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Hong Kong is not only known for its buzzing nightlife, bustling business ventures but also for its high-density transportation systems. A major part of that would be its stunning and practical bridges. This list compiles the best bridges in Hong Kong that are a must-see on your vacation to Hong Kong.

Here is the list of 7 Bridges in Hong Kong

1. Tsing Ma Bridge

The popular Lantau Island, a place on every list, is connected to the rest of the city via the architectural, engineering marvel- Tsing Ma Bridge. With massive size towering over the area, Tsing Ma Bridge is the longest suspension bridge conveying road as well as rail travel in the world. The bridge is a haven for photographers as it offers splendid sunset views.

2. Stonecutters Bridge

The Stonecutters Bridge constituting a major part of Route 8 between Tsing Yi and Cheung Sha Wan, has a very distinctive feature derived from its unique design. While looking up from underneath the bridge, the bridge frame has a striking resemblance to film negatives in the shape of boxes that are usually seen on them.

3. Ting Kau Bridge

The Ting Kau Bridge is best visible from the Ting Kau Beach. It features a visually pleasing, fan-like design with cables running from its towers to the bridge deck. Close to the Tsing Ma Bridge, the Ting Kau Bridge connects the Hong Kong International Airport in Lantau Island to the rest of the city and is one of the longest cable bridges between the New Territories and Mainland-Hong Kong.

4. Kap Shui Mun Bridge

One of the longest double-deck, cable-stayed bridges in the world, the Kap Shui Mun bridge spans Kap Shui Mun Channel linking Lantau Island Ma Wan Island to access the Hong Kong International airport. An innovative hybrid design, this spread-out fan-shaped bridge transports both roads as well as railway traffic.

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5. Tsing Yi North Bridge

Hong Kong’s largest prestressed concrete balanced cantilever bridge, the Tsing Yi North Bridge consists of 4 traffic lanes which connect the Island of Tsing Yi to Mainland-Hong Kong. This bridge makes intra-city travel much more sorted, strategic.

6. Shenzhen Bay Bridge

A 5.5 km-long dual three-lane carriageway, the Shenzhen Bay bridge which was formerly known as the Hong Kong-Shenzhen Western Corridor. It is a cross-border highway between Shenzhen City and Hong Kong with both governments and much-needed relief from the ever-increasing cross-border traffic.

7. Hong Kong-Zhuhai Bridge

The world’s largest longest sea bridge (55kms long) that took 9 years and a whopping USD 20 billion to build, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai Bridge is not just a revolutionary transportation connection between the major cities of Hong Kong, Macau and Zhuhai, it is also a stunning piece of architecture. The convenience this bridge brings with it is immense.

Bridges in Hong Kong are not just a piece of art, they are architectural marvels and a paradise for everyone wanting to experience the making of Hong Kong into the metropolitan hub that it is today!

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