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Hikkaduwa Beach, Hikkaduwa Overview

The island of Sri Lanka brings to you beaches that are popular for their beauty and surfing spots. One such cosy beach town in Sri Lanka is Hikkaduwa. Located in south-west Sri Lanka, Hikkaduwa is endowed with palm trees by the shorelines, clean blue waters all this alongside the backdrop of the warm sun.

The seas of Hikkaduwa host ocean life at its absolute best – varied species of fishes, colourful corals, warm – shelled turtles and much more. The island is never short of an adventure – scuba diving, snorkelling, whale watching, swimming in the ocean, glass boats, river safari and sailing are outlets for some adrenaline rushing favourite activities. 

The beach has with resto-bars, pubs and a vibrant nightlife; each of them with their soothing music and a Sri Lankan twists to their cocktails. Night-outs in Hikkaduwa are the absolute best; partying with the ocean staring at you is a whole different experience, and Sri Lanka is a pocket-friendly way to make your dreams come true. The best part about Hikkaduwa is its ideal location that connects to Galle, Colombo Narigama, Akurala, Pittiwela, Boosa and all the nearby resort towns.

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Water Sports at Hikkaduwa Beach

The waters of this island are open for sporty fun and frolic. There are numerous internationally recognised diving schools in Hikkaduwa, which is an excellent excuse for you to get your driving lessons and diving certificate. Hikkaduwa is an international destination for board-surfing and even featured in Anthony Bourdain's television show 'No Reservations'. Snorkelling amidst the corals and fish is a gorgeous experience; whale watching at 5 AM; surfing when the tides are raging at the perfect height; the infamous glass boat rides where the ocean floors are visible from the transparent glass plates; river safari in Balaptiya across river Madhu; and sailing while the ocean winds taunt you. These are experiences that Sri Lanka alone and Hikkaduwa, in particular, can give you. They have training and expertise in all fields of water sports, which makes it the best place to try your hand at being sporty!

Itinerary for Hikkaduwa Beach

Start the day with Scuba diving and snorkelling at 10:30 AM, followed by a glorious walk along the Hikkaduwa beach coastline that will work up a good appetite. Top this up with a visit to the turtle hatchery, Seenigama Muhudu Viharaya.

Another way to explore Hikkaduwa would be to first visit the Jungle beach at Unawatuna, Dutch reformed church at Galle, Galle Fort and final stop would be the Hikkaduwa beach. One can further visit Mirissa beach and wellness centre, Bentota beach, Japanese peace pagoda.

Food in Hikkaduwa Beach

Food by the beach promises coal cooked fish, shrimp and lobsters. The are countless shacks nestled on the shores of the beach that have a local hand cooking traditional delicacies. Food joints are non-commercialised here that give you a homely and wholesome culinary experience. Flavour, spices, herbs and such subtleties adorn their cuisine. Coconut, hits of chilli, fish, rice and kottu roti are their staples. Fish ambal thiyal, Parippu, Lamprais, polos, hoppers, Kukul mas curry, are an absolute must-try.

Restaurants and Local Food Joints: Bookworm library restaurant,  Mangrovia lagoon restaurant, Tigri beach restaurant

Nightlife in Hikkaduwa Beach

Nightlife in Hikkaduwa comprises of food, drinks and dance – all this while overlooking the ocean and hearing the sound of the water hitting the shores. Their parties see people of all nationalities and are sure to give you a global exposure with the backdrop of Sri Lankan authenticity. Friday nights have huge offers on alcohol, and the party is likely to go on till the next morning. Parties begin at 9 PM and go on till 4 AM the next day. Bar menu sees a refreshing seafood platter and finger food, and the cocktails have a coconutty punch to them. Overall the nightlife is a whole other world in Hikkaduwa waiting to be explored; DJs and bands flock to perform their music which acts as a soul to every night-out.

Here are some party hubs in Hikkaduwa: Funky De Bar, Top Secret, Mambos Hikkaduwa, Vibration music bar, Long beach surf café

Tips to Travel to Hikkaduwa Beach

Carry bathing suits, hats and sun goggles while you are on a trip to Hikkaduwa. A usual cold bottle of water can be substituted with coconut water – a great source of hydration in the humidity. You can also rent cycles for a whole different tourist experience.

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