turn on to the Ganemulla Road, and after about 1 kilometre one arrives at the Guruge Nature Park towards the left.

Honeymoon in Sri Lanka is a relaxing getaway after the hectic stress of the wedding. As above, Sri Lanka offers plenty of activities to indulge in on your honeymoon, making it an ideal romantic getaway.

This post was published by Eshita Goel

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