Sri Lanka in April For An Ideal Summer Getaway

Sri Lanka is a country in the southernmost part of Asia. It is primarily a tropical country with a wide variety of flora and fauna flourishing in its brilliant and diverse climatic conditions. Visiting Sri Lanka in April open up several things to do for visitors, making it a great time to travel the country.

Weather in Sri Lanka in April

Sunny weather with clear skies

Sri Lanka, primarily, has a tropical climate. In this country, the tourist season goes on from November to April. After April, the country experiences the monsoon season, with heavy rainfall and high levels of humidity. Hence, the entire country has a pleasant climate throughout April. The country has two zones - it has a wet zone and a dry zone. Usually, during April, the northwest and southwest regions of the country are the driest, compared to the mountainous areas of the country which may experience moderate amounts of rainfall.

The average temperature during the entire month is around 29°C to 32°C. The dry zone gets ample sunshine for most of the day, while the hilly regions and the wet area get occasional showers of rain.

Things To Do In Sri Lanka in April

Beaches in Sri Lanka

Since April is the last month when the country experiences a pleasant climate, you may find a vast number of tourists around. The best way to avoid getting stuck due to the crowd is to book everything in advance and plan your trip correctly. Some of the things to do in Sri Lanka, during April are:-

The northwest and southwest coasts experience pleasant and dry climates, with tolerable humidity. April is one of the best times to visit the serene beaches, and if you are lucky, you may even get to attend one of the trending beach parties. 

The Cultural Triangle, consisting of sightseeing places like Sigiriya and the Pidurangala rock, will also experience dry climates. Just make sure to avoid visiting during peak afternoon (from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM)

You may want to avoid going to hilly areas since the rains make the place slippery and murky. Instead, you can explore the markets in the city and go shopping.

Best Places to Visit in Sri Lanka in April

Sigiriya Rock

Sri Lanka is a tropical country with many beautiful attractions to visit. In April, when the country enjoys the last phases of a pleasant climate, here are some of the places one should check out:-

1. Sigiriya Fort - One of the UNESCO Heritage sites in Sri Lanka, the Sigiriya Rock fortress consists of ruined palaces, a fortress, a half-built lion gate, and so on. It is a challenging trek and perfect for adventure lovers.

2. Pidurangala Rock - Another popular trekking site, this rock is known for an ancient Buddha statue and a gorgeous view from the top. The trek is short but challenging, and the view from up above is picture-perfect.

3. National Parks - With an abundance of wildlife due to its vast greenery and tropical climate, Sri Lanka has a vast number of national parks that house a wide variety of flora and fauna. It is the best way to spend some relaxing time, feeling one with nature and witnessing animals in the wild.

4. Beaches - The northeast monsoon may affect some of the places in the country. But the northwest and southwest coast would be dry enough for you to roam around. So soak in some sunshine at the beaches.

Festivals In Sri Lanka in April

Sinhalese and Tamil New Year

In April, the Sinhalese, and the Tamilians celebrate their New Year called ‘Avurudu’. This time of the year attracts a huge crowd, both locally and internationally. There is an atmosphere of celebration all around, with colourful markets, delicious cuisine, sweets, and a display of different rituals and games all over the country. Although this means that many places may get crowded, tourists are highly recommended to watch the celebrations closely, to get a taste of the Sri Lankan culture.

Is April in Sri Lanka Off-season or On-season?

Crowd during peak season

As mentioned earlier, the dry season in Sri Lanka begins in November and goes on till April. April is the last month where the country experiences proper sunshine, before facing the monsoons. It is on-season as the climatic conditions are moderate, even pleasant in many cities, and most of the areas are not affected by heavy rains. 

Sri Lanka in April is pleasant and full of exciting places to explore, so make sure you pay a visit!

This post was published by Radha Iyer