Yala National Park

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"Highest population of leopards in the world!"

Yala National Park Tourism

Yala National Park was originally a hunters arena during British colonial rule but now has the highest population of leopards on earth. Not only animals but it also provide a quaint environment for birds as well. It is Sri Lanka’s largest national park with a total area of 900 Sq Km. Yala National Park attracts a lot of tourists throughout the year due to its high density of leopards, sloth bears, crocodiles, and deers.

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1. Spotting the Sri Lankan leopard This animal is the reason why Yala National Park always has a lot of tourists. Not only in Asia but Yala National Park has a high density for leopards in all over the world. Take a safari when you are here. Choose a time of either early morning or late evening as it's the best time to spot a leopard. Your safari ride would be of 3 to 4 hours. 2. Wildlife Safaris Yala National Park is split into five sectors and out of these only two are open to visitors. You can also find a herd of Asian elephants. If you are lucky you might as well see a sloth bear apart from crocodiles and deer. Also, there are around 400 bird species which includes 33 that are rare. Don't forget to carry your binoculars while you're in for safari ride! The safari rides last nearly 5 hours and will take you on a wildlife experience of a lifetime! The thrill exists in unexpectedly coming across animals in the wild, in their habitat. You never know what you could find here! Cost: It could cost you up to 4800 INR for a 5-hour trip, per person. A number of people: a typical jeep safari can accommodate up to 5 people in one jeep, excluding the driver and guide. 3. Beach Walks Because a large area of the national park is the sandy beach, you can also spend a day walking in the sand or spend the evening watching the sunset, having a relaxing time with friends and family by the beach, enjoying the cool breeze. 4. Bird watching In a national park that houses over 400 species of birds and 30 unique species, what could be better than going for a long day of relaxing birdwatching? As you may have guessed already, birdwatching here is a popular activity. You will get many paid guides to show you around the best locations to spot some of the most uncommon birds. 5. Camping If you want to stay the night at the national park, the eco-friendly camping sites are also available for you to witness the marvels that a forest brings out at night. Sleep under the stars and spend some time spotting animals and birds who are nocturnal, in the dimly lit area by natures torches, the fireflies!

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