Yoga in Sri Lanka - 16 Places For Inner Peace and Well-Being

Yoga has been a significant part of Sri Lanka and has helped people attain their sense of serenity and well being. Yoga in Sri Lanka is a way in which individuals not only enhance the physical well-being of their body and soul but also helps in attaining great psychological balance and control. It is recommended that yoga and meditation must be practised in calm and serene environments so that there are no external forces to hamper your concentration. Many places in Sri Lanka offer guests the opportunity to escape from their busy lives using yoga and attain a sense of peace on their vacation. 

Here's a list of 16 Places where you can practice yoga in Sri Lanka that will help you with inner solace using this ancient art.

1) Soul & Surf Sri Lanka


This place provides you with the comfort of a hotel but combined with peace and serenity of a yoga shala. Check out the ten beautifully designed rooms overlooking the river with outdoor bathrooms a great, friendly lounge area, communal swimming pool, cafe and a bespoke yoga shala and massage rooms. If you want to experience the pure yoga in Sri Lanka but still want to live in complete luxury, then this place will suit you best. They even offer Drop-In yoga classes, and they aim to give their guests a dose of health, inspiration and good times. This place is known for being trendy yet traditional at the same time. 
Where: Henewatta, Thalduwa, Ahangama
Highlights: Pool, huge Yoga Room, Excellent restaurant service, Non-Smoking, High-Speed WiFi, Laundry Service, Drop-In Yoga classes, airport transportation 

2) Sri Yoga Shala


Sri Yoga Shala is a sanctuary with a program designed to nourish your bodies, minds, and hearts back into alignment and well-being. This Yoga shala adds to the Yoga in Sri Lanka by providing the guests with several well-trained gurus and excellent yoga sessions. They offer several yoga classes, training with Gurus, therapy sessions and world-class massages. You can join any of their courses or up for a drop in yoga season. They are famous for their Thai Massage with visiting therapist. They also offer Yoga Guru training. It is a complete holistic outdoor retreat space for Yoga, Meditation, Bodywork, Arts and Creativity.
Where: Durage Watta, Metaramba, Unawatuna
Tips: they do not accept credit cards, all visitors must pay in Cash 
Price: Drop-in class  LKR 1,900 5 X Class Pass LKR 1,520 per class 10 X Class Pass LKR 1300 per class

3) Rukshan Yoga


At Rukshan Yoga, you can dive deep into the holistic yoga, breathing, and meditation practice mediated by the Yogi Master, Guru Chanaka Rukshan. As a longtime and experienced yoga and meditation master, he combines several classic and modern methods and leads both beginners and advanced with heart, concentration and empathy to their own individual goals. Being one of the main contributors in enhancing the Yoga in Sri Lanka, Yogi master Rukshan is well known for his knowledge of yogic science. A session at this academy can surely help you achieve your inner peace and solace.
Where: Hill Top Temple, Mirissa
Highlights: Serene Hill Too setup, amidst a jungle, sea-view. Down to earth instructors and the opportunity to learn from real monks. 

4) Prana Lounge Holistic Health & Yoga Center


The Prana Lounge is famous for its intense Yoga and Meditation sessions. They offer Yoga retreats, physio treatments, and peaceful accommodation. Currently, they are in development for a clinic for a variety of complementary health practices such as Ayurveda, homeopathy & hydrotherapy. All of this will be well supported by a holistic pharmacy for integrative medicine, spa, wellness, tone zone & boutique accommodation. Prana Lounge Holistic Health & Yoga Center aims to offer a platform for like-minded people. They want practitioners, therapists, speakers and seekers alike, to meet, exchange and provide skills and services that compliment a wellness lifestyle. If you're going to learn about the world of Ayurveda, homeopathy and hydrotherapy while exploring yoga in Sri Lanka, then this place is undoubtedly for you. 
Where: 60 Horton Place, Colombo
Timings: 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM

5) Green Peace Inn - Yoga, Health and Cafe


Inspired by the nomadic way of life, Green Peace Inn believes the cozy character comes from natural surfaces and earthy tones. It seeks to combine food, health and yoga in Sri Lanka altogether. Green Peace Inn offers you an entirely personal space in which you can kick back and slow down. Their morning yoga sessions are perfect to increase heat in the body, bringing about the fire to get your body and mind ready for action. Their evening session will cool and calm you, bringing awareness and desire to soften and relax, the ideal way to wind down and end your day in balance. This accommodation is perfect for those that don't just want to go for 1-2 yoga sessions but want to live in that atmosphere and seek complete relaxation and peace.
Where: no 57 Matara Road, Matara
Courses: Sunrise Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Sunset Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Breath-work, Meditation, Yin Yoga 

6) Yoga with Asiri


Yoga with Asiri gives individuals a once in a lifetime experience to practice yoga with Asiri, former Sri Lankan Triple Jumper who is practising yoga since 1998 and teaching since 2008, either in his private studio or a villa sanctuary. Packages include morning yoga class on the open floor, Sri Lankan or European breakfast and garden view room on the beach. People consider Asiri an excellent Yoga teacher who is sure to make you push yourself and experience the true meaning of yoga. Asiri has been one of the leading players in enhancing and adding to the culture of yoga in Sri Lanka, and a session with him is undoubtedly something that you would enjoy if you want to explore the art of yoga further. 
Where: No. 6 Wella Dewala Road, Unawatuna
Price: LKR 1300 for beginner drop off classes

7) Babaji's Kriya Yoga Ashram


The itinerary for this yoga retreat includes breathtaking destinations of spiritual, cultural and natural value. While exploring Yoga in Sri Lanka with Babaji's Kriya Yoga Ashram retreat, you can dive into the cultural and religious importance of this art form while touring the country. During the retreat, you get to practice daily Kriya Yoga in sacred sites which includes a visit to temples or shrines and other scenic locations like the high mountain areas or next to the gorgeous Indian ocean on the beautiful sandy beaches. The retreat also covers two ashrams of Babaji's Kriya Yoga, where you can find the best yogic gurus offering informative sessions.
Where: 3rd floor, 14A 1/3, Sunethradevi Road, Kohuwela. Next to the commercial bank building, On top of Sathosa, Sunethradevi Road
Duration: About two weeks between December and January. 

8) Ella Yoga Hut


Ella Yoga Hut offers relaxing yoga sessions with a beautiful view and a refreshing atmosphere. You get a complete experience of Yoga in Sri Lanka accompanied by professional yoga instructors, Healthy Sri Lankan view and a breathtaking location. During the session, you can feel the breeze and hear the birds chirping, and this is something you don't want to miss! Get a taste of what relaxing, and peace-inducing yoga is at this hut. 
Where: Ella Station Road, Ella
Timings: Open 24 hours 

9) The Om Space


The Om Space is genuinely known for its magical yogic experience. They offer Guru Training for those who wish to deepen their yoga knowledge. With the help of traditional methods, self-inquiry, self-practice, partner and group work and playful exploration you will have the tools to truly connect to your inner wisdom and help you understand what Yoga in Sri Lanka is all about. Other than that, they have specialized courses for children and parents. They also offer courses that strengthen your environmental knowledge and make you more sensitive about the environment. The location also hosts a reflexologist and reiki healer who can be accessed by appointment.
Where: The Royal Institute, 185/10 Havelock Road, Colombo 5 Near, Colombo
Courses: Sivananda, Hatha, Vinyasa Flow and Kundalini, kids yoga, yoga for sports, pre-natal yoga, Reiki, Reflexology and Singing Bowl Massage

10) Wave Flow Yoga Centre 


This Yoga centre offers much more than just a fantastic yoga session with a scenic view. They have facilities for pain relief and acupuncture. Especially recommended for those with muscle injuries, joint pain, shoulder pain, the yoga and massage sessions here will leave you completely relaxed and energized. You can even enrol for a family yoga class. If you are travelling in a group and want to know more about Yoga in Sri Lanka, then this place is for you, their group and family sessions are perfect for beginners.
Where: Stardust Beach Hotel, Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka, Pottuvil, Arugam Bay
Highlights: Pain Relief, Acupuncture 

11) Doowa Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat Centre


Doowa Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat Centre is located in Kandy, Sri Lanka and provides resources and facilities to learn and practice the yoga of the great Eastern Traditions. They want everyone who takes their classes to understand the proper way of life and not indulge in any evil deeds. They also emphasize on your breathing techniques and analysis of mental capacity. Providing a quiet, calm and tranquil environment for yoga, they will surely touch your soul and help you attain inner peace. 
Where: Kurunegala Road Aladeniya, Kandy
Highlights: Free Internet, Free parking, Air conditioning

12) Nanda Siriwardene Hatha Yoga Institute


Nanda Siriwardene is a famous guru from Sri Lanka who has traversed the universe of Hatha Yoga. Its length and breadth, its asanas and its benefits are well known to this guru that he was the first to introduce a Yoga hospital to the country. Having such a legend when it comes to yoga in Sri Lanka on board, this institution is one of the most reputed ones in the country. This institute gives you a chance to experience their teachings and learn yoga in its purest form. They teach Asanas, Pranayamas, Satkarmas, Mudras and Bandhas methodically. Patient guidance ensures that you achieve your positions at given times, according to your abilities.
Where: Colombo
Highlights: yoga to combat common problems like stress, migraine, diabetes, cholesterol etc. 

13) Beach Arthur Villa

This beautiful hotel on the beach provides world-class yoga sessions with complete luxury and comfort. It is between Galle and Hikkaduwa. The hotel offers yoga and Ayurveda facilities, and Yoga classes are available daily on request.
Where: 213 A, Pitiwella
Highlights: Fitness Centre with Gym / Workout Room, Room service, Spa, Airport transportation, Babysitting, Breakfast Available, Laundry Service

14) Yoga Dome at Secret Garden


Yoga Dome is called a secret garden as it is hidden in a beautiful botanical garden that makes it perfect to practice yoga. This beautifully renovated 140-year-old Villa has a range of rooms that are all decorated with antique furniture's Daily yoga classes. Full body ayurvedic and healing massages are also available. This place will make sure that you are entirely relaxed and find your complete inner peace. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and the fantastic sessions that introduce you to the fascinating world of Yoga in Sri Lanka in this gorgeous tropical garden. 
Where: Secret Garden Dome | The Secret Garden Villa, Unawatuna-Galle, Unawatuna
Price: LKR 1000 for one yoga lesson 

15) Orga Pilates Studio Sri Lanka


If you're into Pilates or want to try it out, then this is the place for you! It is said to be the first ever Pilates studio in Sri Lanka. Apart from Pilates, they also offer Kickboxing, boxing, Cardio, yoga, and spin classes.
Where: 311/2, Telwatta Junction, Negombo

16) Babaji Institute of Kriya Yoga

A leading yoga school in Srilanka is Babaji Institute of Kriya Yoga. Sri Atman has a BSc in Yoga and established the institute in 2006. He now runs the Institute of Kriya Yoga, in which classes, seminars and retreats are offered all year round. They provide support to the people who want to learn Kriya Yoga and the 18 siddhars (teachers) in the Tamil Siddha tradition.
Where: 113/6, Ellie House Road, Colombo

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