Sunset in Hong Kong - 10 Spots to Savour the Best Sunset & Sunrise

Hong Kong is as well-known for its picturesque skyscrapers and skylines as it is for catching stunning views of beautiful sunsets and sunrises. In a bustling city like this, coming across vantage points for the same is not hard, but we have come up with this article which compiles the top 10 sunset/sunrise viewing points where you can head for a wholesome and fun experience!

1. Garden Hill

Garden Hill, Hong Kong
The hilltop view form Garden Hill (Source)
A 2-minute trek from Mei Ho House Track, the peak of Garden Hill offers one of the best and most convenient views of the dusk and dawn skylines in Hong Kong. Away from the usual hustle-bustle of the city, this is one spacious hilltop perched on which is an observatory offering incredible views, photoshoot-worthy backgrounds, backdrops of beautiful-hued skylines and so much more! It is a must-do, visit trek with friends for a great day-out. 
Location - Garden Hill, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon 
Best Time to Visit - Usually crowded on the weekends so it is suggested to go early/a little while before the actual sunrise or sunset timings of the day.
Other Highlights - There is an observatory space at the hilltop so make sure to see the incredible views from there. Using this opportunity as a short trek to Garden Hill can be a fun activity to do with friends and family.

2. The Ritz Carlton, Hong Kong

The Ritz Carlton, Hong Kong
The Victoria Harbour view from the Ritz Carlton (Source)
This 5-star hotel offers splendid panoramic views of sunsets and is a fancy spot to enjoy them. Perched on the top, at the 103rd floor of the International Centre, Ritz Carlton is your best bet for having amazing food, drinks as you gaze at the city's skyline from the glass windows.
Location - The Ritz Carlton, 103rd Floor of International Commerce Centre, 1 Austin Road, West Kowloon
Best Time to visit - This place does not get over-crowded often because of its luxurious nature and expensive options if you are a guest staying here then snag a seat at the right places in time which is a little before the sunset and sunrise timings of the day.
Other highlights - It will be great if you head to the 118th floor and take a window table/seat at the rooftop bar Ozone which is their hub for extravagant food and drinks, stunning views of the sunset!

3. Peak Tower

Peak Tower, Hong Kong
The Peak Tower located at the Victoria peak hilltop offers great views (Source)
Synonymous to Hong Kong's glory, the famous Peak Tower cannot deny being on anybody's list! It offers a 360-degree all-rounder view of the city, making it one of the best spots to marvel at the sunrise and sunset hues of the already gorgeous skyline. Situated at 522 meters above the sea-level, this is a must on every person's itinerary.
Location - 128 Peak Road, The Peak, Hong Kong
Best Time to visit - it is recommended to visit after the rains in the summer season to see clear skies and beautiful views. Also on weekends much in advance from the day’s time of sunrise and sunset.
Other highlights - It is most enjoyable to take the peak tram to reach the peak tower as it is one of the oldest and most fun cable-car in the city.

4. Instagram Pier

Instagram Pier, Hong Kong
Sunset view from the Instagram Pier (Source)
Doing absolute justice to its name, the West District Public Cargo Depot which was a container terminal has been named Instagram Pier because of the unparalleled and unobstructed views it provides of the city's skyline, horizon and sunset. The aesthetic is further beautified by the industrial charm and clear waters making this a fan favourite spot for all photography enthusiasts! 
Location - West District Public Cargo Depot, 8 Fung Mat Road, Sheung Wan
Best time to visit - It is recommended to come here in the early evening time around 5 to 5:30 and wait to catch the sunset in time because the lighting during these hours is best for photographs.
Other highlights - The cafe All Blue Coffee Promenade is a cosy and cute place to drop by near this pier where you can enjoy the cool breeze and magnificent sunset views while sipping on some cool drinks! 

5. Cyberport Waterfront Park

Cyberport Waterfront Park
Sunset view from the Cyberport Waterfront Park (Source)
A fusion of natural and modern features, this is an outdoor oasis with lush green trees, lawns, a cool jogging trail and an area designated for the ever-growing digital technology industry of the city with over 1000 digital tech companies setting shop, office here. You can enjoy unobstructed, magnificent views of the sunset from here along with the cool breeze, views of the sea!
Location - Cyberport Waterfront Park, 100 Cyberport Road, Telegraph Bay
Best Time to Visit - The best time to visit is during the Golden Hour of the day to see beautiful views and get great pictures clicked. 
Other highlights - This is a pet-friendly area so feel free to get your pawed friends along! Cyberport’s Recharge Cafe is a cool place to order tasty treats from or to sit and picnic with friends, carry baskets full of delicious food and have a good day-out in the park.

6. Sunset Peak

Sunset Peak, Hong Kong
Sunrise view from Sunset Peak (Source)
As the name suggests, this peak's entire purpose is to serve gorgeous sunset views and looks of beautifully-hued skies. It is the third-highest and one of the most rewarding hikes in Hong Kong, the sunset peak offers gleaming and fascinating views of the coastline and sunset! It is the perfect combination of adventure and site-seeing all in one.
Location - Sunset Peak, Lantau Island, Hong Kong
Best Time to Visit - September to November is the ideal time for hiking and also marvelling at the gorgeous sunsets. Try to set some time before the sunset as your target time for the trek completion for great photo opportunities. 
Other highlights - It is best known for the sea of golden, silver grasses in the autumn seasonSince it is a trek, it becomes a fun outdoor activity to do with the right gears and equipment for the same.

7. Ha Pak Nai

Ha Pak Nai, Hong Kong
Sunset from Ha Pak Nai (Source)
A hidden gem in the New Territories of Hong Kong, Ha Pak Nai is a stunning stretch of mangrove wetland coastlines, unaffected by urbanisation. It boasts of a unique sunset panorama complete with the cultural, natural vibes of the city in the backdrop. It is an ideal spot for breathing in the tranquillity of scenic beauty, enjoying nature's escape in Hong Kong.
Location - Ha Pak Nai, Yeun Long, New Territories
Best Time to visit - Check the day’s weather forecast in order to reach just in time for the sunset/sunrise and avoid rains. 
Other highlights - Ha Pak Nai has several mudflats so you can use their reflective nature to click amazing pictures of the colourful skies, catch the right shades and also strike some good romantic poses!

8. Devil's Peak

Devil's Peak, Hong Kong
Sunset at Devil's Peak (Source)
A short and easy hike, the Devil's peak offers expansive views of the sunset and the Kowloon skyline. The feel and look of the sunset from this peak is simply unparalleled! It is great for a quick exercise kind of a hike with the reward being the experience of seeing the city from a great vantage point, its summit!
Location -  Next to Lei Yue Mun channel, close to Yau Tong. 
Best time to visit - Locals recommend going around the time when the sun is about to set to enjoy the sunset as well as the Island’s views, Kowloon Harbour.
Other highlights - This is another short hike-worthy peak to go to and is great as an easy outdoor activity which makes the experience wholesome with amazing views of the Kowloon Harbour, skylines and sunset.

9. Braemar Hill

Braemar Hill, Hong Kong
Sunset view from Braemar Hill (Source)
Mostly an area full of students and young professionals, Braemar Hill is one of the most peaceful places with several vantage points to enjoy the sunset, experience its beauty from. Its location at the edge of Causeway Bay allows you to see the views from the hill looking right over the city's skyline and landscape. 
Location - South of North Point on Hong Kong Island
Best time to visit - It can get very busy during a beautiful sunset day so it is best to reach at least an hour or two in advance of the sunset time to get a good spot for yourself.
Other highlights - On some days, the sunsets either behind the skyline or into the harbour. Either way from this hill, the views will naturally be the best!

10. Sugar

A hip and trendy after-work bar to be at, Sugar is a trendy hangout spot for many people to hit the bar for some amazing drinks as an unwinding routine after work. Coupled with the fact that it offers breathtaking views of Hong Kong city, the sunset along with a great inhouse DJ playing groovy music, super cool lounge and drinks experience and more makes it a must-visit for all! 
Location - 29 East, 32/F Taikoo, Taikoo Shing Road, Hong Kong Island
Best time to visit - Sugar gets crowded as soon as work/office hours get over around 5:00 PM so keep that in mind and try to go at least 1-2 hours before the sunset time to grab a good seat/space for yourself. 
Other Highlights -
Inhouse DJ that plays amazing house and electronic music
Fun drinks with a cool lounge experience
A nice deck from where the sunset viewing experience can be enjoyed
Every sunset is like an opportunity to reset and recreate your inner self. Watching the sky change its colourful hues as the sun rises and sets is immensely satisfying and a beautiful sight to behold so take your shot and enjoy the scenic beauties of Hong Kong from all these great vantage point options!

This post was published by Sharanya Gupta

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