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Tangalle is a town located in Hambantota district in Southern Province, Sri Lanka. The city is known for its vast stretches of beaches and has a typical tropical setting. Tangalla Beach, located in this town, has often been voted as the best beach by the locals, the travellers and the tourists.

Tangalla beach is an unimaginably massive expanse of white sand, sparkling turquoise waters and tall palm trees with tinges of mangrove trees. The beach is an undisturbed one, far away from the hustle-bustle of city life. A tranquil and silent beach, Tangalle is a haven for peace seekers.

Tangalla beach allows its visitors to spend undisturbed time, performing solitary activities like reading, writing, sketching, painting, listening to music, and so on. Some of its visitors enjoy collecting seashells, playing beach sports like a beach ball, volleyball, etc., and engaging in chats with the locals. Tangalle beach offers the option to rent a canoe and explore the mangroves at the far end of the water.

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Things To Do at Tangalle Beach

Tangalla Beach is ideal for:
  1. Playing beach sports, like a beachball, volleyball, etc.
  2. Undertaking solitary activities like reading, writing, sketching, painting, listening to music
  3. Renting a canoe and seeing the mangroves
  4. Taking a walk on the soft sand
  5. Binging on seafood and coconut
  6. Watching the beautiful sunset
  7. The locals of Tangalle visit this beach mostly in the afternoons, to take a stroll on the soft sand.

Surfing in Tangalle

Surfing is very sparingly on the beach, because of the high tides and dangerous currents. However, it is expected to become a full-fledged activity on some parts of the Tangalla beach.

Other beaches and areas of the town offer a few surfing options, which are accessible and very safe.

Food on the Beach

The beach has numerous with shacks, restaurants and bars. Some items common to these food outlets are alcohol, traditional seafood, varieties of rice and coconut based thirst quenchers.

The food in these shacks is authentic and local, which makes it not only healthy, but also extraordinarily delectable and scrumptious.

Geography of Tangalle Beach

Vast stretches of white sand, crystal clear blue water, palm and mangrove trees make the landscape of Tangalle beach. This view is nothing less than paradise. The pastel colours and tones of the scenery are a sensory appeal. The calmness of Tangalle Beach makes it a natural de-stress therapy.

Swimming in Tangalle Beach

Swimming in Tangalle Beach is hazardous, and not advisable. The waves and currents tend to get rough, especially in the afternoons. Hence, tourists are recommended to steer away from the waters.
However, the small bay area is comparatively safe for swimming, since a reef shelters it.

Sunsets of Tangalle

The sunset from Tangalle Beach is not worth a miss. During sunset, the sky takes on a pinkish-orange shade and looks splendid. The reflected water looks marvellous. The trees gently dance to the evening breeze. Overall, the view looks like a painting, a dream.


1. Some visitors enjoy taking dips in the ocean. However, swimming is strictly prohibited here and the locals and the government issue warnings to stop people from swimming in the sea, since the waves and currents here tend to become very strong, especially in the afternoons. However, the small bay area allows swimming and diving, owing to its sheltering reef, which catches most of the big waves. This area is like a natural jacuzzi and is enjoyed by the tourists.

History of Tangalle Beach

Tangalla beach was once a famous fishing harbour until the tsunami of 2004 hit it. The devilish deluge wiped away the beach and its stardom. However, Tangalla did not surrender. The locals started their rebuilding mission as soon as they could. It took Tangalla years to stand up on its feet again. Currently, although tourists do not frequently visit the beach, it is on the verge of regaining its popularity.

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