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The Nilaveli Beach is approximately 1 kilometre long and is surrounded by lush, green vegetation on both sides. Onlooking the beach from a little far away is Pigeon Island, which is a famous spot for snorkeling and diving. The reef there provides a perfect place to explore the ocean.

The Nilaveli Beach is a small stretch of white sand with blue waters creating moderate waves, suitable for amateur surfing. The beach is clean and often free from the crowd, which makes it even more attractive for travelers and tourists.

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Things to Do at Nilaveli Beach

The beach is not just perfect to get the sunbathed and playing beach volleyball, and there is more to it! You can swim, go for a dive, or boating amongst many other activities.

The waters in this beach are quiet and calm, perfect to go for a calming swim. The waters are crystal clear. The waters are not very deep either. So, it is often safe for children and adults alike. You can even teach your kids to swim here, as the waves are small and weak.

There are guides around the beach who would be more than happy to teach you swimming, if you wish to swim here, but have no previous knowledge and experience of the same.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving
The scuba diving here is sought after by the visitors. The reef is only a few kilometres from the beach. It is also a very well known spot for snorkeling.

The professional drivers will provide you with a guided class on diving and snorkeling. It is so safe that even children can easily take part in this activity. As the waters are shallow, the dive is not very deep to see the aquatic life.

The shops here, around the beach, also provide professional courses for scuba diving. So, if you are one of the diving enthusiasts and waiting to get your certification, then there is no other better place to get it from than here!

Visit Pigeon Island
Pigeon Island is very close to the beach, and one can even visit the island by boat. The local tour companies provide services. Pigeon Island is also a National Park and is frequented by tourists in large numbers. You can also hire a car rental service here, or go on a safari.

The National Park is also surrounded by a coral reef, which is a great diving spot. You will be able to see many animals and birds here, including elephants and turtles. The governing bodies protect the National Park, so the emphasis is given to their well-being and protection.

Cafes and Clubs at Nilaveli Beach

Cafe on the 18th: this cafe serves not only the best local food, which includes seafood cooked in delicious curries but also continental food. You can come here for any cravings, as they serve breakfast, brunch, lunch, snacks and dinner. The cost is not so much, as considered to be pocket-friendly.

Be Cool Juice bar and restaurant: this cafe serves some of the freshest juice, with snacks or breakfast or lunch, even. Try their local food to get an exquisite taste of the Sri Lankan cuisine. The menu is accessible on the pocket. Vegan and vegetarian options are also available.

La'Prince Cafe: if homemade food is what you are looking for in this far away land, then there is no other name that competes with this cafe right here. They serve freshly cooked meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The small and cosy cafe will win your heart with their staff's courteous behaviour and the excellent home cooked food!

Where to Stay at Nilaveli Beach

There are many hotels and resorts available near this beach. One of the few most popular places are:

Nilaveli Beach Resort: Its located right next to the beach and offers a direct view of the beach. Open your doors in the early morning hours to take a picture of the breathtaking sunrise over the blue waters.

Nilaveli Crystal Blue Hotel: It falls in the range of budget hotels. The rooms are well decorated and spacious. It is the perfect place to get some peaceful hours during your travel.

Tips for Visiting Nilaveli Beach

Here are a few things to keep in mind before you visit the beach:
  • There are plenty of restaurants and places to eat here. So you don't have to carry your food.
  • The sand can be prickly. So make sure to wear protective footwear.
  • Carry a sunscreen lotion. Make sure that the one you're carrying is reef safe. So that it does not cause any harm to marine life as the government is doing a lot to protect them here.
  • Do not participate in any activity that may cause damage to marine and aquatic life here.
  • Carry a separate bag with you to throw in the garbage.
  • You can carry your snorkeling and diving gear with you, but you will get the same here at the shops near the beach.

Best Time to Visit Nilaveli Beach

Even though the beach can be visited throughout the year, the months between February and June appear to be the best. Due to the moderate amount of heat and the time right before the monsoons arrive in the country, this time of the year is perfect for visiting the beach. You will also find many tourists coming from various countries from around the world.

The hotels near this beach also open up their pools for tourists, which can also be accessed at additional cost. If you are someone who would like a private pool or space for a swim with family or friends, then this is the best option for you.

How To Reach Nilaveli Beach

You can take a cab or taxi from the nearest airport. There are also rental cars available for this beach.

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